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Jun 17, 2016 12:49 PM ET

Archived: SNG LLC, Russia – We have a license for prospecting and exploration of crude oil. A prospective reservoir of crude oil in depth interval 2800-3200 meters has been discovered in the license area.

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 17, 2016

SNG LLC, Russia

Krasnodar, 350080, Russian Federation
Oil & Gas Production & Processing

We have a license for prospecting and exploration of crude oil. A prospective reservoir of crude oil in depth interval 2800-3200 meters has been discovered in the license area. The extraction of crude oil forecast: 43.2 million tonnes.

OUR PROJECT – SNG LLC in Russia (exploration and production of crude oil)

We invite investors in our project!!!

We have a license for the prospecting and exploration of crude oil. License period: 20.02.2014 – 20.02.2019 year (possibility of prolongation). Area of the license: 30 sq. km. The works of preliminary seismic work; geochemistry, then electric exploration, plus data processing of electric exploration, by patented method: through the software of complex of Electromagnetic Inversion: RALF-1 were performed in the license area in 2006-2010.

As a result of these works, a forecasted hydrocarbon deposit of an area of 12 square kilometers (3×4 km) was found. The height of the reservoir is 400 meters; the reservoir is located in the cavernous granite-gneiss crystalline basement rocks (Paleozoic); depth range: 2800-3200 m.

The forecasted crude oil deposit is located in a tectonic fault (Valeryanovskaya Suture); in the cavernous granite-gneiss basement rocks; in the same or similar geological conditions, as the White Tiger Field in Vietnam (discovered in 1988 by Soviet geologists in the sea, in the basement rocks).

Experts of or company suggest the recoverable reserves can be approximately 43.2 million tonnes of crude oil; forecasted production rate of wells from 100 tonnes per day and higher.

Investments are needed in the first and second stage of the project, a total of 25 + 180 million Euro. Industrial production of crude oil can be started within 3 years from the beginning of investment. The license for the commercial production is issued for 20 years.

We can obtain additional license areas through auctions or tenders (in the presence of investments).

We offer investors 70% of shares in our company.

We invite investors in the project of SNG LLC and other projects in this region (there are a total of 6 licenses in the Kurgan region, Krasnodar region).

Products / Services

Crude Oil

The project data
A. The Project of exploration and extraction of crude oil: Dmitrievsky License Site, Kurgan Region, Russia.
B. Investment in first stage of the project:
15/25M/euro for 1-3 exploration wells. Period time: 2-3 years.
C. Investment in second stage of the project: 180M/euro. Period time: Investments – 2 years, 6 years of reinvestments. Drilling of 152 industrial wells. On average, it is assumed for drilling 21 wells annually within 7 years.
D. Extraction of hydrocarbon raw materials: is possibly to begin at the end of 3d -4th year from the start of investment in exploration and construction of infrastructure. Annual production is increasing and then decreasing flow. In the stage of full development of the project the 6th -7th years of the second stage, it is possible to have average annual production of 2.0-3.5 M/MT per year. Period of production: 20 years or more, if the production will be effective. Total production for 20 years: 38.345 M/MT of crude oil.



Consulting Advisor
Vladislav Kapusta

Vladislav KapustaPartner, Project Consultant at SNG LLC. Pledgee of 55 % of shares at SNG LLC.

• 1987-1990: Krasnodar Installation Technical College, Speciality: Installation and repair of commercial petrochemical equipment, Qualification: Technician-Mechanic;
• 1981-1982: Technical School #14, Krasnodar (Diploma with honours);
Professional experience:
• 2016 – to present time: Supply Manager at Branch of Rosneft-KNP Public Company (Russia);
• 2014 – to present time: Private Consultant of investment projects ;
• 2005 – 2014: General Director at New Southern Association CJSC;
• 1999 – 2005: Private Entrepreneurship, consulting on the organization of investment in projects, organization and the establishment of several Joint Ventures with foreign investors for projects of natural resources and energy in Russia and Kyrgyzstan (2002-2004);
• 1994 – 1999: General Director at FinInKom LLC (Member of the company);
• 1990 – 1994: General Director at Maria LLC (Member of the company);

Managing Director Technology Officer
Vadim Chernov

Vadim ChernovFounder at SNG LLC (41,25%), Advisor for geology and electric exploration works.

