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Jun 22, 2016 2:16 PM ET

Archived: For parents, it’s the age-old question – what did my kids really do in school today? The School Day – Unique SaaS that engages parents of PreK-2 kids and saves teachers’ time

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 22, 2016

The School Day

Unique SaaS that engages parents of PreK-2 kids and saves teachers’ time



So, what’s really happening during the school day?

This question is asked millions of times around the world on a daily basis.

Over 200 beta users are loving us so far – and the time to grow is now!

For parents, it’s the age-old question – what did my kids really do in school today?  For as many progress reports and parent-teacher meetings that can be had, leaving your children for 7 hours a day is a daunting prospect because nothing replaces first-hand knowledge. Ask your little ones about what happened, and you’re bound to hear one of two responses: either “nothing” or “I don’t know”. While these obviously aren’t true (well, let’s hope not at least), most elementary-aged kids have yet to develop an objective perspective and the skills to communicate to their parents what truly happened during the school day. It is easily argued that parents would love to have a ‘fly on the wall’ perspective on what happens during the school day.

Unfortunately, though, this lack of communication is causing a daily disconnect – and educational effectiveness isn’t being optimized.  Without a reliable connection to the classroom, parents have no way of helping the lessons from the day sink in at home.

The tech landscape has actually caught wind of this critical need in recent years with the advent of Learning Management Systems (LMSs).  LMSs are great tools that simplify, centralize, and help deliver educational material.  While they make up a skyrocketing $2.5 billion market, the PreK-second grade segment is underserved.  The 65% of early childhood teachers that do use tech in the classroom are still finding it difficult to connect with parents – so that education can be continuedoutside of the classroom.  A true need remains for an LMS solution that allows parents and teachers to work together at the most critical stage of development.

At The School Day, we’ve been tasked with an awesome responsibility – and couldn’t be more excited about it.  The software we build is going to help to revolutionize early education communication around the US and beyond.  Our flagship innovation, a mobile and web communication app, is improving education and development within the Pre-K to second grade segment by making parents an extension of the classroom. By keeping parents aware of school day activities, we’re creating a valuable social community that continuously engages parents, teachers, and students – in the classroom and at home.

All the technology we build – and everything we do on a daily basis – reflects these core values:

We build simple tools that bridge the communication gap between parents and teachers, and provide resources to benefit the entire classroom community .

We’re constantly seeking out ways to improve education communication through technology.

All content on our platform is easy to create and easy to consume.

We’re bringing the whole community together to build and leverage valuable content that can be used by parents, teachers, and especially children.

5% of our revenue will always go right back to the education system.

But above all, The School Day is committed to the betterment of education.  That’s why we’ve built social entrepreneurship into our business model by establishingThe School Day Foundation.  The Foundation will enhance early education for marginalized families, their schools, and the community by identifying those in need and distributing our technology at no cost to anyone.  Studies show that the sooner parents become involved in their child’s development, the greater the child’s educational success will be. At The School Day, we believe all childrendeserve a fair shot at the best education they can receive – and we’re doing something about it. We have assembled a diverse and talented team to shepherd this effort as well as an impressive Board of Advisors who share our passion for improving education for all from the earliest stages.

Armed with our unique tool, our aim is to be the new tech leader for the pre-K to 2nd grade age group.  At its core, our platform is a simple content creation tool for teachers that extends to a network of parents, grandparents, and other key figures in children’s’ lives.  It’s the perfect way to continue school day conversations at home, get key questions asked by parents, and reinforce key lessons they’ve learned on an ongoing basis.  In addition, we further support parents with content aimed to support their children during the crucial phases that are expected during pre-K to 2nd grade.

Our team is utilizing LAMP stack to get the job done – a popular, very functional open-source development method that includes Linux, Apache, MySql, and PHP.

It’s incredibly easy to get our app up and working for your kids.  Upon downloading it, signing up, and uploading class details, teachers can immediately start making parents a greater part of the education process.  They do so through updates, which can be made any time. Each update is accompanied by a mobile notification and an automated email, sent to parents and all other student followers.  Then, they login or simply use the mobile app to view the updates.  It’s as easy as surfing Facebook!

The types of updates teachers can continuously provide parents with:

Part of The School Day’s beauty is that we don’t stop with just one class.  We are committed to seeing your child’s early education through to the end – acting as a “yearbook” that transcends grades, classes, schools, and extracurriculars.  We’re with you every step of the way, and, we take privacy very seriously.  Our team has partnered with specialized lawyers to ensure compliance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).

Changing the role the world’s parents have in their kids’ early education is going to take some time.  We’ve got a lot of work to do – but some big achievements we’ve collected so far have us very excited.  Check them out:

We’re in the stores.  Our communication tool is built-out and is available for download and use.  In late 2014, it became available on iOS and Android in their respective app stores.

Improvements are being made.  A focus on R&D has led to the release of multiple new versions.  Throughout 2015, additional classrooms were added as versions 1.0-1.4 were developed and deployed.  Right now, we’re on 1.4.2.

Initial user base solidified.  The platform is currently being beta tested by over 200 users.  They absolutely love it – and we’re poised to grow very quickly!

There’s big-time interest.  Teachers and parents are already driving the content, and we’re getting a huge amount of interest from individuals in both groups around the nation.

For information on what’s next, please request access to our profile’s private side!

Pete is a seasoned startup executive with an unsurpassed passion for education.  With two young children in school, he grew frustrated by not having a good sense of what was happening on a daily basis.  He then left his job as Co-Founder and VP Engineering of Classy.org – which he grew from 4 to over 150 people – to focus on The School Day.  A developer by trade, he also Co-Founded CaddySnack, a golf resort service app.  As our CTO, Pete will drive the technological end of our LMS with a focus on development and enhancement.  He’s supported by these two fellow execs:

Brian has 18+ year banking veteran who has worked with several clients with asset pools of over $1 billion.  Client service expert who left other ventures to partner with Pete at The School Day, where he’ll set strategy, hire employees, and strategize future growth.

Patty is a social and digital learning specialist with a passion for education.  A huge asset on the childhood development end of things.

Pete and Brian are currently the only two members of our Board of Directors, but we’ll look to add 2-3 more in the near future.  We’re also supported by a talentedBoard of Advisors, which includes Kevin Willer (early Google employee), Kelly Magaudda (San Diego-based teacher), Kevin Weatherman (NYC-based VP of Business Development) and Olga Gusarovskaya (New Einsteins Academy Director)


Contact Information:

Pete Nystrom - CO-Founder

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