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Jun 21, 2016 12:35 EST

Aviation Safety Advancements: Breakthrough. Innovative. That’s how the industry is describing AURA. AIRCRAFT UPSET RECOVERY AUGMENTATION does what no technology has previously: provide the pilot with a resolution to prevent or recover from a loss of control in flight situation.

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 21, 2016

Aviation Safety Advancements

Aviation Safety Advancements

Breakthrough. Innovative. That’s how the industry is describing AURA.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US

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  • Life-saving technology for Commercial and Private Jet Operators.
  • High Return. $4 Billion Technology.
  • Low Risk. Phase I Development Complete. Patent-Pending.


Aviation safety is of public interest. Over 4,000 lives have been lost to loss of control accidents in the last decade. Investing in aviation safety is investing in the future for generations to come.



Modern aviation is essential to our lives on a global scale. No other form of transportation is so intricately linked to so many facets of our lives. We rely on it daily for business, communication, trade/commerce and recreational/leisure. It also connects the US and globe in a way that no other form of transportation can. Accounting for $1.5 trillion in total economic activity per year and contributing 5.4 percent to the U.S. Gross Domestic Product, the aviation industry is an economic powerhouse that has a significant and measurable impact on the overall US economy. 35% of world trade, in value, is transported by airplane.

Roughly 1.73 million people in the US fly each day, 9 million globally. An immense responsibility is placed on pilots, perhaps greater than any other occupation in terms of number of lives under their care. Over the course of a career, a commercial airline pilot may have flown over 200,000 passengers. The magnitude of that responsibility is profound. Training is extensive and on-going for professional pilots, however, when confronted with a stressful, unpredicted event, even the best trained pilots can respond contrary to their training.

Flying is the safest mode of transportation in the world. Despite this safety record, a paradox exists in that an accident involving commercial aircraft, particularly one involving fatalities, can rattle the public’s perception and cause them to irrationally question the safety of air travel. For this reason, an astounding amount of attention and investment is made towards safety, training, and aircraft improvements with the ultimate goal of making the industry safer. With very fine profit margins, any accident that results in lower consumer confidence can have a profound impact on the industry. Aggressively pursuing technology that advances and ensures greater aviation safety is duly justified from a public health and economic standpoint.

Loss of Control In-Flight (LOC-I) represents the leading category of fatal aircraft accidents across every sector of the industry. Loss of Control is defined as “significant, unintended departure of aircraft from controlled flight, the operation flight envelope, or unusual flight attitudes, including ground events.” In short, LOC-I is a killer and found to be responsible for over 35% of the onboard and external fatalities attributed to commercial aircraft accidents between 1999 and 2016. Investment to prevent LOC-I or to aid the recovery from LOC-I makes sound economic and public safety sense.

AURA, Aircraft Upset Recovery Augmentation, is the culmination of over 10 years of industry experience and extensive research and design. AURA is the first technology designed to not only predict LOC-I but to aid, assist or fully recover through automation, an aircraft from an imminent loss of control. AURA is designed to eliminate human error in response to LOC-I where one improper response can cost hundreds of lives in a matter of seconds. AURA supplements a pilot’s training and experience giving them an invaluable tool to prevent and respond appropriately to a loss of control situation. AURA represents the solution to LOC-I, the number one cause of fatal plane crashes.

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Aircraft Upset Recovery Augmentation, or AURA, is the culmination of over 10 years of industry operational experience combined with extensive research and design. It is the first technology designed to aid, assist or fully recover through automation, an aircraft from an imminent loss of control. It will be the first technology solution designed to directly address the Improper Human Response error that is present in the majority of loss of control in flight accidents.

AURA is a stand-alone aircraft avionics system that when installed into existing flight deck avionics platforms, receives full data integration with existing components. Utilizing an innovative software process known as the Flight Predictive Model, AURA continuously monitors aircraft flight parameters and data and then utilizing real-time situational modeling, determines when an aircraft will encounter an imminent loss of control situation and activates a recovery while the aircraft is still under control. This allows the pilot an increased response time to the LOC-I situation.

When AURA detects that an LOC-I situation is imminent, it activates the Safe Flight Model, a real-time recovery solution process that provides the pilot with a visual depiction of the corrective actions that must be taken immediately to prevent or recover the aircraft from the LOC-I situation.

The key benefit to the AURA technology in mitigating LOC-I accidents is the intuitive display that is rendered to the pilot on the Primary and Secondary Flight Displays. It was specifically designed based upon research of improper human response error and fight or flight reactions. It instantaneously renders a “Danger/Safety” depiction to the pilot, which provides the pilot with the initial and immediate control actions to recover the aircraft to a safe flight attitude, without any thought whatsoever. This is accomplished through the use of colors and depictions that represent danger on one spectrum and safety on another. Since fight or flight reactions are responses that are primitive in nature, the AURA recovery system provides resolutions that will instinctively produce the desired reaction by the pilots while safely increasing the margin of response time.

AURA does what no technology has previously: provide the pilot with a resolution to prevent or recover from a loss of control in flight situation.





David Welsh

David Welsh

Founder, Chief Executive Officer



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Joseph Kujawski

Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer


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Edward Walker

Aviation Advisor

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James Donofrio

Bluewater Consultant

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Bluewater Consultant



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