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Jun 17, 2016 1:43 PM ET

Archived: Overland ATS provides a solution for urban traffic congestion/gridlock and increases the capacity of existing interstate highways

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 17, 2016

Overland ATS LLC

Gainesville, FL 32606, US
Transportation & Distribution

Rush hour urban traffic congestion and gridlock is rampant, highways are crowded to capacity. Do we build more lanes or do we build an advanced infrastructure with 12 times the capacity per lane?

Overland ATS provides a solution for urban traffic congestion/gridlock and increases the capacity of existing interstate highways. The solution is an elevated transportation infrastructure with two features. First, the infrastructure is dual mode, meaning vehicles can travel on conventional roadways or accelerate up a ramp to 150 MPH and merge onto an elevated six foot wide skyway. Second, this elevated infrastructure has the equivalent maximum capacity of 12 to 13 lanes of a single lane of interstate highway at full capacity. Vehicles can enter or exit the skyway using frequent access ramps. The skyway can accommodate small unoccupied COURIER vehicles, private passenger vehicles, SUVS, VANS, shuttle buses, transit buses, tour buses, delivery vehicles, box trucks, and large freight vehicles.
Overland ATS seamlessly supports all varieties of surface transportation vehicles in all major urban areas and alongside the entire interstate network. Overland ATS can be thought of as an extension of existing urban and interstate highways. Overland ATS integrates the features and functions of commuter rail, regional bus transit, heavy rail, high speed rail, freight rail, and tractor trailers. Overland ATS is a general, all purpose, and robust transportation solution.
Overland will become profitable by marketing, building and operating third party owned Overland ATS Skyway Networks. These are sold by presenting proposals to transportation officials and by submitting proposals on projects proposed by others such as light rail competitors.
Overland ATS is proposing to raise $5 million to develop a proof of concept/demonstration prototype. This funding will also initiate consulting services to support the company until construction revenues are generated.
Overland ATS will be successful because it has the only solution to a Global crisis. The milestones so far have been 8 patents issued and several pending.
The goal is to permanently solve the transportation crisis.

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Dual Mode Elevated High Speed High Capacity Transportation Infrastructure

The significance of the Overland ATS product description is meaningless unless you are familiar with the topic. Transportation infrastructure is a major economic issue today in the U.S. The basic concern for most citizens is daily traffic congestion and gridlock in urban areas and overcrowded interstate highways during rush hour. There are many products claiming to be the future and to be solutions. High Speed Rail is a good example. HSR has no impact on traffic congestion or density. Battery powered electric cars relate to transportation but do not solve these problems. Autonomous vehicles are certainly in our future, but if there is an Overland, these vehicles will be relegated to being a last mile solution. A completed Overland Skyway would carry the majority of all varieties of traffic all sharing the same universal infrastructure.


Chief Executive Officer
Waldemar F. Kissel, Jr.

Waldemar F. Kissel, Jr.

Chief Financial Officer
Scott Bruce


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Chief Executive Officer - Waldemar F. Kissel, Jr.

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