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Jun 15, 2016 1:54 PM ET

Archived: Sea2See Eyewear – Made from 100% upcycled sea plastic: Reducing sea plastic contamination and ghost fishing by upcycling used fishing nets into premium eyewear

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 15, 2016

Sea2See Eyewear – Made from 100% upcycled sea plastic.






Reducing sea plastic contamination and ghost fishing by upcycling used fishing nets into premium eyewear. Made in Italy – Sea born



About this project




It is said that by 2050 oceans are expected to contain more plastics than fish. Ghost fishing nets which accounts for more than 10% of all that plastic pollution is amongst the biggest culprits of deaths and contamination in our oceans.




That’s why we have created SEA2SEE Eyewear, a stylish, hip product made from upcycled fishnets collected in ports of Spain; a product that can be seen, that anybody can buy and wear with pride, because more than just a product, it is also a statement of change made by people that wear them.

SEA2SEE has also been created to disrupt a contaminating eyewear industry in which circular economy and sustainability is almost inexistent and monopolistic pricing policies reign.
















Each pair of sunglasses comes with a custom box and pouch.





Our sunglasses are offered at a 35% discount crowdfunding price of €69 instead of a future retail price of €99. All combination of models are allowed, a survey for you to choose will be sent following the campaign



We believe that together we can become a strong and unstoppable force, capable of disrupting any market and having a great impact on improving the state of the ocean and on the way plastic is being used today. Every drop counts in changing the world! Our Oceans are in danger, it’s time to react!  

Thanks to you, the rules will be broken. We are here to stay and start a revolution. Every backer is crucial! SEA2SEE is born with the conviction that fashion, fair price and sustainability in the eyewear industry is possible, thanks to people that are progessive.

The entire process has been received with great enthusiasm from local fishing communities and our name is loved by potential customers. We are now ready to start the process on a larger scale. We know you will be satisfied with the quality and performance of the glasses, and be proud to wear them. 

  • Keeping on with the up-cycling and manufacturing process: Collection, selection, pelleting, transport, manufacturing, packaging, distribution, sales, marketing and shipping.
  • Collaborating and rewarding new fisherman communities.
  • Create worldwide awareness about Ocean plastic contamination.
  • Disrupt the eyewear industry by being a leading sustainable eyewear company at affordable prices.
  • Produce on a larger scale our first line of products and invest in 2 new moulds to produce new models.
  • Keep investing in R & D to find innovative ways to use sea plastic waste.
  • Create a REVOLUTION, making noise, because where there is noise and followers, innovation passes from concept to a reality.
  • Create a trend and the biggest community of proud customers willing to improve the way our planet evolves.


SEA2SEE was started by François van den Abeele, a father and entrepreneur with deep passion for Oceans and Nature, convinced that around the globe consumers are becoming more environmentally conscious, that they expect ecologically friendly materials, a conservation-minded use of resources, reduced emission of pollutants and greater social commitment. 

François firmly believes that every drop counts in changing the world and reimagining product design, use and consumption habits is our duty and one of the greatest challenge of our time. Thinking about our future and the one our children will inherit should be second nature.





If the information provided is not sufficient, please send you questions to the creators of the project.  


Risks and challenges

We have taken time to research and test our current products and believe the risks are close to inexistent. Our partner based next to Belluno, Italy has been designing and manufacturing eyewear for the last 65 years for the world most renowned brands and we are confident about the quality of our producs. We have emptied out all our own funds to make this project a reality and are now reaching out to the Kickstarter community to finance our first production and the future of a sustainable revolution. We feel confident in saying that we are very capable of executing whatever it takes to run a successful campaign, and most importantly, to deliver the product on time.

We are excited about delivering our first products to our backers, and we will be completely engaged with our supporters during this process with full transparency. Any updates will be relayed in a timely manner, and we are open to any feedback or questions that arise along the way.

With your support, you won’t just be helping us to achieve our dreams; you’ll be part of the first sustainable revolution in the eyewear industry to make the ocean a better place.

Forecasting Risk

Of course there can always be unforeseen matters/delays that we cannot control. But fortunately this rarely happens. If a problem comes up, our backers will be the first to know.

Acts of God

We’re based in Barcelona, Spain. Whatever happens, we’ll get through it together.

If the information provided is not sufficient, please send you questions to the creators of the project.

Contact Information:

Sea2see Eyewear

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