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Jun 21, 2016 8:21 AM ET

Archived: Jupiter Hydro Inc.: Design, build and sell in-stream hydrokinetic turbines that produce power from tidal flows, rivers, canals and ocean currents

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 21, 2016

Jupiter Hydro Inc.

Location: Calgary, Alberta Sector: Clean Tech
Design, build and sell in-stream hydrokinetic turbines that produce power from tidal flows, rivers, canals and ocean currents. Also, license this technology to developers in this industry. Jupiter will also be participating in joint ventures with developers.
MG cp Summary
  • Simplicity- Overall, to build and deploy this system is a simpler process than what all the major competitors have to do.
  • Cost- The Jupiter technology is 1/3rd to 1/5th the cost of competing technologies.
  • Proven generators and hydraulic pumps in a controlled environmentThe generators and hydraulic pumps Jupiter is using in its technology are enclosed in the clean and dry environment of the the central pontoon and as such, will function as long and as well as they do inside a clean and dry building on shore. These pumps and generators are available from a large list of suppliers worldwide and have proven to function for long periods (up to 20 years and more) with very little maintenance. The cost per MW compared to the large variable speed generators is far less.
  • Jupiter will produce high voltage grid ready power inside the clean and dry central pontoonNo other technology is doing what we are doing. The wind industry is, just now, developing a system with 5 to 7 MW turbines driving hydraulic pumps which run 1800rpm surface based generators. It has taken them 40 years to decide this is the best way to go. Jupiter is doing the same in the tidal industry and is the only technology doing this.
  • History of durability and adaptability of the Archimedes screwThe Archimedes screw has been in constant use by mankind for over two thousand years. Screws of similar size as what we intend to build are already built and used in low head dams and in sewage plants. Although we intend to put it at an angle to the flow, the engineering involved to design for the stresses is well known and quite straightforward.
  • Much broader range of power production, capture of the much higher flow rates near the surface and a more efficient turbine in the first place


Ross Sinclaire, Founder and CEO

Ross has always been passionate about developing new concepts and ideas, especially related to sustainability. He is the inventor of the Jupiter technology. It is no accident that he has come up with a “Better Way” to make in-stream power from flowing water as he has been coming up with “Better Ways” all his life.

His most recent realization that a hydraulic system with standard generators is the breakthrough that has led him to the understanding that the Jupiter technology is less than 1/3rd the cost of any of the competition, is simpler, is more debris friendly, is more efficient and is far easier to deploy and maintain.

To make complex and costly systems simple and cost effective is what Ross is very good at. He is also very good at developing these systems in an intelligent cost effective way and at finding the most strategic way to optimise their deployment.

Lee Coates BASc, VP Operations

Lee is a Geophysics Engineer and for many years has been a General Contractor where his expertise lies in the area of site supervision where he was renowned at coordinating with the subtrades and design professionals to bring projects in on time and under budget. Lee has known Ross Sinclaire for over 35 years and they have worked together in the construction business on many projects over a long period of time. Ross came to know Lee as the most competent Construction Superintendent he has ever worked with.

Nicholas Vandenassem, BSc, MBA, PEng, Operation, Maintenance and Reliability

Extensive experience as a design engineer, hands-on plant maintenance expert, and new business improvement consultant. Over 35 years of experience working with the manufacturing, energy, power, process and chemical industries, performing plant maintenance, reliability improvement, auditing & benchmarking to assist clients reach World Class performance at competitive costs.

Extensive experience in developing and commercializing new products and services.

Contact Information:

Ross Sinclaire,

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