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Jun 15, 2016 10:29 AM

Reinventing The Way People Share: Portal, by Mass Lab, Inc., is the innovative digital video sharing platform that redefines how people earn money from their content.

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 15, 2016


Reinventing The Way People Share

Portal, by Mass Lab, Inc., is the innovative digital video sharing platform that redefines how people earn money from their content.

If content is truly king, then it’s Portal’s philosophy that content creators should be compensated in a way that reflects that — and we’re on a mission to make it a reality for the next generation of storytellers.

How? By creating the one-stop digital marketplace for sharing high-quality video content across mobile, web, and TV, and empowering publishers to earn money instantly and directly from their audience.

Which brings us to the best part. Portal is completely advertising independent!We’re enabling direct peer-to-peer e-commerce exchanges through a subscription, pay-wall and tipping system, fostering community-building and content-creation without compromises.

All seed investors join a cadre of elite investors that includes our largest investor-Mark Cuban.  We have the vision, we’ve developed the product, we have the backing of some of the most brilliant tech & media investors — and now we’re months away from launch in Summer 2016 as we introduce Portal to the masses.

It’s finally happened.

We’ve entered an age where cameras and screens outnumber people. Technology has transformed the way people interact and engage with the world. And in many ways, the latest advancements in mobile and web have made life more convenient in accessing and consuming quality video content that we love.

But behind the scenes, those actually creating all the great content that we enjoy are struggling to make a livable wage. The reality is that most content creators are broke, and many of them are forced to work side jobs despite a large and engaged audience.

The reason?

There is an ongoing, inverse relationship between the numbers of content views and advertising costs-per-impression (CPMs), where the volume of content continues to skyrocket and the portions paid out to content creators plummets.

90 years ago, television introduced the world to video. 10 years ago, YouTube enabled the world to share video. Today, Portal lets anybody monetize video.

Here’s how Portal harnesses nextgen technology to revolutionize the way people share, consume, and drive economic growth with first-class video content.

In Portal, all videos live inside a user-created channel, set as public, group, or private. Channels can be built with both original and re-posted videos of any length and arranged in any order for unlimited storytelling options. Simply tap a channel and videos begin playing linearly in full-screen.

Users have the ability to upload videos from the web or their phone’s camera roll with the option to bulk upload to free up space on mobile devices.

Follow individual channels & hashtags.

The same way TV networks curate content and build trust with audiences, Portal puts this same capability into the hands of every user by allowing them to re-post other Portal user’s content. This fosters content discovery across a user’s trusted network.

Like other platforms, Portal allows single videos and channels to be embedded across the web & social media. But UNLIKE other platforms, Portal enables a fully-functioning interactive interface around embedded content.

We’re fundamentally leveling the playing field and making it possible for publishers to generate income with smaller audiences and without having to rely on ads. Portal’s re-imagined mobile interface creates a flexible, open economy and empowers people to instantly earn money from their audience in three important ways:

  • Subscriptions
    Any user can set paid monthly subscriptions on their channels.
  • Tips
    All users have access to a tip jar, and users can reward other users by leaving a tip on any video.
  • Paywalls
    Any user can set the value of their videos with a paywall.

Portal operates on a micropayment system, letting users price content at smaller, more affordable amounts. The virtual currency of the Portal economy is the Portal Bit.

Users can purchase credits in-app with an Apple or Google account with the ability to charge any credit amount for people to watch their videos. However, charging is optional, and videos may be offered for free. Portal Bits can be cashed out for money, earned, and spent within Portal.

Launching Summer 2016 – Portal is still pre-launch, but not for long. We will be launched, live, and ready to scale this summer!

While we prepare to kick into high gear and bring Portal to iOS, Android, and the web, take a look at some of the incredible milestones that we’ve reached to get to this point.

To realize the vision of Portal, Mass Lab built a full framework and released a short-form video app for iOS called Ocho. This MVP allowed us load test our framework, validate assumptions about how people consume content, implement user feedback, and expand the framework to Portal.

Validated Demand
Ocho has amassed 50,000 users, and was instrumental in our partnership with VICE and attracting Mark Cuban as an investor. The most popular names on YouTube and Vine used Ocho, and our most frequent users were visiting 50 times per day and consuming hundreds of videos.

Previous Investments
Mass Lab has already raised $2 million in seed funding, demonstrating the lucrative opportunity that investors recognize in our company, and the platform that we’re building.

With an all-star team of investors and Mark Cuban, we will be launching Summer 2016. We are in the midst of our final investment round prior to launching.

Interested in learning more about Portal, the Mass Lab brand, and what we have in store for the future? Request access to the business plan page of our profile and let’s talk!

Jonathan Swerdlin | Co-Founder & CEO
Prior to founding Mass Lab, Jonathan pioneered AdWords for selling B2B products, building a multi-site e-commerce business MMH and winning procurement contracts with clients including Apple, Novartis, the DHS and the CDC. Jonathan is an active angel investor and board member of several startups.

Jourdan Urbach | Co-Founder & CTO
Prior to founding Mass Lab, Jourdan played violin professionally, then worked in computational neuroimmunogenomics labs at Harvard Med and MIT. When he returned to New York, Jourdan joined Mimedia as Director of R&D, where he co-authored 4 US patents and lead mobile Information Architecture.

Andy Schuon | Partner
Most recently, Andy co-founded REVOLT. Former EVP Programming at MTV, President at LiveNation, EVP/GM of Warner Bros Records, President CBS Radio.

Seth Weisfeld, Designer
Seth has led design for some of the most prolific internet companies. Roles include Product Designer at Facebook and Product Design Lead at Twitter’s Vine, and Creative Director at HUGE.

Engineering Team
4 full-time, in-house engineers, plus CTO. Team includes Full-Stack Lead Developer for iOS, Android, and web; Back-End and Payments Architect (former Lead Engineer of HowCast); QA and Android Engineer (formerly at Google); Front-End Engineer for iOS and web, (pair programming with Lead Developer for two years).

Contact Information:

Jonathan Swerdlin

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