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Jun 17, 2016 5:06 PM ET

Archived: TripSafe. World’s First Portable Security System – Turning anyone into a smart traveler and any space into a smart home. Sets up in 10 seconds.

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 17, 2016
TripSafe. World’s First Portable Security System 
Turning anyone into a smart traveler and any space into a smart home. Sets up in 10 seconds.

TripSafe is designed for the traveler. It is a smart security system that sets up in 10 seconds and can be controlled from your phone. Our connected, portable security system with door stop sensors, protects and secures you on the road.











10 Second Setup

In less than 10 seconds, sync TripSafe to your smartphone and place the smart doorstop sensors at the doors of a hotel room, home-share, apartment or home. 

Door Stop Sensors

TripSafe Wedge and Alert on Phone

The door stop sensors don’t just sound an alarm. They physically stop the door from opening, keeping you safer and helping you sleep more soundly. 

Video Streaming and Notifications 


TripSafe Video Monitoring on Phone
If someone enters your room while your are out, TripSafe detects the visitor’s movement. The TripSafe Mobile App sends you a notification and streams video of activity in the room on your phone. The app also notifies TripSafe to coordinate with authorities if needed. 







“The front door of place I’m in will not accomodate a long handle child safety lock and I can’t put holes in the door and wall for a chain lock (since I’m renting). 

This device is going to save me a lot of worry that my daughter has opened the front door and escaped. I went to hardware stores/online and have found nothing like it to alarm me if she opens the door.” – Teresa B.




Our Story

TripSafe was inspired from a hotel experience of Derek’s two years ago. He was so concerned with his surroundings that he wanted his family to know where he was – in case they didn’t hear from him the next day. This experience was the inspiration for a travel security system that could protect anyone – wherever they go.


Our Co-Founders








TripSafe’s team consists of all former U.S. Military Veterans with over 13 combined deployments to Iraq, Afghanistan and other areas around the world. Our team knows what it is like to feel unsafe, and believes that no one should ever have to feel that way.






Shipping fees are $12 for US shipping and $30 for international shipping for one device. For international shipping, please note that you may be responsible for duties, fees and taxes applicable to your region. 



TripSafe looks great for travelers but can I use it at home?

Absolutely! TripSafe will work wherever you are. If you plan to use it at home, we recommend getting two so one can stay at home while you bring the other on your trip.

Can I use it to look after my child, elderly parent or even dog?

Definitely. You can set the app so rather than alerting when motion is detected, you can monitor what’s going on in the room. Also, the door stop sensors are great for alerting parents when toddlers are trying to open the front door!

Do I have to use the door stop sensors?

No. TripSafe will still have motion and audio detection if you don’t want to use the door stop motion sensors.

Can I use multiple phones with my TripSafe?

Yes. You can pair any phone to the device and also select the people that will be notified if the TripSafe alarm is activated.

How is TripSafe powered?

TripSafe has an internal battery in the base station so that it doesn’t have to be plugged in when you need it to work. The battery is large enough to charge your cell phone up to six times. Each door stop sensor has a long life battery that can be easily replaced. 

Will TripSafe work in foreign countries?

Yes, the base station can work with only a wifi signal. Additionally if your accommodations don’t have wifi, you’ll be able to insert a SIM card for the country you’re in.

Do I have to pay for the operational call center subscription?

No. TripSafe will still alert you and anyone you designate in the app if you don’t subscribe. By not subscribing, the only thing you won’t have is one of our experienced call center operators to help you through your challenge.

Does TripSafe come with foreign outlet adapters?

No. You’ll have to get the appropriate adapter in the country you are visiting.

Does TripSafe have to be plugged in all the time?

No. The base station has an internal battery. Once you fully charge it, you can operate it unplugged for two days. You can also use this battery to charge your cell phone up to 6 times.

Can I record the video TripSafe streams to me through my app?

Yes, if you subscribe to the recording service.




Why We Need Your Support


Unprecedented global and regional instability, combined with an increasingly mobile and connected world have security concerns at century long highs for the 1 billion global and 200 million domestic annual travelers.

TripSafe provides a new security option for the one billion annual leisure and business travelers: a portable security system that can be used at home and on road. TripSafe’s core mission is to make people safer and to save lives. To accomplish this mission, TripSafe is leading the creation of the portable security industry. But we can’t do it without help.  

We’ve been working hard for the last two years to design and test TripSafe. We need your help to get us over the hill and through production. 

With your TripSafe purchase, you don’t just get protection and security for yourself, you make it available for a new generation of smart traveler.



Risks & Challenges

Our focus for the next 6-12 months is getting our first product to you as soon as possible. Our team is diligently working to create a meaningful product that produces meaningful impact in the lives of our users.

A challenge we are facing is maintaining a short lead-time on production in order to deliver on our shipping deadline. Due to high demand in our concept and technology, we are anticipating keeping up with demand by forecasting our units sales based on our Indiegogo and providing our team ample time to deliver. In addition, we have been working with our manufacturer for over a year to scale with our growth as needed. We have 3 plans of action ready for manufacturing, fulfillment and distribution in case of a delay, to ensure we deliver TripSafe on time.

We will be sending frequent updates to all of our backers to keep you informed of developments and progress. Setbacks are almost inevitable, however, we are committed to getting TripSafe into your hands in a timely matter. We are so excited for what the future holds!

Contact Information:

Derek Blumke

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