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Jun 14, 2016 5:27 PM ET

Archived: Filling a very large gap in current public television programming: First Person – Season 2 is a web series about LGBTQ+ identity and sexuality, with weekly episodes on YouTube and Facebook

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 14, 2016

First Person – Season 2



First Person - Season 2 project video thumbnail


FIRST PERSON is a web series about LGBTQ+ identity and sexuality, with weekly episodes on YouTube and Facebook.


About this project

First Person (http://YouTube.com/FirstPersonPBS ) is a web series from WNET’s (America’s flagship PBS station) digital department, the Interactive Engagement Group, that addresses sexuality and gender identity in five-to-eight minute videos. Following a commitment to explore diverse viewpoints, First Person delivers candid personal narratives illustrating intimate experiences and larger conversations about gender, sexuality, social norms, and identity development.

Who and what are we? What does it mean to move through today’s world as a trans person, bisexual, gay, lesbian, “straight”, cisgender person, or embodying any other identity on the spectrum of gender and sexuality – and what does that “act” of identity and the experiences that come with it say about us? Filling a very large gap in current public television programming,First Person provides audiences with a light-hearted but thoughtful look at gender and sexuality, and a weekly forum for covering LGBTQ-related news and issues. With messages of tolerance and acceptance, we aim to humanize issues that are so often underrepresented in the media or presented as political, moral, or religious causes detached from the people who are living these realities on a day-to-day basis. 

The first season of First Person began this conversation with episodes on trans YouTuber Skylar Kergil, gender and sexuality in comics, race issues within the queer community, bisexual erasure, growing up intersex, asexuality, and more. 

A few episodes from Season 1:

Trans 2.0
Trans 2.0


Our first season was hosted by the fabulous Kristin Russo; you’ve already met Mike Kelton, our Season 2 host. Mike’s a comedian and television host known for his videos on the internet along with appearing on I Love The 2000s. In addition to First Person, Mike hosts the new MTV seriesStreet Meet; has appeared in other shows for MTV, VH1; and performs regularly at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in New York as well as with the touring company.

Where will your money go? 

With your help to produce season 2, we will release an episode with Judy and Dennis Shepard, and have many other friends and guests lined up and eager to shed light on LGBTQ teen bullying, mental health within the queer community, transitioning in the workplace, teen homelessness and MORE. Our goal for this Kickstarter campaign is $30,000, which will allow us to produce the first  five episodes of Season 2. 

Stretch Goals 

What About Rewards?

Good news! WNET is a charitable organization, so your pledge may be tax-deductible! For federal tax purposes, any deduction will be limited to the difference between your pledge minus the fair market value, if any, of your pledge reward. If our campaign is successful, we will contact you with a survey requesting contact information and reward delivery details; we will need you to complete this survey this information is required so we can send you your rewards as well as documentation of your charitable donation.

All event-type rewards will be fulfilled in New York City, and backers are responsible for any travel to and from events.


WNET does not carry out or control pledges and transactions associated with this campaign; these functions are accomplished, respectively, through Kickstarter and its third party payment processor Stripe . Please note that Kickstarter’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy apply to your use of this site and platform. WNET may receive certain data that in connection with your pledge and this campaign; use, storage, and dissemination of any such data will be subject to WNET’s Privacy Policy


Risks and challenges

Since WNET’s Interactive Engagement Group has already produced 20 episodes of the first season, we already know what the risks and challenges are of producing episodes. If the first five episodes are funded, nothing will stand in our way of producing them!

Contact Information:


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