Consolidated Secured Notes II LLC is positioned to take advantage of the current market conditions to acquire non-performing 1st position notes and REOs at deep discounts. - iCrowdNewswire

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Jun 21, 2016 11:07 AM ET

Consolidated Secured Notes II LLC is positioned to take advantage of the current market conditions to acquire non-performing 1st position notes and REOs at deep discounts.

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 21, 2016

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Opportunity to Invest in Real Estate Backed 1st Position Notes.

Consolidated Secured Notes II LLC, or CSN is positioned to take advantage of the current market conditions to acquire non-performing 1st position notes and REOs at deep discounts.

Investors will receive a preferred disbursement of profits.

The institutional banks, lenders and REO owners have already written non-performing assets down. The banks and other institutions (holders of these assets) are not prepared to handle a quick and orderly disposition of the non-performing assets. In addition, the Federal Regulatory agencies are requiring the banks and other institutions to liquidate non-performing assets to comply with regulations including the Dodd-Frank law.

With Banks paying historic low interest rates on savings accounts and the volatility of the stock market, many investors are obtaining very low yields on their money. Investors are looking for options to increase monetary performance through other investment vehicles.

CSN has the resources to source and acquire the notes and REOs from the institutions.

CSN will purchase and quickly reposition these non-performing notes and assets. Some of these acquired notes will be modified to become re-performing and sold to cash flow investors. Other notes will be converted to REOs by deed-in-lieu of foreclosure and foreclosures and they will be sold as quickly as possible. The company plans to convert the notes and REOs to cash and then re-invest the original partnership equity and distribute the profits quarterly.

CSN’s profits will be derived from the spread between the deeply discounted purchases and the subsequent sale of the notes and REOs.

Management is not salaried and will look to profit participation for its compensation.

$3,000,000 Capital raise to purchase non-performing 1st position notes in real estate and institutional real estate owned (REO).

The membership interests are $10,000 each or multiples thereof. Membership interests are available only to accredited investors.

Please view financial projections on Page 118 of the Private Placement Memorandum. Prospective members/investors must look only to and rely upon the PPM for all detailed information concerning the offering.



Products / Services

Real Estate/Financial

We are giving investors the opportunity to invest in Non-Performing 1st position notes from the Southwest States at substantial discounts for Residential Real Estate.



President Business Development
Robert L. Wish

Robert L. WishRobert L. Wish has been active in commercial real estate since 1965, and will serve as the President of Consolidated Secure Notes II LLC. Mr. Wish is originally from Chicago, Illinois and he has been general partner and manager for several California, Nevada, and Arizona companies. Mr. Wish has constructed numerous projects in addition to acquiring completed projects for benefit of various entities.

Mr. Wish has purchased over thirty-five existing commercial properties ranging in size from 4,000 to 700,000 square feet and has developed sixteen commercial projects ranging in size from 2,400 to 168,000 square feet. He has developed fifteen residential projects ranging in size from smaller tract single family homes and custom homes to large multi-family apartment buildings. Mr. Wish has over thirty years of experience in managing multi-tenant properties.

Executive Vice President Manager
Tracey M. Wallace

Tracey M. WallaceTracey M. Wallace will serve as the Executive Vice President and Secretary of Consolidated Secure Notes II LLC. Miss Wallace moved to Southern California after she graduated from Sacramento State in 1988. She received her Bachelors of Science with a concentration in Real Estate and Land Use Affairs. She has been employed in various capacities within the real estate industry, and has successfully opened a number of Real estate Offices in California and Nevada.

Miss Wallace has managed, leased, and sold various types of real estate products, retail strip centers, class A–C office, warehouse, self-storage facilities, multi-family apartments and even boutique hotels. She managed and handled all the tenant improvement coordination and rehabbed properties, both residential and commercial. She managed a $300 million multi-tenant property on the Las Vegas Strip with the largest LED display in the world and pedestrian traffic, of which 65,000 people a day passed through its doors.

Executive Vice President Operations
Lee A. Rotsheck

Lee A. RotsheckLee A. Rotsheck will serve as the Executive Vice President and Treasurer of Consolidated Secure Notes II LLC. Mr. Rotsheck is an active real estate investor and consultant. His background includes a broad spectrum of real estate related activities and credentials. Included in that extensive list are current licensure as an architect, general contractor, and real estate sales agent.

Mr. Rotsheck has been involved with both the residential and commercial industries for over 35 years. His early years were spent designing and developing residential and commercial properties as part of his family business in San Diego, California. Thereafter, he served as a project manager for production home builder, Centex Homes. In his ten years as Vice President of Development for Mammoth Equities, Mr. Rotsheck developed over one million square feet of office, retail and self storage facilities in Arizona, Nevada, Northern and Southern California.




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