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Jun 21, 2016 2:01 PM ET

Archived: CORE, Developing the next generation of Supercars

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New York, NY 10025, US
Consumer Products






Core Automotive
Developing the next generation of Supercars.
In the past five years, there has been a boom in both the electric car market and the supercar market. Core capitalizes on both these markets by developing the first Electric Supercar.

Core automotive has been built around leading engineering and outsourcing partners that are on the top of their field. But Core doesn’t just want to build a super electric car, Core seeks to revolutionize the driving experience. Core is Implementing three revolutionary features that enhance the drivers experience like never before. Each feature is designed to bring the driver and machine closer together giving the ultimate driver chemistry. Core has been developing the Core Aura for over a year, testing its revolutionary drivetrain and seeing strong results . Core can now confidently say that it is ready to move not just through the final prototype stage but straight to production. With all the outsourcing partners ready to go into action Core is set to take on the automotive world by storm. Using aggressive marketing strategies that have been implemented by the top selling supercars Core will get the edge it needs to build a name that will be remembered for generations to come. With the market currently moving in the direction of electric supercars, the time could not be better to launch the dream that is the Aura. By developing a strong foothold in the automotive industry Core will put itself in front of the pack for future developments in the electric vehicle industry.


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The Core Aura takes advantage of the industries leading technology. For the first time ever a car is being developed with every racing environment in mind. The Core Aura brings together control and drivetrain components developed by leading engineers of drag racers, allowing the Aura to accelerate past the competition. The monocoque chassis and suspension has been adapted from formula one motorsport vehicles allowing the Aura to corner at high speeds. The Aura also takes advantage of aerospace instrument that allows the driver to get critical information at crucial moments. Today formula one teams and NASCAR teams spend millions on engineers to monitor and relay information to the driver. The Aura will bring all this information to the driver in a sleek heads up display, giving the driver the ultimate bond with the machine . On top of it all the Aura implements the durability of NASCAR vehicles. Thus creating a performance car like no other.



Vice President Manager
Jonathan R.Tuit

With the automotive industry being his main interest for over six years. Jonathan brings creative designs, marketing strategies, and a strong work ethic that pushes people to go the step further when trying to break records. As small as one person may seem Jonathan makes the most of anything he sets his mind to, whether it is cars, selling , or repairing. Taking all of his experience and setting it towards the next wave of supercars will make an impact like never seen before.

President Manager
Christopher S,Hoza

Driven by passion and inspired to change the future.
Christopher S.Hoza has been working on vehicles ever since he was 12 years old. His passion for the automobile industry led him to build and race his own electric car by the age of 15. Seeing the advantage of electric drivetrains Christopher S.Hoza started upgrading vehicles with new electric drivetrains in developing countries. Since then Christopher S.Hoza has been developing the ultimate electric vehicle, combining his expertise with all forms of the automotive world.

General Engineering
Karen Patel

Keren Patel graduated from Embry riddle aeronautical university with an aeronautical engineering and automotive engineering degree. In his time at Embry Riddle he worked with the Delta racing team and later found himself designing a formula one car. His experience has led him to be not only an expert in the automotive field but also an expert with electric motors. He has worked with both hybrid and pure electric vehicle powertrains giving him the edge in the electric automotive world.

Chief Engineering
Adamn Clark

Adam Clark started to develop batteries in his family business for regular gasoline powered vehicles. As time went on he soon came to realize that the power not only exists in the battery but can break boundaries faster than combustion engines could ever hope to handle. With his initiative towards electric dragsters and rally cars, the supercar market will never expect such raw power that he is more than capable of implementing into Core’s vehicles.




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Christopher Stephen Hoza

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