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Jun 14, 2016 9:31 AM ET

Archived: SIMPL is an app that builds you a website – Top iOS App Experiencing High Growth: 5000 New Registered Users Per Month (May 2016)

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 14, 2016






Top iOS App Experiencing High Growth: 5000 New Registered Users Per Month (May 2016)



Simpl is an app that builds you a website. It’s a free download for iPad and iPhone to create, publish and update a website quickly and easily. Simpl provides 30 days of free website hosting, then invites a subscription of $7.99/mo or $79/pa. Users can add photos, videos, blogs and shops to their mobile-friendly website. Simpl is the No.1 App Store result for ‘website builder’, a top-rated app of 4.5 to 5 stars in US/UK, and is on the front page of Google mobile search for ‘website builder.






    Simpl has pole position on the App Store with its award-winning website builder app; the task now is to win the race. This means building out the full feature set of the app, adding price tiers, and ensuring that Simpl continues to lead the way among website builders on the App Store, while remaining far easier to use. New signature features will include:

    1. Sophisticated website/brand customisation through swipe, tap, drag and drop.
    2. Integration with social media and other services, to enable users to manage everything in one place.
    3. Android version to target emerging, mobile-first markets.

    Ultimately, Simpl aims to be not just a website builder, but a digital business builder.


    Traditional website builders don’t work on mobile devices. The apps (if they even exist) are buggy and hard to use, while the websites themselves are often not mobile-friendly. Home business entrepreneurs want building their website and their brand to be easy, and fully optimised for mobile devices, whether tablets or smartphones. They further want their website to deliver a fantastic experience to their customers, and be kept in touch through notifications when users interact with their websites, eg when they purchase a product, or when traffic is spiking for some reason. They want a flexible, modular approach to pages and content, plus the ability to capture data and leads from customers.


    Free app download with 30 days free including website hosting. Then (currently) $7.99 monthly or $79 annually.

    Moving forwards there will be four price tiers:
    – Free
    – Standard ($7pm/$77pa)
    – Business ($14pm/$154pa)
    – Pro ($28pm/$308pa)

    The model has been proven by the incumbents and Simpl’s pricing is at a similar level or cheaper than most competitors.


    All options are open, with the most likely being Series A or dividends. Trade sale will definitely be considered. Overall, Simpl is taking a longer term view of the market and building for at least the next 10 years, as there is growth potential (not least in emerging markets) and opportunity for extensive brand extension eg www.simpl.com/anything.



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