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Jun 16, 2016 7:10 PM ET

Archived: ACTIONCAM360 – GoPro® accessory – interactive 360 video: The first GoPro® accessory that can convert a single GoPro® camera into an amazing product that can take 360° interactive video.

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 16, 2016

ACTIONCAM360 – GoPro® accessory – interactive 360 video

by actioncam360

The first GoPro® accessory that can convert a single GoPro® camera into an amazing product that can take 360° interactive video

About this project

 Actioncam360 is the only GoPro(R) accessory that wants you to shoot video like you haven’t before. Actioncam360 will convert a single GoPro(R) camera into an awesome 360 video creator making you a undisputed legend!

actioncam360 - the ultimate selfie accessory!
actioncam360 – the ultimate selfie accessory!

Actioncam360 is one of the simplest, high tech GoPro accessory available, it packs an awesome array of features, making sure your 360 video is ……. simply awesome!

  • Light weight – light enough to use with drones
  • quick & simple to use and to switch from ‘normal’ shooting to 360
  • Uses proven technology
  • Using a NEW app – ac360, your spectators can enjoy the same view as yourself
  • Uses all the fantastic features provided by GoPro – timelapse, video, stills
  • Splashproof (although we want to get it tested for depth!)
  • NO Multi camera rigs – therefore no stitching of lots of video segments.

Already selling the MKI worldwide, Pano Pro ltd are seeking your help to make this unique accessory better, lighter, and easier to share your experiences to social media with the inclusion of an app.

This highly unique British manufactured accessory now has a published PATENT pending.

The actioncam360 has been designed in 3 versions. They look very similar but the internal optics (focus) are tailored to each type of GoPro camera. As you can see the unit can easily be dismantled for replacement of parts. 

The optical tubing:  

The current design is a cast acrylic tube with threaded metal rings glued to each end. The difficulties included inaccurate gluing procedure, glue vapour on the interior of the tube and glue failure causing the rings to pull off under stress.

The NEW design is an injection molded tube threaded at each end. This gives a mechanical attachment to the lid and  housing base. Not only will this be more secure, but save weight and be easier to seal against  moisture.  

The Center Tube & internal optics                                           

Originally the actioncam360 had a secondary lens in the central tube section on the base of the unit. We have through extensive testing and with feedback from end users been able to improve the quality of the video created by changing this type of lens to an achromatic lens. This means a change in the base housing arrangement to accommodate the thickness of this lens and to ensure the correct focal distance is achieved according to the    model of GoPro used. – Yes its only millimetres but this matters enormously!

Whilst changing the center tube for the lens, we have also extended the height, making it better for reducing internal reflections.


We are working on an APP. to stream the 360 interactive video direct to a mobile phone.This will be the best way to showcase your exploits with spectators. Imagine being able to witness exactly what the person wearing the actioncam360 is experiencing from your own viewpoint. We have a long working relationship with the team at MLSDev and together we are developing this App.

360 LIVE - The APP
360 LIVE – The APP

Actioncam360 in the news!

As the MKI version has been available, we have been fortunate to be invited to sponsor an intrepid group of french students who wanted to use the actioncam360 and occulus headsets to inspire young disabled children and adults to experience a triathalon.


Viewing using Oculus
Viewing using Oculus


                      AS SEEN ON

actioncam360 featured in....
actioncam360 featured in….

The propsed actioncam360 MKII Timeline

actioncam360 MKII Timeline
actioncam360 MKII Timeline

 When we ship the actioncam360 to you, the package will include:

  • Your actioncam360 housing suitable for the GoPro you own
  • Protective Bag
  • Clip and screw to use with all your favourite mountings
  • Downloadable app for IOS
  • 2 pairs of 3D glasses for each actioncam360

in order to ensure that you actioncam360 will arrive to you in perfect condition, we will be using a fullfillment house based in the UK. This will streamline all deliveries and means the shipping costs incurred are kept to a complete minimum.

The Future for actioncam360

If our campaign is successfully funded and  GoPro users worldwide are sharing their exploits through social media, we would like to produce models for other action cameras so they can also be enjoying the same experience.This is why we have decided to make it a stretch goal.

The Team Behind actioncam360

Pano Pro Ltd is a small collaboration of widely differing skilled people, pooling experiences ranging from engineers, sales, amateur photographers and software developers.

The Team at Pano Pro Ltd
The Team at Pano Pro Ltd

As Pano Pro ltd has been one of the earliest adopters of panoramic mirror technology and the only one with a history of global sales for 10 years it makes us ideally suited to develop the actioncam360.  .

With enormous thanks to:

The project could not have come to live without these amazing, talented group of engineers, and software designers. We are deeply indebted to this amazing team for giving the company dedicated and efficient support, putting in extra time and working really hard to make this campaign to live


Pano Pro Ltd have worked withMLSDev in the past to produce logical, affordable software for the worldwide selling Pano Pro MKII and was our first choice for the development of our app.

The team understand 360 degree technology and all the maths involved behind the scenes.

International Mould Tools – Working closely with Andy Palmer and his engineers, the plastic components have been developed to the maximum quality that can be achieved. Using Andy’s expertise, historical manufacturing experience and vast knowledge in this sector means that we have complete peace of mind that our processes will be continually quality checked.

Andy Palmer - IMT
Andy Palmer – IMT


We’ve come a long way for a company who’s focus is on one main product line and has an incredibly small team working on a small budget in order to bring this innovative new product to fruition.

Stretch Goals

We have thought long and hard about any stretch goals for this campaign. We want to be able to ensure that the company continues with an eye on the future and your pledges will mean that we can place energy and funds into development of further 360 technology and software to expand our range of ideas and product lines ensuring that we can maintain a skilled workforce and can offer employment opportunities. The stretch goals that we are offering are added bonuses that are not able to be included in our original budget predictions but can be attainable with the extra predicted funds.




Risks and challenges

Risks & Challenges

Pano Pro ltd, has a proven history of overcoming challenges in this technological era, especially in this highly competitive field of 360 technology and digital scope. Our current weakness is that the product is only suitable for the various ranges of GoPro cameras although there are millions of them in circulation. We aim to rectify this by developing an all in one product with a dedicated camera built in.

Manufacturing is a complex and very demanding process. By assembling the team and production facility we have, we are aiming to keep the majority of the production locally and are using a production partner with a lot of experience in their chosen field. By reducing the amount of individual parts, we can minimize manufacturing time, costs and human error.

This product has previously been launched on Kickstarter and was withdrawn mid way through the campaign.We learnt a lot from the mistakes made so we aim this to be the best campaign we can and ensure that we can meet all quotas and time scales.

We initially wanted to launch at an earlier date, but decided in order to maintain our promised shipping targets, our manufacturing process must be in order and the quality and reliability of our production partners paramount.

One timing risk that we do have to overcome is with the App development. Submitting an App to the Apple App store review can take up to 3 weeks. If this time stretches out, we will ship your equipment and ensure that you are notified the minute the app is accepted so you can download it.!

Now we are set up, we just need your help. We aim to raise £40,000 to ensure that the first batch of improved actioncam360’s hit the shelves on time.

Contact Information:


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