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Jun 17, 2016 2:57 PM ET

Archived: MOTION TO MUSIC: The Funniest Musical Mobile Trainer that recreates Guitar Hero and Dance Dance Revolution experience in a mobile app to use as personal trainer or party game

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 17, 2016

MOTION TO MUSIC: The Funniest Musical Mobile Trainer

by Matteo Ercolano


MOTION TO MUSIC recreates Guitar Hero and Dance Dance Revolution experience in a mobile app to use as personal trainer or party game.

About this project

The Funniest Musical Mobile Trainer

Select your cardio, run, dance or fitness exercises, select your cardio level, select your favourite song, set your MOTION TO MUSIC wearable device and start!

More you will perform the right movements at the right pace, more you will make your fans crazy and you will increase your score. If you will perform the wrong movements or at the wrong pace, you will disappoint your fans, you won’t increase your score and you will risk to stop your exercise.

Also the fitness beginners don’t have to look at their smartphone during the exercises, when they select them from the catalog there is the name, the description and the animation of the exercises to perform.

Party Game

Instead of using your hearphones, use a bluetooth speaker and challenge your friends having a lot of fun at your parties. Everybody will enjoy your music and your performance! 


Set the metronome feature to improve your dance, or running talent. Train with the metronome in your hearphones and track your performance accuracy.


The bluetooth sensors are manufactured by wearable technology specialists Mbientlab in Silicon Valley.





Sensor Configuration

You can workout with a MOTION TO MUSIC device on your ankle, or belt, or wrist, or with one of them in combo with the smartphone on your arm band that works as second movement sensor.

Movement Detection Algorithms

The app detects in real time if the movements performed are the expected movements of the exercise selected.


Share your results, challenge your friends in your social networks and be part of the MOTION TO MUSIC world rank.



Exercise Catalog

The first version of the app will be released with RUN, ZUMBA, BOUNCE FIT, CARDIO and SHADOW BOXING exercises, but it will be open to exercise creators and music producers from all over the world.

Workout MOTION TO MUSIC Clothes

You could select different colors and sizes of every clothes.









Risks and challenges

During the designing of MOTION TO MUSIC I identified two main risks:

– Being an app open to music and exercise creators that will increase the MOTION TO MUSIC starting catalog, we could have some exercises and songs that don’t well fit with the movement detection algorithms and the movement sensor positions on the body. We will evaluate with the creators how to change their music and exercises to give the users always the best movement detection and game control experience.

– From prototype step to scale manufacturing, the final look of the products could be subject to changes.

Let’s go over any risk of every real project and start to go crazy with MOTION TO MUSIC!


Contact Information:

Matteo Ercolano

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