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Jun 17, 2016 7:46 PM ET

Archived: AirJin: Control your air and protect your loved ones health. Combined apps & smart box to assess indoor and outdoor air quality and pollution.

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 17, 2016

AirJin: control your air !

by AirJin


Control your air and protect your loved ones health. Combined apps & smart box to assess indoor and outdoor air quality and pollution.

About this project

We spend 80 to 90% of our time in closed or semi closed rooms (according to EEA)

Indoor air quality deterioration (home, office, school, shop, transport …) is becoming a public health concern: 9 inhabitants out of 10 think that the air quality in their home is good, even if they don’t know how to assess it.

Indoor air quality is 2 to 5 times worse than outdoor air quality according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the US. In France, indoor pollution causes the death of 20 000 people per year and an annual cost of 20 billion€ (according to ANSES).

In France, citizens life expectancy decreases by 9 months in average due to air pollution in their house according to the Indoor Air Quality observatory . Consecutive Chronic Respiratory diseases such as Allergies (which affect more than 30% of the population) or Asthma (3.5 million people) are raising dramatically.

Pollution effects on your health

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) symptoms may include: conjunctival irritation, nose and throat irritation, headache, allergic skin reaction, dyspnea, loss of balance, nausea, damages to liver, kidney and central nervous system, decline in serum cholinesterase level, nausea, vomiting, bleeding, fatigue, dizziness, etc

Particulate Matters (PM) also have important effects on your health : respiratory symptoms such as wheezing and coughing, especially in children. There are many studies on the effects of outdoor particulate matter on health, which show a wide range of respiratory and cardiovascular effects, especially in those who already suffer from a respiratory or cardiac condition.

In addition, bad air quality at home due to VOC and PM influences the quality of your sleep.



Indoor air pollution is not visible. Assessment is necessary to put in place eviction actions and to control your air. AirJin addresses the need for indoor pollution evaluation by providing a connected object (IoT) measuring the presence of VOC and PM (2.5 to 10µm), in addition to temperature and humidity.

The IoT measures the level of PM, VOC, temperature and humidity in the room (about 30m3). The measures as well as the history for PM and VOC (24h by default) are displayed in a web or mobile application, wherever the user is located (the IoT and the apps must be connected to internet).


AirJin offers a unique combination of a smart box and web/mobile applications, which receive indicators of outdoor air pollution based on geolocation or preferred location when available. AirJin also displays air pollution forecast (up to 96 hours) and in real time ; self-customized alerts and tips are issued based on medical needs and user profile.

The access to outdoor air pollution standardized data (AQI) is provided for 2,000 cities around the world ; AirJin has a unique expertise in methodology processing and analysis of pollution indicators for air quality control.

Our world coverage for outside pollution :

Airjin solution allows : 




The Ronald story behind…

I was neither allergic nor asthmatic until my 31 years old. But I became one. I lived in the countryside at that time and used to play in the fields of flowers.

One day, I moved to 300 meters from the Bois de Vincennes for my job. My nose and bronchial tubes did not appreciate this change. One evening, I found myself at the hospital emergency after a night bike ride : violent coughing, fall, breathing hard. I’ve then been told “but you have serious asthma”.

I was cared for asthma during 15 years although I had not. Then I became allergic to grass and I experienced more and more violent reactions from pollution episodes with cough and other symptoms.

“J’ai voulu comprendre, c’est ma culture scientifique” said Ronald (I wanted to understand, it’s my scientific background).

When I received Airparif daily newsletter (edited by Paris air quality monitoring agency), which informs about pollution levels, I already suffered from breathing troubles. Today I react to certain levels of pollution after few days, which are different from one person to another – interpersonal differences have found a response with AirJin coach. 

No alert system was available except the pollution peaks that are broadcasted heavily but often too late. Moreover, it’s difficult to find understandable information when you are not an expert. For instance, what does mean exactly 63 μgrammes PM2.5 per cubic meter ?

From these suffering experiences, from the necessity to monitor air quality and to get alerts on time is born the ‘Allairgoo’ idea. The Allairgoo application works as a “pollution watch-tower”…..Allairgoo is now AirJin.

