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Jun 23, 2016 4:47 PM ET

Archived: Blending autobiography and surrealism, Primahood: Magenta is a comic about what it means to be a queer person in a straight space

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 23, 2016

Primahood: Magenta





Blending autobiography and surrealism, Primahood: Magenta is a comic about what it means to be a queer person in a straight space.



About this project

At the crossroads of real life and strange imaginings you will find Primahood: Magenta!

For several years, cartoonist Tyler Cohen has developed her special blend of autobiography and surrealism in her independently produced comic book, Primazonia. In this series she combines her personal challenges as a bisexual woman who strives to bring up her daughter free from restrictive gender roles. These comics also feature the milieu of the otherworldly Primazons and their evocation of the female experience, by turns symbolic and concrete. The result is a comic filled with keen social observations, touching moments, and warm humor rendered in a warm, finely observed art style.

Now, for the first time, Stacked Deck Press will be collecting all of Primazonia and some never before seen material in a single softcover volume, Primahood: Magenta. For those who back our Kickstarter campaign, there are several backer rewards drawn from the cartoonist’s unique imagination.

Mamapants and Nene Paper Dolls

The cartoonist and her daughter in glorious 2-D!
The cartoonist and her daughter in glorious 2-D!

You can create your own adventures in the unique world of Primahood: Magenta with paper dolls of the cartoonist and her daughter! Great fun for kids and kidlike grown-ups!

Primazonia Papercraft Kit

Build your very own Primazon!
Build your very own Primazon!

Remember when cutting and pasting was an analog activity? Bring a bit of the surreal into your home with these smart, colorful papercraft kits!

Primazon Temporary Tattoos

Wear 'em with pride!
Wear ’em with pride!

 We also offer decidedly grown up temporary tattoos for indie comics fans to satisfy their short-term skin art needs!

Original Art from Tyler Cohen

We are offering original pages of art from the book to those backers who make the highest pledges! Comics aficionados can take home a special, one-of-a-kind treasure!

Our Budget for Primahood: Magenta

We are asking for $4200.00, and this is how it will be used:

Book printing: $2760.00

Shipping from printer: $371.00

Paper dolls and papercrafts: $400.00

Temporary tattoos: $200.00

Reward shipping, promotion, and those pesky unforeseen expenses: $469.00

Total: $4,200.00

Primahood: Magenta to launch in Fall 2016!

Stacked Deck Press will be launching this book this autumn at comics conventions from coast to coast! Be a part of bringing this important work to comics readers from Porland, Oregon to New York City!

Risks and challenges

There are very few risks and challenges to this project. Tyler only needs to complete the colors on the original material for Primahood:Magenta. All of the original art for the backer rewards is complete. All we need is your support!



Contact Information:

Tara Avery

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