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Jun 20, 2016 1:08 PM ET

Archived: Shred Soles, L.L.C. – the only snowboard specific insole company: Shred Soles Skateboarding Insoles – Shred Soles shwedge technology is the only insole feature that realigns snowboarders’ ankles, knees and hips to their natural and balanced riding posture

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 20, 2016

Shred Soles, L.L.C.

Shred Soles Skateboarding Insoles

Fairfield, PA



Founded in 2008, Shred Soles started as (and still is) the only snowboard specific insole company. Shred Soles shwedge technology is the only insole feature that realigns snowboarders’ ankles, knees and hips to their natural and balanced riding posture. 

Due to customer demand, we’re branching out into the daily wear and skateboarding markets with a new insole model. We’re also developing new accessories and products to complement the insole line. Ie. Snowboarding and skateboarding specific socks and foot powder. 

We are currently in the design and prototyping phase for the new insole model. This model will feature 1) A dynamic arch that not only supports arch movement, but also is protective against the common issue of the skateboard impacting the arch upon an incorrect landing AKA – landing “primo” 2) An anti-odor/anti-fungal treatment that is lab tested and certified to kill 99.9% of all bacteria 3) Deep well heel cup that helps stabilize the heel. 4) Impact damping gel that helps prevent heel bruises 5) Poron strike plate that reduces impact under the ball of the foot while maintaining board feel. 6) Proprietary blended insole spine that reduces impact while maintaining structural integrity and board feel. And, most importantly, 7) they are SUPER COMFORTABLE – meaning more time can be spent doing what you love! 

Based on progress and current timeline, we project that we will take delivery of this model during the last week of September. 

About Shred Soles, L.L.C.


Our goal at Shred Soles is to eliminate foot pain and deliver added performance for snowboarders and skateboarders by making the best sport specific insoles and fitting solutions on the market.


About the owner

Nathan Musson has over 21 years of experience in the board sports industry – including retail management/buying, consulting and developing and scaling e-commerce solutions. The skateboarding and snowboarding industry is his life-long passion in both participation and consultation/sales. Nathan is often quoted as an industry expert and requested to consult for top companies in the industry. He has also developed the top podcast in the snowboarding industry.

Nathan’s wife, Colleen Musson, has 22 years in action sports holding various management positions in retail and at ski resorts. She has been a AASI Certified snowboard instructor since 2008.  The last 11 years was spent working in the financial and banking industries, in branch management and as a licensed financial advisor.  


Shred Soles’ Founder, Nate Musson, designed an insole geared specifically toward snowboarders based on a rider’s stance and on-board mechanics. Image title The key feature of the Shred Soles Insole is the patent-pending, ‘swedge’ technology. This feature cants the foot inward to align the leg properly and reduce stress on the inner knee that is particular to the way a snowboarder stands on their board. Along with the insole, the company seeks to help educate riders on getting a comfortable boot fit and offers boot fitting tools as solutions to common foot pain issues.

This year, Shred Soles will be expanding its mission to include skateboarders through a uniquely designed insole that can easily be added to skate shoes. The skate model insole provides both comfort and performance. The insole will target cushioning to specific landing pads, give dynamic support to the arch area, while enhancing board feel.

Contact Information:

Nathan Musson

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