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Jun 15, 2016 11:29 AM ET

Archived: Equipment Solutions Inc – Creating a simple online alternative to auctions for selling and purchasing heavy duty equipment

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 15, 2016

Equipment Solutions Inc

Salt Lake City, UT 84047, US
Industrial & Manufacturing

Creating a simple online alternative to auctions for selling and purchasing heavy duty equipment.

Currently, 60% of all sales and purchases of used heavy duty equipment are handled through an auction process. Auctions are only held a few times a year and those interested in buying or selling equipment are left to wait for an auction to take place. It is also left up to the buyer and seller to coordinate the costly and complicated process of transporting the equipment to and from the auction site (sometimes involving transcontinental and international shipping) With the nature of auctions, there are a lot of innate risks for both buyers and sellers. Without knowing exactly what they are getting or how much they are going to make on their equipment the auction company is also taking a significant cut off the top of the purchase price.

Heavy Solutions seeks to create an online marketplace for the buying and selling of heavy duty equipment. We want to offer a simple platform that facilitates a smooth transaction start to finish. With in-house brokering services, financing, shipping and inspection report services we plan to be the go-to company to handle all used equipment transactions.

Products / Services

Heavy equipment listing and sales, financing and transportation.

Heavy Solutions seeks to offer a full-service experience unlike anything available to this industry. The options for buying and selling used equipment at this time are not only arduous but involve high risk from a financial standpoint. There are no guarantees for buyers or sellers in an auction setting. The amount of time and effort involved in these transactions is so taxing that there are likely companies that forgo the process and sit on unused equipment entirely. Heavy Solutions intends to relieve the stress and risk involved for both buyers and sellers by creating a brokerage and online listing services that also assists with transportation and financing.



Chief Executive Officer
Wallace Kenton

Wallace Kenton

Contact Information:

Wallace Kenton - Chief Executive Officer

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