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Jun 21, 2016 7:13 AM ET

Archived: HealthVizion: Using scientific Big Data to transform hospitals into highly profitable centers for advanced quality care

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 21, 2016


Using scientific Big Data to transform hospitals into highly profitable centers for advanced quality care


HealthViZion is a revolutionary intelligence platform that correlates the industry’s only standardized hospital workforce data into revenue-driving value propositions for hospitals. The insight we obtain from data on how workforce and labor impacts revenue and profitability is unprecedented in the healthcare system.

Led by an elite leadership team with heavy experience in big data software companies, and winners of over 17 industry awards, as well as a renowned board of directors and advisory board, the entire HealthViZion team is highly successful in commercializing advanced technology companies into industry leaders.

HealthViZion was chosen as the exclusive vendor platform to build a the only 10-year regional workforce planning analysis for hospitals. We spent five years working with a collaborative organization of 62 hospitals to define comprehensive “standardized” workforce and hospital entities. This standardization had never been done previously, and for the first time, we could statistically compare and benchmark over 150 workforce metrics and drivers to healthcare outcomes, efficiencies, costs and performance based revenue.

We believe in what we are doing and hope you’ll join us. Read on to find out how!

Regardless of new executive branch leadership, the era of performance and outcome based care is here to stay.

Because of this, over 25% of hospitals are already at risk for decreased reimbursement from CMS’s (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services) value-based programs. For example, if a hospital performs poorly in all three programs (hospital-acquired conditions, high readmissions, and value-based purchasing), it is at risk for a 5.5% reduction in reimbursements. For hospital-acquired conditions alone, Medicare is reducing payments by 1% for 721 hospitals this year.

The comprehensive and novel solutions built by HealthViZion immediately change uncertainty into secure wins, allowing hospitals, physicians, and their staffs to succeed in this new era of performance based care.

HealthViZion is empowering healthcare leaders to not only succeed, but thrive in this new era of performance and outcome based care by increasing efficiencies, quality, reducing costs while simultaneously increasing productivity and increasing overall revenue recovery and Value Based Purchasing (VBP) revenue for hospitals.

Workforce drivers which were successful in the old volume based revenue model are not all successful in this new performance era. In fact, numerous workforce drivers, attributes, compositions, distributions and trends from the old volume era are either ineffective or harmful to VBP and performance revenue.

The vast majority of healthcare leadership has virtually no understanding of which workforce drivers, compositions, attributes, and future trends positively and negatively impact profit, productivity and, VBP revenue and how to change from the old volume business model to the  mandated pay-for-performance.

HealthViZion utilizes multiple big data tools to discover workforce drivers which scientifically impact earnings, profit, VBP revenue scores, medical outcomes, hospital-acquired conditions, and high readmissions programs:

All these data points consistently add up to:

According to a study by Rutgers University, the largest barriers for successful use of big data in healthcare is the standardization of data elements. Others have tried: ADP spent $12 million with a development SWAT team trying to standardize and normalize healthcare entities, positions, departments and other workforce elements — it was a complete failure.

HealthViZion has built the largest big data repository of standardized and normalized U.S. hospital Value Based Purchasing scores, all VBP scoring domains, all sub scores by departments and DRGs, as well as comprehensive workforce data. HealthViZion has uniquely and scientifically discovered the first specific workforce drivers, all measureable and manageable, which the top VBP reimbursement hospitals all have in common.

Why do hospitals desperately need us?

  • Dramatically increase profits in the first year. A 10-40% increase sounds unbelievable, but it’s real, scientific, and based on easy-to-understand math.
  • The specific workforce drivers we scientifically uncover result in highest VBP revenue
  • Rapid and high ROI solutions to decrease labor cost without reducing headcount
  • Increase workforce productivity without increasing labor cost
  • Increase revenue recovery
  • Reduce accidents and readmissions
  • Workforce VBP management and optimization solutions for COOs, CNOs, and CFOs
  • Deliver the industry defining standards for this new era of healthcare with the support of research partners

In short, healthcare leaders, visionaries, and industry analysts love HealthViZion because we empower them to transform their hospitals into highly profitable centers for advanced quality care.

It took eight years of extensive R&D and over $2.4 million to build SonarViZion™, HealthViZion’s  software big data intelligence platform.=

Today, that dedication has paid off:

We have unique and proprietary data from a collaborative organization of 62 hospitals.

We were chosen as the exclusive vendor platform to build scientific correlations for improving the quality of outcomes in healthcare by both the American (ANSI) and International (ISO) Healthcare Workforce Standards Committees — beating out major brands like IBM, Deloitte, ADP, and Oracle.

We have joined the 4,000 hospital large international standards and domestics committee (ISDC).

We have formed channel partnerships with Mercer, Deloitte, and HRMS Australia.

We won the bid for a 10-year workforce plan from the North Dallas Health Council in connection with Southern Methodist University and mayor’s offices of Dallas and Fort Worth.

In 2014, we imported the first comprehensive medical outcome and performance revenue data for every U.S. based hospital, enabling us to scientifically research and correlate the 150 plus workforce metrics to each of our collaborative hospitals’ performance and medical outcome scores. We were able to see what had never been seen before, discover scientific relationships that were previously unknown, and find not only inefficiencies related to the entire employee life cycle, but also powerful tools to deliver breakthrough improvements that have been since proven to:

  1. Improve revenue and profits by 10-40% in the first year alone with little change management, plus an increase in total revenue recovery by 1-3%
  2. Reduce costs
  3. Increase workforce productivity by 0.8-3.2% 
  4. Define the optimal workforce characteristics for succeeding in this new era of performance healthcare

Up next: We will expand our Value Based Purchasing data solutions to long-term care facilities, nursing homes, and doctor’s offices this year. Next year, VBP will be expanded to home healthcare as well.

Make sure to request access to the business plan tab of this profile for an inside look into HealthViZion.

The HealthViZion team is highly successful in commercializing advanced technology companies into industry leaders. Our leadership team has won over 17 industry awards for work as practitioners in this field. For 20 years, our CEO Dan Hilbert led successful turnarounds for failing investor groups’ software companies, three of which were in the big data intelligence space.

Dan Hilbert, Founder & CEO
Dan intentionally ran the 60+ hospital workforce planning collaborative at an annual loss of $110,000-$135,000 per year for 5 years because he saw a stunning opportunity to improve the profitability of hospitals, quality of healthcare, and make a lot of profit for his employees and investors. Throughout all his experience, he’s never seen as lucrative a business model and he and his team discovered a few years ago at HealthViZion.

As healthcare continues to bankrupt the country, while we only have the 17th best quality of care in the world, Dan has made it his mission for the rest of his career to do everything in his power to solve this problem.

Board of Directors:

Karl Hittle – Former hospital turnaround specialists for the 2nd largest publicly traded domestic hospital vendor; currently runs a hospital management company with over 30 clients.


Doug Harrison – Former Founder and CEO of the Scooter Store, the largest domestic mobility chair vendor with 48% of the market share.


Dr. Ron McKinley – Chairman of the American (ANSI) and International (ISO) Workforce Standards Committees.


Chuck Bardwell – Expert in Strategic Workforce Management and leader of major offices for Hewitt, Watson Wyatt, and Mercer.


Contact Information:

Dan Hilbert

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