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Jun 21, 2016 1:50 PM ET

Archived: Kardia Technologies Corporation: The only non-invasive atherosclerosis test that detects ahead of symptoms

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 21, 2016

Kardia Technologies Corporation

The only non-invasive atherosclerosis test that detects ahead of symptoms



AS kills more than any other factor in the Western world, but doctors have been frustrated by the inability to slow its relentless attack on human life. Why?

Because we don’t know much about what causes it, it’s alarmingly difficult to determine who’s at risk for AS-related diseases. If we can’t prevent its onset, we’re doing too little, too late.

The Soterogram™ finally gives doctors the ability to do something early enough to matter. It provides early detection in as little as 15 minutes, and it’s going to save countless lives!

It could happen in the heart, or in the brain, in the leg, or in the kidneys. It could happen anywhere, which is what makes AS so potent and so dangerous.

AS is responsible for a huge range of potentially fatal diseases, including:

We’ve learned a great deal about AS in recent decades. We know a lot about the process. We know a great deal about its progression and how to slow its development. We know the consequences.

What we don’t know is the cause, which makes it nearly impossible to determine who’s at risk. And without knowing the risk, preventative care is all but impossible. 50% of the deaths due to AS occur without the individual ever showing any outward symptoms.

There have been some attempts at determining risk through expensive, inaccurate tests. Nothing seems to work.

Until now. The Soterogram™ changes everything.

Patients will now have the ability to see their physician on a regular schedule to test for the onset of AS and coronary artery disease. If it’s detected, changes can be monitored, lifestyle changes can be recommended, further testing can be done and medication can be administered.

In other words, physicians can now do something about the leading cause of the death in the western world.

When used in combination with traditional risk factors, The Soterogram™ is 45 percent more predictive than any existing tests, all of which are invasive, more expensive with significant payments from the patient.

This will save many lives.

Kardia Technologies is a distributor of The Soterio Cardiac Platform in any state or country with exclusivity in a significant percentage of the US today with the ability to gain additional exclusivity. Kardia has developed a packaged offering that makes it difficult for the physician’s practice to say ‘no” to the placement within their operation. Here’s how we plan to reduce mortality rates across the US and throughout the world:We handle everything, and the physician’s practice nets 45 of 50 percent of the gross reimbursement, which means:

For patients and for physicians, The Soterio Cardiac Platform and the Soterogram ™  is a no-brainer.



Formerly the President and CEO of aclickaway Business Solutions (ABS), Dusty has a deep understanding of the use of technology to drive down costs and increase productivity. While at ABS, he worked with startups to develop business plans, financial modeling, capital raises and marketing plans. Prior to ABS, he spent over 30 years in operations management in the financial services sector with a successful track record of growing organizations from startup to significant scale.

Thea brings 16 years of experience as a successful entrepreneur and healthcare veteran. While formerly at Soteria Medical, she was responsible for strategic planning and training, and as a licensed research nurse certified in clinical research, Thea developed multiple specialties. She previously served as the Regional Director of Sales and Marketing for HSSC, and was the Co-Founder and Managing Director of Aesthetic Light Laser, LLC. She also fou

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Don M. Dusty Lashbrook

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