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Jun 22, 2016 6:39 PM ET

Archived: LaQuetta – Viola’s Violet Candles offers dessert and food inspired candles: I use actual dessert inspiration instead of other candles in order to attempt to deliver the most realistic candles you’ve ever seen

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Laquetta’s story

My name is Q Copeland. I currently reside in Louisville, KY but was born and raised in Portsmouth, VA. Growing up in poverty you had to learn different ways of survival. At a young age, I knew I would strive to be an entrepreneur. I always found myself thinking of new ways to better myself and build some type of income to help my mom out with the bills. Once I learned the different method of sales I knew I could take my creativity to any level I wanted to. When it came to candles, my initial motivation came from seeing my cousin make soaps that look like pies and cakes. This was on my trip to Houston. She showed me the basics to soap making. I asked her, “Have you ever thought about doing this with candle wax?” She replied with “yes” and proceeded to show me some of the candles she had previously made, but didn’t find as much joy in making the candles as she did making the soaps. After my trip, I decided to look into purchasing some supplies to see where I could start with making candles….





This loan is special because:

It helps to expand economic opportunity in Louisville, KY.

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More about this loan

Business Description

Viola’s Violet offers dessert and food inspired candles. After my trip to Houston I gained inspiration everywhere I went! It took me years to figure out what I could do differently so I started to use actual dessert inspiration instead of other candles in order to attempt to deliver the most realistic candles you’ve ever seen! I attempt to set my candles apart by using food grade soy wax in my container candles which are pet and child safe and those who may be sensitive to other waxes. My customers are all types of people who love candles. They are great gift ideas. My dreams for the future is to create a lifelong family candle making business. Passing the craft down from one generation to the next. I feel as though this is the start of a major legacy and future fun and wealth all in one. I am most proud of my business name! I chose a name that would continually spark motivation and dedication to my craft. Viola’s Violet Candles… Viola is my Maternal Grandmother’s first name and Violet is my Great Grandmother’s first name. These two woman have been truly amazing in my views on life. Watching them raise and take care of a family with little to nothing! I knew if they could do it then so could I! Times have changed tremendously so finding resources have been a challenge.

What is the purpose of this loan?

I will be able to save more by purchasing in bulk to insure that I do not continue to run out of supplies due to limited financial resources. I will be able to properly build my inventory and create a stress free work station while creating amazing candles!!! Here is where the Kiva will be disbursed: Candle Wax, Wicks, additives, supplies and shipping: $2100 Silicone Molds: $300 Advertising: $100 Working table with storage shelves: $750 Shipping Supplies (Bubble and foam wrap, containers and boxes): $250

About Viola’s Violet Candles

Industry: Arts
Years in operation: 3 years – 5 years



A loan of $3,250 helps Laquetta purchase my supplies in large quantity. This will allow me maximum production, sales and profits in order to insure that my family is taken care of and I am able carry on the candle making tradition to my daughter and the rest of my family for many generations to come.






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