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Jun 16, 2016 8:49 AM ET

SUBA: Making scuba safer with Artificial Intelligence.

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 16, 2016






Making scuba safer with Artificial Intelligence




Scuba Steve never had it so good.

He, and millions of other scuba divers, maintain a constant need for buoyancy control – a top safety concern that manages position, ascent and descent.  The SUBA Smart System, our innovative new diving product, is here to alleviate this concern.

Let’s make a splash together!


If you’ve ever strapped on the gear and began your descent, then you know – there are few thrills quite like scuba diving.  Taking the subaquatic plunge and getting a glimpse into our underwater environment is truly breathtaking.  But like other extreme sports and outdoor activities, it does come with a certain amount of risk. Controlling this risk starts and ends with using the proper diving equipment.

Aside from using compressed air tanks to manage breathing, divers also require a method of controlling other important metrics – including rates of descent/ascent, depth level, maximum allowable depth and air management.  This is usually done through a buoyancy compensation (BC) jacket, a wearable device used to neutralize buoyancy.  Though effective if done properly, inflating and deflating a BC jacket can only be done manually – and is often difficult to control (especially for novices and during high-stress dives).

As a result of inaccurate deflation/inflation, divers can be sent into an uncontrolled ascent or oscillation, which can have disastrous results.

With this glaring safety issue present and limitations  of sound training solutions available, the number of worldwide divers has declined  – with many pinpointing buoyancy incidents as a major reason why.


It’s time to strap that wetsuit back on, and revive the world of scuba diving.  Introducing the SUBA Smart System  – a true scuba innovation that marks the next generation of diving safety.  SUBA stands for Smart Underwater Buoyancy Assistant, and we can’t sum it up much better than that.

SUBA was developed by divers, for divers – to put you in full control of your dive like never before.  We’ve found a way to integrate Artificial Intelligence into your diving equipment to take care of the complex calculations that are essential for safe outings.  All together, we directly address these key areas of concern:

These three areas are at the heart of where most safety incidents occur.  SUBA greatly reduces the buoyancy concerns task loading issues and that all divers experience, helping them navigate the waters at safe rates.  The oceans and seas are vast – it’s time to get back to exploring!


When we say innovative, we mean it.  SUBA represents the biggest advance in diving safety and quality since “The Aqualung” came around back in the 1940’s.  Similar to fly-by-wire aircraft control, we’re changing the way the scuba process is managed through technology.  We’ve incorporated a number of AI technologies that perceive and predict a diver’s environment, then taking action to optimize his or her safety.  All key ascent/descent metrics, like maximum allowable depth, can be pre-programmed.  All told, SUBA contains four components:

  1. SUBA Computer – An advanced, rechargeable, easy-to-use dive computer with an LED display screen.  Its Swiss-engineered technology precisely responds to the diver’s settings and advanced buoyancy functions.
  2. SUBA SMART Enabled BC – It’s the world’s first SMART-enabled BC jacket.  Comes in multiple sizes which can be used on the same SUBA system (great for dive schools).
  3. SUBA Control Unit – Connects to the SUBA Computer and BC through a plug-and-play connection.  Under instructions from the diver it manages air intake and release from the BC.
  4. Tank Pressure Transmitter – Helps manage your air by communicating with the SUBA Computer via WiFi.

The SUBA package also provides numerous other useful metrics, features, and benefits to ensure the diver has a safe and successful dive.  Here are just a handful:

Gives the diver full allowance to capture and retain dive data.

Gives the diver instruction and initiates action on how to return to a safe diving envelope.

Monitors the complex calculations that make scuba diving safe and initiates actions controlled by the diver to protect safety.

Being in full control yourself will help you protect the coral reefs and ultimately the planet.

The use of LED and TTF fonts make our Computer fully readable, even in the brightest of sunlight.

The SUBA’s components can be easily disconnected from the BC for battery charging and data download.


Having opened our doors back in 2012, we’ve got the advantage of an already-established customer pipeline.  This will allow us to save money on marketing, distribution, and give us an overall low acquisition cost for the SUBA – our flagship innovation.  We’re ready to fly, but haven’t forgotten what got us here.  Check out some top accomplishments we’ve collected:

Market readiness achieved.  SUBA was recently fully risk-assessed, and came back requiring just one minor modification – which is all but wrapped up.

IP protection secured.  Our impressive patent portfolio now includes two issued UK patents, one approved but not issued US patent, and two pending US patents.

Key manufacturing relationship built.  In Silicon Forest Electronics Inc ( , we have a proven turnkey integration project manufacturer on its side.  We’ve also formed partnerships with other industry leaders for component sourcing and building.

Sales momentum building.  We haven’t physically sold any SUBA systems yet, but have acquired numerous letters of intent.

To find out what lies ahead for SUBA, please request access to our profile’s private side!


Our team came together back in 2012, thanks to a shared passion for scuba and a vision to make it safer for everyone.  Meet the executives tasked with bringing SUBA to the masses – and with reviving the industry as a whole:

Christopher Webb, Director – Our leader and SUBA co-inventor has over two decades of business development and turnaround consultancy experience.  He’s also held senior management roles in large corporations, namely ICI Paints and Kingfisher in the UK.  As Director, Christopher guides daily operations while also spearheading our corporate culture.

Andrew Sinclair, VP Development – The second half of the SUBA inventing duo has expertise in both the engineering and sales ends of multiple industries.  Andy’s in charge of the development and specification of SUBA, as well as operational planning and customer support.

Canyon Peckham, VP Production – Canyon has gained valuable experience in executive roles with multiple companies, as well as in growing startups.  As our software and electronics maven, he takes the lead on software, firmware, and electronics design.


This trio gets valuable supplementary support from a very capable Board of Advisors.  The Board has five seats total, and is headlined by Bill Oliver (former US Divers/Sea Quest Director of Engineering) and Craig Jenni (President of Dive Marine Consultants and former Navy Seal).

Contact Information:

Christopher Webb

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