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Jun 22, 2016 3:01 PM ET

Archived: Ameco Recycling exists to help clean up the environment and recover recyclable content currently entering our nation’s landfills

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 22, 2016

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Charlotte, NC 28277, US
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Ameco Recycling exists to help clean up the environment and recover recyclable content currently entering our nation’s landfills. Currently over 160 million tons of material goes into our nation’s 3,091 active landfills every year. The initial facility is to be opened in North Carolina; currently we are looking for a suitable location in the Asheboro, NC area. The initial facility will be 1.2 million square feet with a design capacity of 1000 tons per hour, making this the single largest MSW Recycling facility in the world. The current largest facility has a processing capacity of 110 tons per hour. This facility will create approximately 3000 well paying jobs.

As with any project of this scope once a location is selected an Environmental Impact Study will ensure that the proposed operations can be carried out safely with minimal environmental impact. After the initial plant is in operation and all process, procedures, and controls have been finalized and fully tested we plan to expand operations to all 50 states as well as internationally. This will be a phased approach to reduce the financial burden and lessen the opportunity for mistakes and waste in the process.

We have a targeted expansion plan that sees us getting into all 50 states with plants of a similar size and capacity within 12 years of operations beginning at the first facility. This growth will be fueled by global demand for recycled materials and the profits from material, solar energy and methane gas sales. First full year operation projected revenues of $1.6 billion dollars with operational expenses of $410 million dollars. We are seeking to bring on a maximum of 20 investors who are looking for an outstanding growth opportunity with a generous ROI. Please contact us for additional details.



Products / Services

MSW Recycling

Ameco Recycling will recover all recyclable content from the household solid waste stream currently entering 71 North Carolina landfills. This amounts to 7.1 million tons annually. From this material we will provide manufacturing ready source materials, e.g. glass, aluminum, brass, steel, zinc, tin, copper, various plastic polymers, paper, and composted organic material as well as a high grade organic liquid fertilizer. Volumes of each material will vary throughout the year. Current design capacity is 1000 tons per hour of processing capacity with 800 tons per hour actual necessary to meet daily/monthly/annual volume.

Bulk Materials

Based on materials composition of the MSW entering the 71 North Carolina landfills the volume of materials made available for sale each month will be:

scrap paper: 150,000 tons
mixed glass: 25,000 tons
steel: 38,000 tons
aluminum: 8,000 tons
plastics: 73,000 tons
textiles: 32,000 tons
organics: 170,000 tons

Based on the above volumes this equates to $77.3 million in gross revenue per month just on the above materials and does not account for methane gas sales or excess solar electricity sold back into the grid.



Chief Executive Officer
William King

William King is the founder of Ameco Recycling. A systems and infrastructure architect with over 20 years experience across multiple industries and business domains.

Director Information Technology
Brian Young

Brian Young has over 25 years experience in the IT Industry leading large multi discipline teams in both the public and private sectors, including the energy sector. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in IT Operations and Support.

Director Operations
Joe King

Joe King has over 40 years experience in Law Enforcement and private security. He will be responsible for the overall physical plant security and will work with senior management to create and implement the security policies for all physical plant access. As part of his duties he will oversee the daily operations of all security related activities including scheduling, training and management of all security personal.




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1 year, 3 months3Waste Management


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Contact Information:

William King

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