Shareholder at SNG LLC, Master of geological sciences, Developer of the geophysical program of search of crude oil and gas (RALF-1). He holds the patent.

In 1991 he entered Geological Faculty of the Moscow State University named after M. V. Lomonosov, in 1997 he was granted Master’s degree of geological sciences, in 2000 he graduated the Postgraduate Courses and began his work in Scientific and Production Centre Geoneftegaz CJSC (set up by the specialists from Geophysics All-Union Research Studies Institute) as a geologist-geophysicist, he worked there until the end of 2010.

In 2011 he developed a geophysical program for search for oil and gas called “RALF-1”, for which he have patent #2011612714.

In present time he work searching for new oil deposits in TranUrals (Russia) and Ukraine, predictions of prospectivity on oil and gas of the crystalline basement massive material (granite gneiss complex).

Managing Director Business Development
Maksim Khudiakov

Maksim KhudiakovFounder at SNG LLC (41,25%), Advisor for oil exploration works.
Shareholder at SNG LLC (Kurgan, Russia), owner of private bussiness in Moscow, Russia.

1995-2000: Kurgan State Agricultural Academy.

2006-2008: Neftepererabotka LLC. Project manager. The company’s activity: implementation of the project for search, exploration and production of oil on 2 license sites in the Kurgan Region.

2008-2013: works in Russian company’s.

From 2013 he is one of the founders and a Participant (shareholder) of SuerNefteGaz LLC.
At present time, works as a Project manager in building industry.

Director Business Development
Rinat Gainulin

Rinat Gainulin Shareholder & General Director at SNG LLC (13,75%), Lawyer at Stok LLC, Kurgan, Russia.

In 1991 he entered the Kurgan Higher Military Aviation School, was discharged in 1993.
1993-1995 he studied at the Kurgan State Pedagogical Institute in for the speciality of geography biology, with qualification of a geography teacher.
1997-2003 he studied at the Kurgan State University in the correspondence department for a historical and jurisprudential specialty with qualification of a lawyer.

2003-2006: Strelets-3 LLC, Bagration LLC, he held the positions of a security guard, a Director.
2006-2007: Feniks LLC. Director.
2007-2010: Bazis Agro LLC. Lawyer.
2008-2012: Director at Kondaneftegaz LLC. General Director at NefteBitum LLC. Director in Terminal Petroleum LLC. General Director in Oil Gas Western Siberian LLC.

From 2013 to present time: Stok LLC. Position: Lawyer.
From 2014 to present time: SuerNefteGaz LLC. Position: General Director, Shareholder at SNG LLC.

Director Executive Officer
Sergei Mokeev

Sergei MokeevAdvisor for oil exploration works.
Founder & Shareholder at SNG LLC (2,5%), owner of private bussiness in Kurgan, Russia.

Education: 1983-1988 Kurgan Machine-Building Institute. Speciality: Manufacturing engineering.
Qualification: Mechanical Engineer.

1989-2006: He worked in the different companies in Russia.

2006-2008: Neftepererabotka LLC. General Director. Implementation of the project for search, exploration and production of oil on 2 license sites in the Kurgan Region.

2010-2012: ZapSibOilGaz LLC. Deputy General Director.

From 2013 he is one of the Founders and Shareholder of SuerNefteGaz LLC (SNG LLC).

Administrative Executive Officer
Sergey Prokopyev

Sergey ProkopyevAdwisor for oil exploration works and oil pipeline.
Shareholder at SNG LLC (1,25%), owner of private bussiness in Moscow, Russia.

Education: Sverdlovsk Institute of National Economy.

2011-to the present time: General Director of Gazkonsalt LLC, Moscow.
2010-2013: Russian Gaz Society LLC, Advisor to the President, Moscow.
2007-2008: Neftepererabotka LLC, Deputy Director General.
1991-2006: Trial LLC, Deputy Director General.

From 2015, he is one of the Participant (Shareholder) at SuerNefteGaz LLC (SNG LLC).


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Vadim Chernov - Managing Director Technology Officer

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