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Jun 13, 2016 7:33 PM ET

Archived: TRANSMISSION – After crashing on a mysterious planet you must search for a way home. Discover its secret past, and ultimately, confront your own.

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 13, 2016





After crashing on a mysterious planet you must search for a way home. Discover its secret past, and ultimately, confront your own.



About this project





You awaken to discover that you have crashed on a mysterious planet with no recollection of what occurred beforehand. While exploring your new surroundings, you uncover a hidden obsidian object emitting a haunting sound. 

What the object does, and who created it is a mystery, but it’s newfound discovery will plunge you into a perilous journey deep inside of a dangerous lost world determined to stop you from discovering the object’s true purpose.

As you uncover this planet’s long forgotten past, you will ultimately piece together and confront your own…


The game play is complimented by a haunting ambient original soundtrack written by Jeremiah Pena. At times subtle, and at times deeply moving, the music he is creating really sets the tone of the game. You can listen to some of the ambient samples below:


  • Hand Painted Art Style – Everything is hand illustrated with a stylized and unique look. It is painterly and expressive, yet still contains loads of specific details.
  • Exploration – A distinctive and vast game world for you to explore.  The world is dark, mysterious and dangerous.  You will need to use your wits and have a strong will in order to push forward and uncover the hidden secrets it holds.  If you are fortunate in finding these secrets, you will be rewarded with large areas to explore with deep story content and hours of entertaining game play. 
  • Tactical Combat – Enemies are brutal and engaging.  Combat is fast paced, but always needs to be approached with caution.  Simply running into a fight will guarantee you perish swiftly.  You must block, dodge, parry and be ready to strike when the opportunity is right.
  • Enemies – You will face organic creatures and artificial guardians on your quest.  Each enemy has specific traits that require you to study their behaviors in order to find the appropriate method of attack. Below are some sample sketches:
Enemy Sketches
Enemy Sketches
  • Crafting – You will find various workstations hidden throughout the world.  At each of these, you will be able to craft special equipment and weapons from the supplies you retrieve via exploration and combat.  Items can also be broken down into raw materials (supplies), in order to craft new items.  You will need to be on the look out for schematic documents that outline “recipes” for new creations, or you have the option of experimenting with supply combinations on your own.
  • Puzzles – Thoughtful and interesting puzzles compliment the combat.  Search for relics, combine items and problem solve in order to move past obstacles and open gateways to new areas. 
  • Interactive Environments – Search drawers, open containers, pull levers…there are many items that will help you along the way, and exploring the world around you in detail is imperative to your survival.
  • Downed Ship – This is your base camp where you are able to research items, craft necessary equipment, speak to your Onboard Computer, get some needed rest, and a variety of other options as you progress further in your journey.
Downed Ship Interior
Downed Ship Interior
  • Onboard Computer –  Your ship comes with a Sentient Artificial Mainframe (SAM 4600).  It will help decipher clues, offer advice and give guidance as you explore your new surroundings.  It might even strike up random philosophical conversations with you from time to time.  You can access it in your downed ship and it will also follow your every move via a helmet camera, so it will be with you every step of the way.
SAM 4600 - Sentient Artificial Mainframe
SAM 4600 – Sentient Artificial Mainframe
  • Cut Scenes – Transmission is both an outer journey and an inner journey.  Beyond the game play, there is an emotional story being told via hand painted imagery that is brought to life with movement and music.  These scenes offer a glimpse of your past, which you will slowly piece together via exploration.  The more you explore the outer world, the more insight you gain into your past




We’ve combined a deep love of action/adventure games with our admiration for thought provoking and visually crisp science fiction films.  There have been a lot of greats from the past, but the main inspirations are as follows:


  • The Dig
  • Ico
  • Resident Evil
  • The Secret of Monkey Island
  • System Shock 2
  • Zelda and Zelda-A Link to the Past


  • 2001: A Space Odyssey
  • Alien
  • Blade Runner
  • Ex Machina
  • Gattaca
  • Solaris


We’re offering a number of prints as physical rewards.  You will get to choose which prints you wish to receive at a later date once surveys are sent out to backers.

OPEN EDITION PRINTS (11 x 14 inches) – If you choose open edition prints, you can purchase additional prints beyond your tier choice by selecting them as add-ons.

LIMITED EDITION PRINTS (16 x 20 inches) – If you choose the limited edition prints you have the option of purchasing 1, 3 or 5 prints. There is no option to add-on limited edition prints.

  • 1 Print RED EDITION– edition of 250 signed and numbered in Silver Ink and Stamped on reverse side with Red Paper Unicorn Logo for Authenticity
  • 3 Prints BLUE EDITION – edition of 150 signed and numbered in Gold Ink and Stamped on reverse side with Blue Paper Unicorn Logo for Authenticity
  • 5 Prints BLACK EDITION – edition of 100 signed and numbered in Gold Ink and Stamped on reverse side with Black Paper Unicorn Logo for Authenticity


We’re about 50% complete.  Most of the game mechanics are in place and the pipeline for asset creation and implementation is set.  The next steps are as follows:

  • finalize level designs
  • create the remaining world art
  • create additional cut scene artwork
  • polish animations and game play

We are aiming to be complete by late 2017.

      To be eligible for add-ons, it is required that a Backer tier has been purchased:
  • Additional copy of TRANSMISSION game (DRM Free) – $12
  • Full Soundtrack by Jeremiah Pena – $8
  • Digital Art Book – $8
  • Open Edition Print (11 x 14) – $16

NATHANIEL WEST – Art and Creative Direction

Nathaniel is a concept artist for feature films and themed entertainment. Recent films include Inception and Interstellar.  He’s responsible for the story line, design, and the 2D artwork in the game.

CHRIS PAGE – Design and Code

Chris has a long background of programming on a range of projects such as XCOM all the way to top secret military stuff. He’s been behind the scenes building the robust code to make everything work.


Jeremiah is a really talented composer that has worked on all sorts of film and game projects.  He’s developing a really jaw dropping score to help set the tone of the game.

AKASH THAKKAR – Sound Design

Akash is a widely accomplished sound designer that has worked on a number of game projects, most recently Hyper Light Drifter.  He’s also a great public and motivational speaker

By bringing this project directly to the community, we can connect with the people that want to play this type of game.  This allows us to make decisions for the good of the project, rather than be forced to make compromises with a publisher based solely for financial reasons. 

It also allows us to be more transparent and to share behind the scenes development and design thoughts with you.  In this way, we can collaborate with the community and gather new ideas on where to take things, and ultimately, create a game that focuses on the aspects that you want to see.


Risks and challenges

We’ve been developing this game for nearly 18 month now, and we have a lot of time and money invested into this project already. The team is determined to see this project through to the very end.

The biggest risk we foresee is the possibility of delay in order to polish certain aspects of the project to make sure it gets done “right”. The entire team is determined to produce a professional project that we are proud of, and that the community regards as the highest quality. Achieving that goal will take time and dedication. With your help, we expect to finish the game by late 2017.

Contact Information:

Paper Unicorn

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