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Jun 21, 2016 7:58 AM ET

Archived: ClairVista provides Live Expert, the industry’s most comprehensive software for video chat and content sharing services delivered through digital channels. – online, mobile, kiosks

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Chicago, IL 60654, US
Web Service Software




ClairVista provides Live Expert, the industry’s most comprehensive software for video chat and content sharing services delivered through digital channels. – online, mobile, kiosks.

ClairVista has significant customers in US, Canada, Europe and Asia, including Hertz, Staples Canada, Cancer Treatment Centers of America, and Stichting Philadelphia Zorg (Netherlands).

Our target markets include consumer services, retail, financial, automotive, support services, and healthcare. Telehealth in particular is a rapidly developing market with enormous potential. Our revenues from healthcare are growing 50% annually and can grow even faster.

Live Expert consistently wins against competing systems, most of which are traditional video conferencing systems or niche products that support limited use cases. Fully 30% of our customers switched to Live Expert from another system.

We take pride in having achieved this success without any outside funding. Company was initially funded by its Founder & CEO. It is currently operating at breakeven due to customer revenues, a highly productive team, and a culture of extreme capital efficiency.

However, market interest in video chat services is growing rapidly, while the Company is under investing in sales & marketing with only 2 people in those roles. We are now seeking capital to accelerate growth.

We believe that video chat is the future of customer and patient engagement. Value creation results from conveniently and efficiently connecting each customer with an adviser with the right skill at the moment of need, and providing this service across all channels with one comprehensive system.

To provide this type of services, a business needs more than traditional video conferencing, which are scheduled events relying on software download, address books, and user accounts. Live Expert is a uniquely built, enterprise-class software for providing skill based video chat services.



Products / Services

Live Expert

Live Expert is the industry’s most comprehensive system for video chat and content sharing services across all digital channels – online, mobile, kiosks. What makes Live Expert unique are the following features:

1. Automatically handles both on-demand and scheduled sessions.
2. Sophisticated video call routing based on skill, language, or customer’s location.
3. Customer queue and callback request management.
4. Video call transfers, multi-party sessions, and virtual waiting rooms.
5. Browser-based module (requiring no software download) that connects customers to an available adviser with a single click..
6. Integrated co-browsing, screen sharing, and file sharing.
7. Mobile and kiosk module that integrate remote monitoring devices, scanners, payment devices, and dispensers.
8. Works seamlessly with all existing systems without any integration required.
9. Comprehensive reports and analytics to manage every aspect of video chat services.
10. Three U.S. patents



Chief Executive Officer
Chris Sang

Chris SangChris is the visionary behind our Live Expert software. Chris has over 20 years of experience developing transformational technology solutions and new businesses, and has served as CEO, CFO or COO of four successful new companies during that period.

Chris has also served on the Board of Directors for six companies, in software, retail and distribution, including two public companies. Chris has a BS in Business from DePaul University.




Vice President Sales & Marketing
Doug Irvin

Doug IrvinDoug leads our business development activities across all segments of healthcare where telehealth has a role. Doug has 20 years of healthcare industry experience spanning medical equipment, hospice care, and pharmacy benefit management, and has held leadership positions in operations, sales and market development. Doug has a BS in Biology from the University of Iowa.




Vice President Engineering
Srinivasa Rao

Srinivasa RaoSrini has 20+ years of experience building highly scalable enterprise class systems, including 10 years with VAIL SYSTEMS where he lead the development of a cloud platform for carrier-grade VOIP communication solutions. Srini was also part of the core engineering team for NAVTEQ, which grew to become a billion dollar enterprise during his 11 years with the company.



General Manager
Freek Vermeulen

Freek VermeulenFreek is based in Amsterdam and heads our European operation and expansion. Freek has extensive international experience in marketing, brand development, and customer care and has worked with global brands in consumer services, airlines, electronics, and telecom.





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Chris Sang

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