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Jun 15, 2016 8:52 AM ET

Archived: At energybank, we develop, manufacture and integrate high-output LED lighting systems that are easy to install, require zero maintenance, heighten the aesthetics of any workplace and enhance productivity.

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 15, 2016

energybank inc




Developer, manufacturer and integrator of superior LED lighting.





At energybank, we develop, manufacture and integrate high-output LED lighting systems that are easy to install, require zero maintenance, heighten the aesthetics of any workplace and enhance productivity.


We simply make a better LED lighting system than anything else on the market.

Through superior thermal management and optical control, energybank LED fixtures deliver superior illumination through superior technology for less than 2 cents per hour to operate.

Emerging research highlights the importance of lighting for quality control, for productivity and for overall health. Light matters, and energybank produces the highest-quality lighting systems available.


Without light, nothing can survive.

The transition from fluorescent to high-output LED is as momentous as the transition from whale oil lanterns to incandescent light bulbs.

Light. It’s one of the most fundamental aspects of our daily existence.

So fundamental, in fact, that we rarely think about it. But think about how dramatic the effect of lighting can be: it’s hard to imagine a prisoner being kept in a well-lit room, or a horror movie taking place in broad daylight.

Why? Because lighting affects our mood, our emotion, our performance, our very well-being.

The competitive landscape has become cluttered with substandard consumer-grade product, much of it imported from overseas. 

It’s also unreliable, sometimes unsafe and certainly not designed with efficiency or user experience in mind.


The data from those tests told a clear story: an overwhelming number of claims made on lighting product specification sheets didn’t hold up in real-world testing.

And buried in the specification or warranty footnotes of the lighting products, the manufacturers themselves often admitted as much.

Lighting needed a serious upgrade, so energybank’s founder poured millions into the research and development of a better quality LED lighting system.

The result is an energy-efficient line of LED products that significantly reduces operating costs and drastically improves visual environments for enhanced safety, productivity and aesthetics.

“With energybank fixtures, we’re getting not only a high quality product that is going to last a long time, it is helping my employees to be happier at their jobs, makes their jobs easier and makes them more productive. Which is, of course, the standard formula for success.” – Dr. Ken Katz, Founder/CEO Forefront Dermatology. 120 + branches and growing.


energybank’s innovations start with superior engineering and design, the result of intensive research and superior technology.

Our product line was developed from the ground up. We started by studying countless sites that had already converted to LED lighting, then we applied what we learned, spending two years in the development of our products.

The difference is a revolutionary new approach in material science:

Light is for seeing. The better we see, the better we perform. energybank lighting systems provide better visual comfort and enhanced productivity through superior technology. There’s not a building in the world that couldn’t benefit from better lighting.

We’re just getting started.

Product Line




Our comprehensive suite of products is already being sold and well received in our target markets, establishing in-market beachheads as invaluable validation for future customers. Specifically, automotive dealership installations have been a huge success, with sales traction increasing and a large, multi-franchise auto group recently adopting our model T exterior fixtures as their corporate standard. We’ve recently expanded our product penetration to include ThinLine in auto showrooms and our LightSource high bay in auto parts/services departments.



This validation is also valuable in the recruitment of in-market representation. Our LightSource high bay fixtures have outperformed the competition and subsequently been installed at multiple Fortune 500 companies.

IP Portfolio includes both design and utility patent applications and the following registered trademarks:

“Our plan going forward is to specify energybank lights for the expansion of not only of our support services, but also for all new clinics that we build across the country because energybank lights are just better.”   – Dr. Ken Katz, Founder/CEO Forefront Dermatology. 120 + branches and growing.

Ready to hear what the future holds for energybank, including a big push into the Internet of Things? Click the “business profile” tab at the top of this page to find out more!


In 1996, Neal started the High Intensity Fluorescent (HIF) platform from his garage. It’s now the standard lighting system in more than one-third of Fortune 500 companies. Neal founded Orion Energy Systems, holds 84 patents or patents-pending and was Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year. Prior to founding energybank, his former company was named Wisconsin’s Manufacturer of the Year three times, as well as Coca-Cola’s Supplier of the Year, Sysco Foods Supplier of the Year on two occasions and awarded Platts Global Energy Award. Neal’s accomplishments have also been recognized with a visit from the President of the United States.

Tim has 20 years of tactical sales experience with Fortune 500 companies. He served as Director of National Sales for Orion Energy Systems, helping to expand the partner network to $35 million in annual sales. He and Neal have worked together for more than 15 years.

Guy has launched numerous marketing and communications projects in his 30 years of industrial and retail business experience. He’s spent more than 20 years of his career working with Neal.

Lee is the retired President and CEO of Pemco, Inc., a manufacturing design company serving the capital needs for paper packaging requirements worldwide.

Scott has diverse US and international experience in accounting systems and controls. Scott received his MBA from DePaul University and his BS from Valparaiso University.  

Becky plans, directs and coordinates operations in support of the company’s growth by overseeing purchasing, administration and operational efficiency.

Contact Information:

Neal Verfuerth

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