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Jun 15, 2016 10:03 EST

PEGASUS & PEGASUS MANAGEMENT HOLDING, LLC will be constructing 120 low-energy houses in the village of Trasdorf in the municipal of Atzenbrugg in the state Lower-Austria

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 15, 2016




PEGASUS will be constructing 120 low-energy houses in the village of Trasdorf in the municipal of Atzenbrugg in the state Lower-Austria.

Newark, Delaware, US

construction, development, low-energy houses



1). Project presentation:

The PEGASUS & PEGASUS MANAGEMENT HOLDING LLC (PEGASUS) will be constructing 120 low-energy houses in the village of Trasdorf in the municipal of Atzenbrugg in the state Niederoesterreich (Lower-Austria) in Austria.




The director of PEGASUS is Mr. Erhard Kovacevic. The development project TRASDORF offers young families and nature loving couples houses with two different sizes: the smaller house will have a living area of 95 m2 and the bigger house will have the size of 115 m2 including the foundation slap (an additional cellar is possible), garden and two parking areas.


The business endeavor will be successful because the area at the village of Trasdorf is currently missing new affordable homes for young families and commuters to bigger towns like Tulln, Krems an der Donau, St. Poelten and Vienna. Especially the Austrian capital Vienna is one of the significant employments. The mayor of Trasdorf received already enquiries from potential home buyers and an online testing phase of advertising the new houses in Trasdorf received already 50 enquiries within 3 days.


The project leader Mr. Kovacevic is very experienced in the real estate market and runs the company EEK Immobilienmanagment GmbH very successfully since 2012. Mr. Kovacevic works in this branch as realtor and as building and property manager since 1989 and lives in the area of Atzenbrugg as well.

Mr Kovacevic did already analyze the market in Atzenbrugg and after successful talks with the municipal of Atzenbrugg, the mayor and the official building departments it can be summarized that the project TRASDORF will successfully satisfy the demand.




2). What is your drive to start this business?

The company owner Mr. Erhard Kovacevic has the vision to use the project Trasdorf as showcase project that can be applied in many countries of the European Union. It is his long-term goal to build low-energy houses throughout Europe.


3). What is your experience in the business or segment?

The project TRASDORF will be under the leadership of Mr. Erhard Kovacevic. Since 1989 Mr. Kovacevic is working in the real estate industry and possesses insider knowledge of the Austrian real estate market, the demand, the Austrian society and the area Atzenbrugg. He runs the company EEK Immobilienmanagement GmbH very successfully and the name Kovacevic stands for high quality, client’s trust and tailor made services. Mr. Kovacevic is an expert in buying, renovating and selling properties and real estate in Austria and is specialized in residential building.

Therewill be 3 contractors within this projects:

  • BZ-Bau (www.bz-bau.at)
  • ELK Fertighaus GmbH (www.elk.at)
  • Mr. Dipl. Ing. Juergen Zeiler

BZ-Bau GmbH: the company BZ-Bau is the best company in Austria for doing all building works. The company is carrying out mason’s work such as all dredging operations, road works, fence, car parking areas, the cellar (if the customers want a cellar) and the foundation slab for the house itself. BZ-Bau is also responsible for all power connections, telephone connections (internet), canal and water points. The company runs very successful since 2002.



ELK Fertighaus GmbH: this family owned Austrian company is specialized in prefabricated houses and is doing the house building, the technical equipping and interior fittings. ELK is the biggest provider in Austria for prefabricated houses and more than 1,200 employees doing their best every day to make more than 1,000 families happy with a new home. In 2014 ELK built 935 houses which shows the high trust the customers have in this company.


(ELK Holding AG Management Board)


Mr. Dipl. Ing. Juergen Zeiler: Mr. Zeiler is the building supervisor and is responsible for the construction plans and coordination at the construction area.

There will be no other contractors with the company. The LLC will be operated in a form of a private limited company.

4). Can you give a description of the company (structure included) and what sets you apart from others?

The company PEGASUS & PEGASUS MANAGEMENT HOLDING LLC (PEGASUS) stands for high quality services in the Austrian real estate market. The key market of this company is the real estate market with building and selling properties to private customers in Austria. The main mission for PEGASUS is to buy and sell affordable houses for families, couples and the overall upper middle class in areas with high living standards such as Niederoesterreich and Vienna. The company strives to adhere to its original principles of economic, social and environmental sustainability putting clear emphasis on housing that is constructed in an environmentally friendly manner and with energy-saving technologies and very modern standards.

The general manager and the leading project manager for the project TRASDORF is Mr. Erhard Kovacevic. He is also the general manager of EEK Immobilienmanagement GmbH which is located in Vienna. Mr. Kovacevic has experiences in the real estate market since 1989 and runs his companies very successfully.

The company will be finishing the project TRASDORF within 3 years or less. By using highest standards and modern technical systems the 120 low-energy houses can be sold to affordable prices that suits perfectly to the demand. The project TRASDORF will be realized with the long experience, the professional knowhow and the best quality of BZ-Bau GmbH and ELK Fertighaus GmbH. Both companies are market leaders in their fields of activities. In addition to that Mr. Kovacevic is specialized in the real estate market and together with Mr. Dipl. Ing. Juergen Zeiler (planning and coordination) the pool of experts working within this project TRASDORF is outstanding.

Also the house owners will benefit from the modern technique that is used to build the low-energy houses. The company ELK Fertighaus GmbH fulfills already today the modern standards that are required to fulfill starting from 2020 by law. All 120 low-energy houses will be built energy-self-sufficient. The expenses for heating, hot and cold water will amount a maximum price of €35.00 per month.

5). What amount are you looking to raise?

The PEGASUS & PEGASUS Management Holding, LLC is looking for a total investment of $10,000,000 US Dollar.


6). What is your expected turnover for the past and future?

2016: €4,095,000 / $4,504,500

2017: €4,641,000 / $5,105,100

2018: €2,184,000 / $2,402,400

7). When do you expect to pay first dividends?

The company expects to pay the first dividends in 2017, aiming for a dividend payment of 8% p.a.

8). What is the Exit Strategy?

It is expected, that all 120 low-energy houses will be sold before completion. The exit will therefore be achieved within a maximum of 3 years.




  • Highest standards & modern technical systems for 120 low-energy houses
  • All 120 low-energy houses will be built energy-self-sufficient.
  • Expenses for heating, hot & cold water will amount a max. price €35/


The project Trasdorf attracts young families, nature-loving couples and elderly. The company will employ an intelligent market entry strategy consisting of using tailor made communication instruments.



Erhard Kovacevic

Erhard Kovacevic

Managing Director

Buying and selling homes in Austria. Renovation of properties, buying land and building new properties that get sold or rent. Specialized in home living real estate.
Contact Information:

Erhard Kovacevic

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