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Jun 17, 2016 4:41 PM ET

Archived: Home Energy Worldwide, The best renewable energy products in the market. Period.

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 17, 2016

Home Energy Worldwide



The best renewable energy products in the market. Period.




Home Energy Worldwide is a pioneer in the increasingly critical renewable energy sector. With cutting-edge products in wind power, solar power and solar heat, Home Energy Worldwide manufacturers the most powerful and efficient green technologies available, but it’s our revolutionary Energy Ball that’s changing the game.


To date, wind energy has largely been restricted to large wind farms and rural agriculture installations.  The single biggest factor keeping wind from seeing the explosive growth experienced by solar is in its ability to produce sufficient output in a smaller design…until now!

The Energy Ball’s patented design overcomes the challenges, which have inhibited wind energy from penetrating the residential consumer market. Unlike conventional 3 bladed turbines, the Energy Ball is 30% less expensive, easier to install, 25% smaller, runs silently, is friendly to wildlife and produces the same energy output as our nearest competitor.

New markets previously impenetrable become limitless opportunities for backup power, on and off-grid systems and even parking lot and area lighting. With 2,000 units sold worldwide, Home Energy Worldwide brings the most advanced wind power technology in the world to the North American market and the rest of the world.


Home Energy Worldwide (HEW) combines advanced technology with innovative engineering to create real, tangible systems capable of transforming our energy grid.

Off Grid lighting and Education combine for High School Students

Like all school boards, they are always looking for ways in which to improve the quality of the educational programs for its students.

Working together, we installed the first off-grid street light system exclusively powered by wind and solar energy in the parking lot of the High School.


While powering the light exclusively with renewable energy, all the energy data was then wirelessly transmitted onto a monitor in the classroom and incorporated into the science curriculum.  The display reports daily and aggregate energy production and the overall reduction in carbon footprint.

The result: a self-sustaining light source that’s being used to teach students the engineering concepts and real-world application of renewable energy production.

The Johnsons

The Johnsons are a family we know well: they’re every family who will buy our hybrid backup because they’re fed up with the skyrocketing costs of electricity- especially when it goes out a few times a year because of bad weather.

For the Johnsons, HEW’s combination of wind, solar, batteries and automatic switches allow them to reduce their carbon footprint, lower their energy bills and know that their power will automatically switch to a backup if the power grid goes down.

It’s the ultimate in renewable technology: cutting-edge convenience and environmental friendliness.

That’s what we do.


Energy Ball

The Energy Ball is a revelation in wind power, combining a unique design based on the Venturi Principle.

Because it utilizes the Venturi Principle, airflow is constricted as it flows through the turbine, reducing air pressure and increasing speed. The result is air that easily rotates the ball structure to produce high energy outputs.

The Energy Ball is versatile and powerful enough for widespread deployment in:

Key Features:

The Energy Ball makes conventional small wind power designs obsolete.

HEW’s hybrid system combines the power of the sun and wind to produce energy.

They are complementary energy sources when you consider the wind blows more at night when solar is not producing power. When combined, the Energy Ball and solar panels provide enough energy to meet the needs of nearly any application. The hybrid system is designed for backup power in the case of grid outage, displaying the system’s ability to operate both on and off-grid.

Solar Heat
Solar heat is an incredibly capable replacement for standard hot water heating. Total annual energy consumption around the globe is equal to a mere 20 minutes of the energy produced by the sun’s rays

HEW’s Solar Heat products are technological marvels: even on cloudy winter days, their special glass vacuum principle, combined with the large diameter of the glass tubes, can extract enough energy to heat water.

Two solar heat tube collectors will provide all of a home’s hot water requirements and 4 will also heat the house in temperate climates.

That means exceptionally high yield from our Solar Heat collectors in both winter and summer.

Solar cooling is in development.

Solar PV

Solar PV panels are combined with wind to give Hybrid Solutions, which make excellent use of daytime sun and higher winds at night to provide power throughout the day.

Each of HEW’s products represent the best the renewable energy sector has to offer. Now, for the first time, we’re bringing these game-changing technologies to North America.


In the past six years, we’ve spent $5.5 million in development, intellectual property and certification to get where we are, hitting impressive milestones along the way:

With a newly expanded lineup and more versatile technology that’s capable of adapting to a wide range of applications, HEW products are catching the attention of industries keen to capitalize on our offerings. We’re currently engaged in conversations with potential partners and customers across:

HEW’s journey has just begun. Want to hear what’s in store? Click the “business profile” tab at the top of this page to get the inside scoop on our plans!


Andy has 25 years of executive and strategic marketing, sales and product development experience in the areas of telecommunications, content and high technology software. Andy has directly contributed and led some of the most significant changes to wireless and telecom within Canada and the US.

Piet is the inventor of the Energy Ball and founder of Wind Water Technologies (WWT B.V.) who owns Home Energy International. He has a Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering with broad international experience in high tech innovations.  He is the CEO of various companies in agriculture, wind energy and other sustainable energy.  Piet previously served as technology head and CEO of Vicon BV. Thereafter he established Prolion BV, a robotic milking company and lead Prolion’s IPO on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange.  Piet is the founder and principal shareholder of WWT and holds numerous patents in the renewable energy field.

Hal is a highly experienced engineer with decades of senior level management experience at some of the best blue chip companies in the world including VP Power Systems in General Electric Canada. Hal is a leader within his field and held many Board level appointments within the industry associations as well as a lecturer at the University of Toronto Engineering Faculty.

Joost is Managing Director of Home Energy International and has a Master in Economics from Amsterdam University, CMA, CFM. He is internationally oriented with wide experience in the renewable energy sector. Since 2004, Joost has worked as a consultant in financial restructuring of organizations and as financial manager in various startup companies in the renewable energy, food and water sector.

Frank brings a history of success based start-ups and joint ventures in the environmental, farming and manufacturing industries including Vicon North America, Prolion NA, Western Combine Corporation and as a co-founder in AWE. He holds degrees in engineering and is a Harvard MBA graduate.

Contact Information:

Andy King

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