Boeing 767- Transport Themed Glamping Village: Quirky Nights Glamping Village raises the glamour of camping to a whole new level with its Boeing 767 and transport-themed villages - iCrowdNewswire

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Jun 17, 2016 11:30 AM ET

Boeing 767- Transport Themed Glamping Village: Quirky Nights Glamping Village raises the glamour of camping to a whole new level with its Boeing 767 and transport-themed villages

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 17, 2016

Boeing 767- Transport Themed Glamping Village





Quirky Nights Glamping Village raises the glamour of camping to a whole new level with its Boeing 767 and transport-themed villages!



My name is David McGowan and I am an embalmer and funeral director who will transport a 159ft long Boeing 767 from Shannon runway to my unique transport-themed ‘Quirky Nights Glamping Village’ in the buzzing seaside town of Enniscrone, Co. Sligo, Ireland.

The Boeing 767 will leave Shannon airport on the 4th of May and arrive in Enniscrone beach on the Friday, 7th of May 2016 at around 8:00am. Enniscrone Community Council is putting together an event to welcome its arrival in Enniscrone. I think it is safe to say that this monster move has never been done before- a Boeing 767 loaded onto to a barge which will sail along the coast of the Wild Atlantic Way and beached in Enniscrone, Ireland! The people of Enniscrone and the neighbouring towns and indeed the whole nation, as mentioned in the Anton Savage Show, are all steamed up in the anticipation of its arrival.

The Boeing 767 will be converted into accommodation together with 10 buses, 3 train carriages, 4 boats and 8 London taxis.

You can find us on Facebook, Quirky Nights Glamping Village and Twitter @quirkyglamping and Yotube, Quirky Glamping Village or visit our website

You can follow our progress #planesailing.

Our Service Range

Our 12 acre glamping resort in Muckduff, Enniscrone, Co. Sligo will hold five unique transport-themed villages designed to provide our guests a very unique and quirky experience!

All accommodation units will be insulated to a high standard making it available for rent all throughout the year. Several of the units are designed to accommodate wheelchair users which include ramps, walk-in showers and wheelchair user friendly kitchen designs.

1. Boeing 767 / Airport

The eight deluxe bedrooms in our Boeing 767 are the height of uniqueness and comfort, where individuality and authenticity of the theme is echoed in every room.  Each room will be tastefully designed and fully equipped with en-suite bathrooms, king size beds, tea/coffee making facilities, air conditioning and flat screen multi-channel, direct dial telephone, safe and hair dryer.  Each bedroom can accommodate 2 adults and 2 kids.

Most of the rooms are designed with access for wheelchair users and guests with disabilities in mind, including wheelchair access, ramps, parking and walk-in/wheel-in showers.

 2. Boeing 767 Cockpit Tour

We will bring in tourists and groups for educational tours and first-hand experience of sitting on a pilot’s chair and be able to explore the cockpit’s controls and dials. They will learn a small history on planes and the Boeing 767 and learn fun information about planes including emergency protocols and basic survival guides.

3. The Bus Station

The Bus Station will contain ten double decker buses converted into self-contained units which include bathroom/shower and kitchen facilities complete with all amenities for a comfortable stay. Each unit can accommodate 6 adults or 4 adults + 4 kids. There will be a communal garden in The Bus Station with outdoor barbeque facilities and open play area.

4. The Train Yard

The Train Yard holds three train carriages with a capacity of 4 adults + 2 kids providing comfort and a sense of space. This will be ideal for couples, families or small groups. The Train Yard is close to the restaurant where you can enjoy your hearty meal or enjoy a scrumptious snack while watching the kids play in the children’s play area. You can also enjoy a barbeque evening with your family or friends in the Train Yard garden.

5. The Marina

The four boats are set on a shallow lake surrounded with beautiful landscape. Each of our boats has their own history to tell after having sailed thousands of nautical miles entertaining families and guests around Europe. Imagine having a sip of sangria while enjoying a glorious sunset on your own boat deck or simply hide away in the stateroom and relax. Our boats will be ideal for couples or small groups.

 6. The Taxi Rank

Our eight units of London taxis are customised, fully insulated and fitted out to a comfortable standard. Each unit sleeps 1-2 people and facilities for the Taxi Rank are available in a stand-alone converted container unit with full insulation and all amenities provided to your comfort.

7. The Teapot Restaurant

The restaurant is shaped like a teapot with steam coming out its spout! What a quirky way to enjoy a cup of tea and home bakes while watching the kids run around the playground nearby.

Our Vision

We want to see Richard Branson (or his picture) waving to the 10,000+ people awaiting the arrival of our Boeing 767 in Enniscrone beach on the 6th of May. This will be included in the six-part documentary series being filmed by GMarsh TV Production which will be aired on national television sometime next year.

Quirky Nights Glamping Village will start its operations in summer 2017. We would like our plane to be painted with Virgin Media colours and logo. All rooms will have a touch of the Virgin Media motif and greeting. The theme will be kept for at least three years.

We target the international and domestic tourists alike. We will build unique packages that will create a total holiday experience for any guest or tourist in all market segments such as family entertainment (e.g. daily kids/family entertainment on-site), adventure & fun activities (e.g. water sports, team sports), and nature and historical walks (e.g. hillwalking and biking), and ‘plane’ Irish craic. We try to achieve over 60% accessibility for all wheelchair users.

Why Support Us

I am undertaking this development on my own but with the full support of the people in my town and the tourism offices of Ireland looking favourably on this and hopefully Richard Branson and VOOM 2016 supporters, this quirky development will be a success!

This development is unique and it is attracting a lot of media attention, especially our monster move this coming 6th of May. This move alone will make its mark in our local history and the kids on that day will be witnesses and will be telling the story of this plane crazy guy from the west of Ireland who has succeeded in moving a 159 x 156 foot long Boeing 767 from Shannon to Enniscrone by sea! I think it is well worth to be a part of it.




Contact Information:

David McGowan

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