There is an auto accident every second in America. Automobile accidents suck. Fender2Fender helps make them suck a little less. - iCrowdNewswire

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Jun 22, 2016 11:16 AM ET

There is an auto accident every second in America. Automobile accidents suck. Fender2Fender helps make them suck a little less.

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 22, 2016



Auto Accident?




Automobile accidents suck. Fender2Fender helps make them suck a little less. We can’t prevent them from occurring, or help your injuries heal quicker, but we can ensure you don’t add insult to injury by paying exorbitant legal fees for a relatively straightforward insurance claim.

There is an auto accident every second in America. This insane rate of accidents and subsequent insurance claims has resulted in the process becoming pretty cookie cutter for hired legal help, yet this counsel still costs an arm and a leg. There’s a better alternative: Fender2Fender.

Fender2Fender is an automated service, designed by a team with more than 75 combined years in the insurance industry, that uses artificial intelligence to capture information, diagnose auto accident details, and put you on the right path to quick and affordable resolution.Available online from any device, Fender2Fender empowers you to take ownership of unforeseeable accident claims. How do we do this? Read on to find out!


You’re already hurt. Your car is already wrecked. Things are not going well. The normal process forces auto accident victims to navigate the seemingly intentionally confusing and aversive waters of insurance claims.

Your insurance provider ultimately isn’t an advocate, especially if your claim is for damages they are obligated to pay. The end game is underwriting profit! Dare to call the opposing insurance company and prepare to enter bureaucracy hell, where apparently everyone is out to get you.

So what choice do people have when they are hurt, tired and defeated? The answer—None.  This is where legal counsel feasts. Consumers lack of alternatives is their meal ticket. The complexities of dealing with insurance companies can bring you to a place where you’re almost begging lawyers to take your money and complete the insurance claim for you.

Here’s a truth: If you have the necessary resources, this isn’t a difficult task. If you knew exactly what to say to insurance companies, you or anyone else can manage through their bureaucracy. With Fender2Fender, you can become a do-it-yourself savvy insurance adjuster with the competence of legal counsel.


Every industry is becoming automated. Auto insurance, on the consumer claim side of the equation, has escaped this market disruption — until now. Like many industries before, the time has come.

NPR’s Planet Money showed jobs which are most likely to be replaced by technology: Will Your Job Be Done By A Machine?

There was no “Auto Insurance Claim Adjuster” job category, but here are a few related jobs with their percentage chance of being automated:

It’s certain that insurance adjusters will be in play for the foreseeable future, as will the claimants who engage them. The good news is now claimants can be empowered with Fender2Fender tools to win on a new level.  


Fender2Fender is changing the auto accident status quo, as Uber did to transportation, LegalZoom did to legal needs, and Turbo Tax did to tax filing.

Fender2Fender: faster, simpler, lucrative, and personally rewarding settlement solutions in shorter timeframes, with or without the need for legal counsel.

For example: did you know that the rental car you can get while your car is in the body shop is an entitlement? Most consumers don’t and are losing out on this provision and on sizeable sums of money. The F2F team uses their nearly eight decades of experience in the insurance industry, while continually devoting countless hours researching and presenting new and insightful information to our users, to help you make the auto accident process suck a little less.

Cost for traditional solutions currently range far beyond proposed Fender2Fender nominal fees. Take a minor 2-car accident as an example. Both Driver A and Driver B were rear-ended and sustained minor injuries. They both reach the same settlement with the opposition’s insurance company of $4,800, excluding auto repairs. The big difference: Driver A paid an Attorney ⅓ of their settlement, or $1,584, to accomplish this, while Driver B used Fender2Fender to achieve the same result, but only paid $29 for our Premier plan. Driver B’s net gain: Over $1,500 more than Driver A.

Ask yourself: why lose 33% of your settlement to an Attorney for a case that’s easily DIY-able?


The F2F manual prototype has been tested and our proprietary formulas are proven to perform formidably against experienced adjusters. We have a patent pending for our revolutionary algorithms.

Although we proved our platform works for these two types of insurance claims (separately or in combination), manual assistance can easily be automated. Higher valued injury cases are ideally suited for our In-Network Legal solution, in which we recommend partner Attorneys to handle such cases. Fender2Fender automation is designed for routine auto accidents — i.e. minor “fender benders,” with soft tissue-to-minor injuries.

We have been in contact with a number of Personal Injury Attorneys who have expressed interest in being a part of our In-Network Legal team. The following Venture Capital firms expressed interest in the concept prior to the website and Facebook launch: Battery Ventures, Crosslink Capital, Fairview Capital Partners, and General Catalyst Partners.

The Future: Automobile accident insurance claims is just the first market for Fender2Fender. We will enter the homeowner market in year 4, commercial fleet automobiles in year 5, and the Canadian and European markets by year 6.

Be sure to request access to the business plan tab of this profile for an inside look into Fender2Fender as well as more information on the team that created such a groundbreaking product!

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