In this way raised the idea of an IoT for indoor pollution to control air quality…AirJin was born.

…then Aymeric joint….

Aymeric is an entrepreneur and lawyer. He entrusted Ronald’s project and joined him in 2014 to found and invest in AirJin company. Aymeric tested the device prototype during one year and discovered that his home was saturated with PM due to heat convectors ; on the other hand, he found his house in the countryside, even with a fireplace, by far less saturated in PM than his home in Paris. Aymeric is now in charge of Finance & Legal at AirJin.

...then SEAD Consulting came…

SEAD Consulting is a company investing in Health Innovative projects. Adeline and Sebastien were searching air pollution indicators when they met with AirJin associates.  They have launched several products and services in the past and were excited about the solution, its remarkably easy-to-use application and the response it gives to a major unmet medical need: the prevention of respiratory diseases.

They have decided to jump on the bandwagon and work actively for AirJin to launch the first production.

…and now it’s your turn !


 Weight: approx. 500g.

Powered through standard 5V µUSB port.


AirJin App connected to your smart box allows pollution level monitoring on real time and personalized alarms settings. Receive immediate notifications and access your Data in the cloud. 

Outdoor air pollution forecasts are available up to 96 hours with complete track record on 24 hours by default. The same coaching system is available. AirJin Apps are HealthKit compatible.


 project video thumbnail



Ronald  has 20+ years experience in the field of Internet service providers (France Telecom, Orange) and is specialist in internet pro services (Free/Proxad), functional audit and in the development of embedded products and services related to the DSL connexion box. He dedicates himself completely to AirJin and air pollution services creation, where he is responsible for the R&D. 

Aymeric has 20+ years experience in business law, governance and compliance (Gide Loyrette Nouel, PPR group, Nestlé). He has founded several companies in various sectors. He is in charge of Finance & Legal at AirJin.

Adeline has 20+ years experience in healthcare environment. She is specialized in international deployment of operational and commercial units and for various products (PAREXEL Inc., Synarc Inc., Cardinal Systems, Cegedim Strategic Data). She brings her expertise in Market Research and real life data. She is in charge of Corporate & Strategy at AirJin. 

Sébastien has 20+ years experience in healthcare innovative data capture and management (UCB Pharma, Bluelinea, Servier). Specialist of technological response to clinical needs, he brings his expertise in information systems. He is responsible for Marketing and Sales Development. 

Philippe is a plastic engineer, specialized in packaging for cosmetics, electronics or any matters in « ics » (Philips, L’Oreal, LVMH). With 25 granted patents, he always seeks to be innovative by designs, technics, materials or in making people meet together ! 

Jean has founded Acturial Capital Markets Ltd. focusing on Financial Advisory and Investment Services. He has been quantitative research analyst for several companies mainly in London (Lazard, Invest Perpetual, Kepler Cheuvreux or Amundi). He advises AirJin on strategic and financial matters. 

They already follow us:

AirJin has presented the product during the 11th Francophone Conference on Allergology in Paris in April 2016. Allergologists, pneumologists and pediatrists were enthusiast. Partnerships for research are being discussed in the actual legislative context following the COP21 event.


Why Kickstarter?

Kickstarter backers have the vision to see how technology can change their lives – how AirJin will bring their loved ones healthier. 

The money we raise here will allow AirJin to go into production with injection mould. 

Risks and challenges

Bringing a new product on the market is always a risk. We have done this before within different companies and for various products and services. We have already spent a lot of time, effort and money getting AirJin to the first production level.

This project is a true industrial one. Therefore we have already faced industrial production challenges such as the right partners choice for the mould and the electronic components. We are in the middle of anticipating the assembling efforts and ensuring the logistical aspects. Our goal is to allow easy manufacturable product.

We have already given out the first AirJin smart boxes to real testers, including allergologists, who get amazing feedback and valuable advices.

We get the most important thing to reduce the risk: a highly complementary team to keep the control internally. We use Agile methodology to help in project management where each of us has a defined role.

We have everything we need to make AirJin a reality – we’re just waiting for your support.

Contact Information:


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