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Jun 21, 2016 12:02 PM ET

Archived: Belly Timber: In the 1800’s, ordinary people learned the secret of the Kala and undertook extraordinary measures to rid the earth of this evil. This is their story.

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 21, 2016

Belly Timber





Our team has come so far with this project. We have wrapped principal photography and are ready to start post-production. Belly Timber is looking for some funds to assist us in completing this film and starting our distribution push.



About The Project

30,000 years ago man formed into clans and began hunting for their survival.  One clan, the Kala lived in caves in the frozen wastelands in northern Mongolia.  The Kala survived for thousands of years hunting their fellow man. Over four thousand years ago the Kala left their caves and took to marauding and nomadism on horseback to hunt their prey. In the 12th century the Kala left Mongolia and traveled west following the Mongolian Horde across Asia and Europe; killing and feeding on the remains of the destroyed and conquered.As the Mongolian Empire began to recede, the Kala traveled northwest into England and finally crossed the Atlantic in search of  new land and prey. 

In the 1800’s, ordinary people learned the secret of the Kala and undertook extraordinary measures to rid the earth of this evil. This is their story.

For John McCormick, life on the Indiana frontier held nothing but promise. His settlement along the White River would soon become the crossroads of America. Friends and family from back in Ohio and other points east were all making plans to see what all the fuss was about in the newly-formed city of Indianapolis. Yes, things were good. In Ohio, an evil was brewing. The Lecky Family, a group of ruthless Mongolian nomads, had made their way to America and were practicing their cannibalistic religion of Kala with reckless abandon. No one was safe, not even John McCormick’s family.

After the vicious slaughter of John’s brother Thomas and Thomas’ wife and children by the Leckys, John has no choice but to confront this evil head on. As each day passes, more and more people fall victim to the Kala Clan’s evil intent. With time running out, can John McCormick and his posse of frontiersmen find and defeat this notorious foe? Find out in Belly Timber.



Current Team

Ken Wallace
Brian Neal
Director of Photography
Post-Production Supervisor
Bobby Easley
Dustin Kay

About This Team

The Production Team Consists of Director Bobby Easley, Executive Producer Neal Rabold, Director of Potography Brian J. Neal, Writters Ken Wallace and Dustin Kay, Production Sound Mixer Tom Roosa, Music Supervisor Dyllen Nance, Boom Operator  Adam Vondersaar, Special Effects Phil Yeary and Jason Watkins, Production Manager Aubrey Johnson, Horse Wrangelers Mitch Hood and Glenda Hood, Location Scouts Steve Jones, Costume Supervisor Debbie Babcock, Craft Services Chris McCoy, Fight Cordinator Dan Gentrey, Wepons Master Keenan Meeks, Art Department Terence Muncy, Casting Director Meghan Medvescek. Many Members of the Team Have Contributed  On Multiple Jobs.




Contact Information:

Bobby Easley

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