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Jun 21, 2016 3:36 PM ET

Archived: Ag Pro Exchange – The Big Data Revolution Comes to Agriculture: AgXchange™ is solving the industry’s data collection and sharing problems by offering an agnostic platform that serves as a single source for any and all data related to agriculture

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 21, 2016

Ag Pro Exchange

The Big Data Revolution Comes to Agriculture


Ag Pro Exchange is the creator of AgXchange™, the first platform to bring the revolutionary advantages of the $20 billion big data opportunity within the agriculture industry. AgXchange™ is solving the industry’s data collection and sharing problems by offering an agnostic platform that serves as a single source for any and all data related to agriculture. By collecting data from businesses and technology providers and ground-truthing it with data directly from the farm, AgXchange™ can offer the industry’s most comprehensive and robust set of data.

AgXchange™ is the platform that enables that transition to take place, harvesting the power of big data to dramatically change the world’s agricultural landscape.


Growers have historically stored information about their operations in notebooks or simply kept things in their head. With the explosion in the use of technology on the farm and throughout the industry, an abundance of data is being generated, but very little is being collected nor stored.

Agriculture and its related industries have started to realize the potential impact of big data, but current data capture systems are fragmented and proprietary, meaning everyone in the entire agricultural industry would have to buy in to see any real benefits.

Those proprietary systems are:

  • Inaccessible
  • Inaccurate
  • Untimely
  • Not granular
  • Institutional

This fragmentation results in an industry that’s chaotic, where lack of trust is pervasive, where lack of adoption is driven by skepticism, and where the potential of big data is locked in silos.

Hungry for Change

Without question, technology has changed how the agriculture industry operates, but that progress has hit a wall: for individual growers, there are simply too many barriers to adopting a comprehensive data approach. For businesses and technology providers, they see the potential for delivering better services and more innovative products to growers, but without easy access to better data, that opportunity is lost.  

AgXchange™ breaks down the wall by giving every player in the industry access to a single, agnostic platform that offers the 2.1 million growers across the US the ability to access and take ownership of the mountains of data generated on their farms while maintaining the freedom of choice in the products and services they use as they transition to a new era of agriculture.


AgXchange™ solves the growing need for an agnostic data aggregator with an always-on, mobile solution that’s as easy to use as any smartphone app. For growers, that means the ability to:

This farm-level, ground-truthing data is then supplemented by data that AgXchange™ collects from both public and proprietary sources throughout the industry.

Growers are able to share data specific to their farms with the service providers they rely on to run their operations. And businesses within agriculture and related industries are able to purchase aggregated and anonymized data sets, on an ad hoc or on-going basis, by accessing AgXchange™. For those businesses that want more than just data, Ag Pro Exchange will provide industry or customer specific data products and analytics given the expertise it has in potential uses for agricultural data.

So not only is the industry’s data collection problem being solved with AgXchange™, but so too is the opportunity to utilize and interpret that data to provide better products and services to growers, moving growers down the path of fact-based versus intuition-based decision making.



  • Automate data collection across operations to enable sharing with technology and service providers. 

AgXchange™ offers an easy-to-use web and mobile platform that pulls together all data being generated in growers’ operations in a central location and maps data to growers’ fields.

Service and Technology Providers

  • Enhance and expand products and services provided to growers through better data.

Service and technology providers can now more easily access grower data (if the grower authorizes it), enabling more efficient communication and a path to enhanced products and services.

Agribusiness and Related Industries

  • Access more robust and better quality industry data that is ground-truthed with farm-level data.

Any company supporting the agriculture industry can now rely on Ag Pro Exchange to piece together the abundance of public and private data sources, then easily access that data to drive their businesses forward.


The beta was a resounding success – so much so that potential partners are lining up to push their data into AgXchange™: partners like DreamHammer™ for UAV(drone) services and FarmersEdge™ for agronomic services.

Now, it’s time for a more aggressive strategy to build on the momentum in the industry thus far. Our goal by the end of 2016 is 500 AgXchange™ users and closing a couple contracts, that are currently in the pipeline, with purchasers of data and related services.

Want to hear more about the Ag Pro Exchange opportunity? Click the “business profile” tab at the top of this page to find out what’s in store for the agriculture industry’s first open data platform.


Dave has a deep understanding of the needs for data in the insurance industry and has strong relationships with many future purchasers of agricultural data. He was CEO and President of the Life and Property Casualty companies at CUNA Mutual Insurance and COO for Firemen’s Fund Insurance, including President of its federal crop insurance program. Prior to that, he worked 18 years at General Electric in domestic and international leadership positions in various consumer product businesses. Dave serves as a board member for Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company and Bunker Ventures, an insurance e-commerce platform.

Rob has extensive experience leveraging big data sets from global finance and general management roles within the airline and healthcare industries. He devoted significant time at Alliance Healthcare and AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals driving disruptive distribution changes in the EMEA region and leveraging data crunching and predictive analytics to inform supply chain planning activities. He gained strong cost control experience at Northwest Airlines and holds an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Dwight is a respected industry expert in precision Ag big data analysis systems architecture. He held IT leadership roles at Monsanto, including time in the Integrated Farming Systems group and working on the due diligence for the acquisition of Climate Corporation. He also founded and ran a consulting firm focused on the integration of manufacturing and IT systems, including many large projects for Fortune 500 companies. Dwight’s IT experience was formulated at Anheuser Busch and he has extensive experience as a grower.

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Dave Lundgren

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