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Jun 15, 2016 3:19 PM ET

Archived: 3DShook: Licensed 3D-Printed Content Created At Home Or Delivered To The Door

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 15, 2016




Licensed 3D-Printed Content Created At Home Or Delivered To The Door


At 3DShook, we’re on a mission to bring 3D printing to the masses. We’re entering a brand new era of 3D printing innovation. 3DShook believes content will be the game-changing factor in coming years. 


But what’s been missing is easy, affordable access to quality, brand-name products that people know and want.

3DShook is changing that. Our online marketplace of 3D-printable files offers users & businesses a one-stop shop for exclusive, tested content designed for 3D printing. And coming soon, licensed printable content, iconic brands and one-of-a-kind content — all ready-made to print from home with the click of a mouse, or have delivered straight to the doorstep for non printer owners.  

Read on to discover where 3D printing is headed and how 3DShook is leading the way.


But while more and more folks are able to access consumer-grade 3D printers from the comfort of their homes, the process of actually using those printers isn’t nearly as user-friendly as it could–and should–be. Even experienced printers are left with an unfilled gap in the availability of familiar, branded content that they desire.

Imagine if everyone who suddenly had affordable access to home PCs in the 1980s had to write code for any program they wanted to use. It’s neither a practical nor a sustainable model.

As for global iconic brands seeking a risk-free and economically viable way to gain greater exposure for their brand in the 3D printing sphere, they’ve been largely left out in the cold.    

That’s where 3DShook comes in. We understand that for 3D printing to thrive in the mainstream consumer market, the consumer comes first. That’s why we’ve established a platform to give our users a quick, convenient way to find, download and print 3D designs.

A true click & print experience.


Introducing 3DShook: The world’s first truly user-centric marketplace for 3D-printed products and designs.


Not Tech Savvy? No Problem!
It’s our philosophy that bringing useful, virtual content to life is something anybody should be able to do. Our ultra-simple click-and-print online user experience finally makes that possible. Just choose, click, and create.

No 3D Printer? No Problem!
You don’t even have to own a printer to enjoy all that we have to offer. We’ve got an ever-growing selection of over 1,500 professionally-designed options in more than 40 different product categories. Find what speaks to you and we’ll have it printed and shipped out, hassle-free.


Get Creative With APPZ
We’ve launched an app that provides users with a set of online tools for a fun, easy way to choose, customize and create products using a simple drag-and-drop interface. Our proprietary 3D ruler makes it easy for users to scale and precisely measure their models.  


Here’s are just a few of the key ways we’re building the most mass retail-focused marketplace for 3D-printing enthusiasts out there.

Designed by PROs
3DShook believes designing products for people to use is a serious business. We are the only marketplace who does not rely on amature, or hobbyist user-generated content. We research trends and work only with professional product designers.

Content is Key — and King
3DShook doesn’t just create quality content, we’re licensing rights from big brands for designing popular 3D printable products, giving people access to the things they actually desire.

Printable & Usable
No more useless “things”! 3DShook is the only marketplace who focuses on functionality & usability with 42 categories of day to day products to choose from.

Print and Earn (Coming Soon!)
We’ve created a competitive bidding platform for printing 3D files. Users have the option to bid on a price for producing a print for those who don’t own a 3D printer. This provides our users with an opportunity to make money.


2015 proved to be a successful inaugural year for 3DShook, and the future looks even brighter. Here are just a few of the milestones that we’re particularly proud of:

Investments Secured
We beat out 1,500 other launch companies to raise $600k in seed investment from Kima Ventures and angel

Successful Launch
Launched In April 2015, and dubbed the Netflix of 3D printing.

Value-Added Features
In November, 2015, We launched Appz, giving users the ability to create products in a few easy clicks.

In March 2016, we completed our iFrame platform, allowing us to easily offer affiliation partnerships on a B2B model, by making our catalog or parts of it, available on their websites and online stores.

Licensing Deals
In April 2016 3DShook finalized a licensing deal with Sanrio (Hello Kitty) to offer their content through digital manufacturing.

Manufacturing & Distribution
In May 2016, 3DShook content will be offered online and in a Manhattan flagship store of an S&P top 50 company, and manufactured on demand through local 3D Printing shops.

We’ve piqued the interest of the online tech community. Notable press mentions include:

What’s next for 3DShook?
Continued growth. By the end of 2016, our goal is to secure distribution from major U.S. retailers affiliated with the 3D printing market.

Our priority is to sign licenses with more popular brands, securing our leadership position in printable licensed goods. We also plan to expand our partnerships with manufacturers, distributors and resellers to bolster our status as official, premium 3D printable content providers worldwide.

Find out more about how you can help 3DShook achieve these goals by requesting access to the business plan page of our profile.


Joseph Seroussi | CEO | Joseph brings over a decade of financial services expertise to the table. In London, he raised over $10m in annual revenue for a top European options trading desk. Joseph also has experience consulting and advising cable TV operators on their content offerings. At 3DShook, Joseph develops business with industrial and commercial partners.

Hector Berrebi | COO | Hector spent 12 years working in the film and television industry and has experience creating digital content and post-production corporate consulting.  He teaches and gives lectures in film and design schools frequent lecturer at international trade show events. He was a National Association of Broadcasters Show speaker for 8 years. Hector’s role at 3DShook involves business development with brands and creative partners.

Nadav Brill | CTO| Nadav has 18 years of experience in 3D VFX and R&D of 3D pipelines and applications. In London, he worked for Moving Picture Company. He spent time in Toronto working for Starz Entertainment, and for Rainmaker Entertainment in Vancouver. Nadav creates and develops the tools to produce the best that 3D printing has to offer.

Shahar Sharvit | 3D Manager | Shahar has 14 years of 2D and 3D design under his belt. His expertise includes animation, composition, and motion graphics. He was in charge of supervising complex projects with large teams of 3D designers and builders. Shahar manages and oversees the entire creation process of 3DShook’s digital catalog.

Greg Mimoun | E-Commerce Expert | Greg is our sales expert, managing and optimising sales via our e-commerce platform.

Contact Information:

Joseph Seroussi

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