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Jun 23, 2016 2:22 PM ET

Archived: DUO DU LONDON- UNIQUE URBAN T-SHIRTS: Buy a T-shirt, Help someone living with Cancer. The most Creative and coolest t-shirts you will ever own.

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 23, 2016




Duo Du London- Unique Urban T-shirts




Buy a T-shirt, Help someone living with Cancer. The most Creative and coolest t-shirts you will ever own. Organic Premium Cotton. Hand drawn Designs. Silk screen printed, embellished with Swarovski crystals. For every garment pledge made, we will donate £1 to PENNY BROHN CANCER CARE CENTRE. 


Designer Danny Kay Duod grew up in Ghana, where from a young age, using his own designs, he began to personally explore the process of screen printing onto cloth. It was then that he set up a small business selling his prints to women in the local community, who would sew the designs into various items of clothing. From this sparked Danny’s interest in apparel design and production.


Danny moved to the UK where he studied graphic design and architecture, then in 2012, Duo Du London was founded. From the designer’s London apartment, he sketches unique, tribal-like designs using calligraphic pens and Chinese inks. The detail behind the designs is likened to tattoo artwork – with an aboriginal edge.

Danny’s final images are then screen printed onto a range of carefully selected soft, organic cotton fabrics. The garments are also finished with official Swarovski crystals to add a little bit of class to the final product.


The brand is named after Danny’s late mother – Duo Du London’s biggest fan. The brand prides itself on its production of comfortable, high quality, yet affordable, garments. The customer is guaranteed total care from design to distribution of each item of clothing.



Our aim is to set up a design studio, where we will continue to work tirelessly to deliver the best apparel for you. With your help, we can grow the team to enable us to continue delivering the best designs. With your pledges, and our initial target of £7,500, we can meet our minimums and share Duo Du London apparel with the whole world.

Duo Du London believes in offering only the best, or nothing. No compromise. We are on a mission to offer creative, durable garments. We refrain from the old boring, quick money making, computer generated images. Each and every one of our hand-drawn designs has gone through hours of design and development. With your help, we can all enjoy creative art on quality organic garments. We shared it with our friends and they loved it, now we want to share it with you our backers. In every garment pledge made, we will donate £1 to Penny Brohn Cancer Care Centre.


We aren’t going to disappoint you for helping us reach our goal. Pledge £1 and we will email you a big fat thank-you plus Artist Danny Kay’s first ever print design in HD Pdf format. Pledge £5 and we will email you a big fat thank-you plus Artist Danny Kay’s first, second and third print design in HD Pdf format. Pledge £10 and we will send you the coolest organic cotton tote bag with the PEACE print on it. This will be black with gold print.

Pledge £40, and you will get a quality premium organic cotton t-shirt, with a unique hand-drawn and silk screen-printed design, embellished with official Swarovski crystals. There will be early bird offers, so be quick to grab them before they all go. There will be plenty more perks ready for you to grab on the widget to the right of this screen. We will unlock new designs and garments as every target is reached, making your choices wider and more exciting. To top it all we will unlock two never seen before designs at target £30,000 and £37,000. These will be limited, so when they are gone, they really are gone.


 And to give you total control, we will unlock a design chosen by you, our backers, if we reach £45,000. We will send a survey out to ask our backers, which design you would like to see on your t-shirts. The most mentioned object will be designed and printed. Our next campaign will be a baby line. How exciting! We have many mummy friends who will be waiting for this one! Let’s just say, they will be the coolest babies on the planet!


People always ask…. What will make the perfect t-shirt? Well, the answer is Duo Du London! At the end of the 30 day campaign, a form will be sent to all supporters, to ask for your address, size, garment type, design and colour. Wider choices will be based on unlocked rewards, so let’s reach our goal together and Duo Du it!



Why should we settle for brands that sell us clothing that is deliberately designed to fall apart in a year? You should not have to worry about washing your T-shirt, and it losing its shape. Most high fashion brands engineer their apparel to fall apart in a year, so you keep coming back for more. This creates a cycle of consumption and waste which has become very common lately. Clothing should be made so that it lasts. Our aim is to change that cycle, offering only the best garmentswith beautiful designs, that will last and be admired wherever you go!



This is Contemporary Fashion. Our aim is to infuse new life into the fashion system, we know there are millions of art loving people out there yearning for something creative and original. We want to reach them in every corner of the world. Yes! Let’s share the Duo Du love! We have started well and we don’t want stop here. We want to take it to the next level. With you as our backbone, we can gain exposure to the world. We want to connect with a global audience and showcase our exclusive designs.



All designs are hand-drawn using calligraphic pens and Chinese inks. We go through a long process of sketching and developing, until we know that we’ve got it just right. The designs are then scanned and sent off to our printers in London. The designs are silk screen-printed with Premium plastisol inks onto our carefully selected GOTS approved soft premium organic cotton garments, from the EarthPositive range. These garments are gentle to the skin and maintain their shape wash after wash. The finishing touch is made with the official Swarovski crystals, adding a little bit of sparkle to the final product. For custom designs in the UK, arrangements can be made for you and Danny Kay to meet in London to discuss preliminary sketches. For interest outside of UK, Danny Kay can skype with you and communicate through emails.




Below is a pretty accurate timeline that we predict. If all goes according to plan, we should be shipping your super shirts out by early August. We have lots planned for the future and are very excited to turn this into a successful brand.



We have carefully chosen our reliable and experienced screen-printing factory based on a prior relationship. We are very confident in our team and our suppliers ability to keep up with our schedule and deliver on time. Having said that, we cannot always control everything life throws at us and there are always uncertainties and risks of delay in any manufacturing process. Although very unlikely, things sometimes do take longer than expected – but we are prepared for it and are engaging in precautionary steps to prevent any such event. Throughout the duration of the project – we will keep in contact with you, frequently updating you in detail, every step of the way!



We know by this time, you’ve had an extensive insight into DUO DU London’s mission and goal. We will never source cheap garments just to maximise profit and your contribution will get you the best gear. We will continue to surprise you with unique detailed designs. We’ve got plenty more in the barrel! Please send us a message if you can’t find the perfect perk and we will try our best to cater to you.

With your help, we can keep our items out of the claws of high end retailers, who will only source cheap materials and make silly mark-ups. If its quality, it’s unaffordable and if you can afford it, they fall apart in no time.
Our brand is built on trust and value for money. Why can’t you have the best for what you pay for?
Many thanks to all our backers. Without you we could not have made it. Make DUO DU London sustainable and we will continue to give you nothing but the best quality apparel. With every pledge made on a garment, we will donate £1 to our charity PENNY BROHN CANCER CARE CENTRE. In memory of Danny Kay’s beloved late mother Vivian Duodu. Thank you all very much.


email: info@duodulondon.co.uk

website: http://www.duodulondon.co.uk

youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qL01EpyNFHY

@duodulondon : instagram – facebook – twitter #duoduit

Contact Information:

Danny Duod

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