Hold Onto Your Memories - Meet Dopo: the new social networking app centered around your memories. With Dopo, you can relive past events and reconnect with the people you experienced them with. - iCrowdNewswire

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Jun 23, 2016 11:04 AM ET

Hold Onto Your Memories – Meet Dopo: the new social networking app centered around your memories. With Dopo, you can relive past events and reconnect with the people you experienced them with.

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 23, 2016




Hold Onto Your Memories, With Dopo.




Meet Dopo: the new social networking app centered around your memories. With Dopo, you can relive past events and reconnect with the people you experienced them with. Dopo was created under the firm belief that, while life moves us all forward along different paths, we cannot forget our past, where we came from, the memories we made and shared, and the relationships we built along the way.Memories never die.

Dopo means “past” in Italian. Whereas other social networks don’t encourage users to interact with past posts and content, Dopo provides its users with a comfortable environment to engage on past posts. Perhaps a post including friends who are now at different colleges all across the country. Posts with family members who you are homesick for. Or maybe even a post from just last week before finals and the end of the year madness crept up.

Dopo is also a great way for businesses to display their legacy and how they’re moving forward as a company.

We created a beta version of Dopo in the fall/summer of 2015. After receiving ample feedback from our target audience, we completely altered the designs behind the app, and have received great praise from various individuals in the mobile app industry. We expect to launch the app on the App Store by the end of summer, 2016. What does a life with Dopo look like? Read on!


No other social networking app allows you to view what life is like in the present, while at the same time, reminisce about the memories that you’ve created in the past with friends and family like Dopo does.

How many times have you wanted to engage with a post from the past but held back because you knew it might be perceived as a weird thing to do? That never happens while you’re using Dopo.

Too often in life, individuals don’t take the time to look back at the moments that define the person they’ve become today. Many friendships are lost because people don’t stop to realize
the moments that have connected them with each other.

On Dopo, users can easily look at what they’re doing today, and what they have accomplished in the past.

Simply put, Dopo helps you hold onto your memories.


Dopo is a multifaceted social network that includes a profile, newsfeed, camera, notifications, and messaging features.

Features perfect for people like Henry and Chris.

Henry is an 18-year-old college freshman who often feels nostalgic while away from his old friends and family. He’s looking for a way to maintain his old relationships but at the same time, be engaged with the new friends he has made at college.

Chris just graduated middle school and is attending a new high school where he doesn’t know anyone. Chris is looking for a way to make sure that he doesn’t lose contact with his old friends who he still hangs out with on the weekends, while at the same time, interact with any friends he will meet at his new school. Dopo also helps Chris’ new friends get to know him better by viewing the memories he’s experienced in the past.


The first iteration of Dopo — our minimum viable product — has been tested in Testflight with a huge emphasis on absorbing feedback from potential customers and building an app based on what our target users are interested in.

We’ve generated a substantial amount of interest among millennials. We’ve done a lot of canvassing and surveying of our target users and the overwhelming response is intrigue in the concept and design.

Moreover, two of the top ten app marketing agencies in the US, Appency and Appular, requested to form partnerships with Dopo once the app is fully developed. Both Appency and Appular have stated that the concept and design behind Dopo gives it an advantage to go viral.

The CEO of another app marketing agency, Runway, has expressed significant interest in partnering with Dopo. All three companies have stated that Dopo has original and clean designs.

We are in talks with a product manager at Appster who believes that Dopo has potential to be as successful as apps like Twitter and Instagram. Appster has helped develop a handful of apps that received millions in venture capital funding, including one app that partnered with Richard Branson. Appster offered to fly our founder out to San Francisco to review what needs to be completed in terms of future development regarding the app’s backend. Top rated iOS development firms Fueled and HappyFunCorp have also expressed desire to partner with Dopo for the long term and are currently preparing detailed quotes for Dopo’s Board of Directors to review. All three firms have expressed interest in forming a long-term partnership with Dopo and we are leaning towards having Appster or Fueled act as the software development team for all of Dopo’s future technical, user acquisition, user retention, and revenue stream needs. Specifically, Fueled feels that Dopo has great potential to be the next viral social networking app because of the app’s unique concept, designs, and plan to engage users. They have already offered us a significant discount on development services in exchange for a small equity share of the app. Fueled has offices in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and London, having developed many apps that have went on to millions in venture capital funding.

Up next: launch Dopo by the end of summer 2016, and partner with companies to monetize the app by year end 2016.

To get an inside look at Dopo, as well as other spinoff apps and their far-reaching implications we are working on, make sure to request access to the business plan tab of this profile!


Benjamin is a millennial himself, a driven and passionate 18-year-old entrepreneur who has led a majority of the backend coding, design, and business connections for Dopo. He raised $25,000 in initial funding from family and friends and established several connections with some of the most well known and respected app marketing agencies and app software development firms in the US.

The concept behind Dopo came to him while hanging out with a friend who was on his phone  scrolling through Youtube videos from the past that he still enjoyed watching. Benjamin realized how helpful it would be for people to have an outlet where they can look back at any and all memories they’ve experienced. On a personal level, he also realized how many friendships he has lost over the years because there isn’t a social network that provides a user-friendly environment to reminisce together about the moments that made them friends in the first place.

Benjamin is currently an intern at Collective: The Audience Engine, a very well respected digital  advertising agency.

Pratish has been working with Benjamin for a little over a month on the designs for Dopo. His work has helped Dopo receive high praise for its designs from two of the top ten app marketing agencies in the US, Appular and Appency.

Dopo is counseled by THSH, a well respected New York City law firm.  THSH is filing a provisional patent application on behalf of Dopo to protect the concept and designs behind the app.

Successful businessman, early investor in the company, established the relationship between THSH and Dopo.

Contact Information:

Benjamin Gordon

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