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Jun 15, 2016 9:21 AM ET

Archived: High Quality Custom Wall Art Prints Brought to Life with Augmented Reality – STILL COMPANY: We enable people to print their memories on the coolest environmentally friendly surfaces and with the Still App, their mobile device reads the image like a thumbprint, recognizing it & instantly playing a video that goes with the image

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 15, 2016




High Quality Custom Wall Art Prints Brought to Life with Augmented Reality 

We enable people to print their memories on the coolest environmentally friendly surfaces like wood, styrene, metal, magnetics, & acrylic; but a customer’s experience doesn’t stop there. Once they have their print displayed, they hold their mobile device with the Still App loaded, & it reads the image like a thumbprint, recognizing it & instantly playing a video that goes with the image. Whether that be a child’s first steps, an epic snowboarding moment, time with friends, anything.


Chris Fisher


The first goal is to become the number one online custom print studio for wall art in the United States. Our real vision is an entirely new visual art and video interactive experience using our unique augmented reality system. We want to inspire new life experiences for our customers and give them the ability to relive or share those special moments with people who come into their physical space whether that’s a home, business, or a common environment.


  • Business Plan of the year for the state of Colorado.
  • Tested and Proven Patent Pending Technology.
  • SBDC Leading Edge Award Winner.
  • Working with leaders in the Augmented Reality Industry.



Everyone loves taking photos these days. The rapid advancements in digital cameras, combined with Still Company’s patent-pending augmented reality embedding process, will position Still Company to be a preferred supplier to the increasingly demanding online consumer market for interesting and unusual self-generated photography by consumers who routinely document important (and often ordinary) moments in their lives. I have had the pleasure of meeting Chris and have experienced his Augmented Reality technology first hand and know it is extraordinarily innovative. The professionalism and talent that this young man possesses leads me to believe that, without a doubt, he will find a way to makeREAD MORE
Raymond P. Burrasca

Still Company has an incredible business idea that is going to completely transform the way people experience and interact with the photos they take and have printed. A photo will no linger be just a photo. I have no doubts that Chris is the guy to make it a reality.



We deliver life, re-lived through custom prints on non-traditional materials made alive by augmented reality.


Our app will allow you to capture a moment; print on some of the most exciting, unique surfaces, such as wood, metal, glass, etc; and relive and share the moment through augmented reality.


Quality is our top priority. If the customer trusts our business to print one of their most treasured life moments, Still Company needs to insure that we are supplying the highest quality hand crafted print possible. We have taken this a step further. Everything we use is partially, if not



Join us. Let’s create a new visual experience together.

May 16th, 2016

One of the most exciting things about building a new business now, is that I get to partner with you. With the new laws, participating in building an amazing company is no longer limited to investors who look a certain way or make a certain amount of money. Now you, the hard working American that is the life blood of this country get to help me build something special.

I am passionate about Still Company because I see its potential to transform how we share memories. My generation is entering into a time of our lives where we’re creating memorable life experiences every day. My whole dream was to provide a product that inspires the experience, captures the moment, and enables people to share them in personal way.


Chris Fisher (President & CEO)




Chris Fisher

Specializes in manufacturing and innovation, award winning business plan writer, passionate entrepreneur and President and CEO of Still Company.


Contact Information:

Chris Fisher

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