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Jun 13, 2016 10:30 AM ET

Archived: Rentl – Be part of the emerging Sharing economy: Rentl is the “Airbnb” for the things you have at home!

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 13, 2016

Rentl – Be part of the emerging Sharing economy

Elevator pitch

Rentl is the “Airbnb” for the things you have at home! We provide a fun and easy-to-use web service where people can rent virtually everything from each other. Sharing things is good for the environment, your economy and saves space at home. There is a massive shift in society today from wanting to own things to wanting to just have access to them (“access over ownership”) and sharing economy is growing rapidly. Rentl already has several satisfied customers and we are growing rapidly. This is an opportunity to at an early stage join an industry with tremendous development. Be part of the economy of the future. Join Rentl today!

Investor proposal

Rentl is pioneer and the best alternative in our niche of the emerging sharing economy.
  • Market is expected to grow by 1200% to USD 335bn worldwide until 2025
  • We project a growth in line with market (turnover of SEK 55 million in 2019)
  • Exit by acquisition or IPO
  • Scalable platform
  • Low operating cost, high margin for each rental
  • High return on investment when successful
  • Proof of concept (existing happy users)
We want to get as many new members and supporters as possible. Therefore there is a low minimum amount for buying shares, just EUR 120 (10 shares).


The problem this product solves

We all have lots of things that we just keep in garages and storage rooms but almost never use. At the same time many people need to use things but lack the ability or the desire to buy it. Someone wants to build a terrace but doesn´t want to buy every tool required, while someone else wants to get out on the sea but can´t afford to buy and maintain a boat.
The ablity to rent things at a good price lowers the barriers for trying new sport and hobbies and therefore contributes to a more efficient and open society.

How the product solves it

Rentl is the “Airbnb” of all the things you have at home. Rentl is a fun and easy-to-use web service that matches peoples supply and demand. We handle bookings, payments, supplies contracts and notifications and our users can register objects and then just lean back and wait for the bookings.
We also think that it is better to gather rental on one platform rather than having different platforms for different objects. It is more easy, time efficient and benefits control and at the same time it inspires people to rent even more.



Product features

  • Matches the supply and demand for objects for rental (e.g. tools, machinery, trailers, boats, sports/party equipment).
  • Handles bookings, payments, supplies contracts and notifications
  • Rentl only charges provisions after a succesfull rental. This lowers threshold to register also cheaper objects
  • We are the first provider of this type of service for virtualy every type of object. This is easier and more time efficicient than using different services for different things
  • Rentl is highly automated wich means that we can grow substantially without the need to employ more people
  • We have a rankingsystem (1-5) and written opinion which creates trust among users

Product use cases

The typical user is a person (like so many of us) that owns things they rarely use. They can finance some of their consumption and at the same improve the environment.
The typical user just want to pay for usage. The reasons can be economical, practical (storage), ideological (environment) or just the will of trying new things.


Target Market

The market can be virtualy every adult person in Sweden but also many businesses.
When we do marketing campaigns today we primarly target both women and men, between 25-55 years of age, who live in larger cities and suburban areas.The reason for us concentrating our marketing activities is economies of scale. We want to concentrate efforts where we believe they do the greatest benefit and where sharing is easiest.
In coming two years we plan to broaden marketing activities to to include all of Sweden and eventually also the nordics. Marketing on social media will be supported by radio advertising.

Competitive landscape

The market for rental is fragmented between essentially many small players and competition is limited especially when it comes to tools, sports and party equipment, boats, scooters, caravans, bicycles etc. There are some competitors with roughly the same market but they are still at an early stage (or not launched yet) or are focusing more on borrowing instead of renting. There are also companies like Airbnb and Blocket for more expensive objects (apartments, houses etc.). Blocket demands payment upfront and don´t have an automated booking routine like Rentl. There are also services focusing on car rental and/or carpooling.

Unique differentiator from competitors

Rentl offers a very easy-to-use webservice for almost every type of object. It handles bookings, payments, contracts and notifications. The users rate eachother wich creates trust and works self-regulating. The service is free of charge and you can register as many objects for rent as you wish. We only charge for sucessfully rental. This lowers the thresholds for renting out also cheaper objects. We gather many different objects on the same platform which is easier and more time efficient for the user and at the same time inspires people to rent even more.

Business Model

Company revenue streams

  • We charge 10% of the total amount of the rentalprize (min 20 SEK and max 500 SEK).
  • We see opportunities for targeted marketing for companies for certain searches on the site, (e.g. “Did you not find what you were looking for..?”). It can also be a complement to already completed rentals (e.g. building materials for someone who has already rented tools).
  • We also see opportunities additional sales (kickback) through offers together with partners (e.g. key delivery, cleaning, insurance).

Product/service distribution

Web service/ Web platform
Our service offer and all the transactions will be handled through our platform.


Previous milestones/traction

  • Feb 2015 – started building the webservice
  • June 2015 – launched betaversion
  • July-Aug 2015 – radio advertising in Stockholm (Rix FM, Lugna Favoriter and Bandit)
  • Okt 2015 – added webdeveloper/programmer to our team and made him part owner
  • Nov 2015-Feb 2016 – new improved design and functionality
  • Feb 2016 – launched the new version of Rentl (Rentl 2.0) and started campaign in social media
  • May 2016 – agreement with a large nationwide organization about an offer to members

Next key objectives

  • 2016 – increase marketing in primarily social media, but also continue with radio advertising when it is favorably priced
  • 2016 – create an app in order to further strengthen our offer
  • 2016 – expand to also offer businesses to use tha platform
  • 2016 – further discussion with organizations and companies about offers to their members/employees.
  • 2016 – continue to develop and finetune the webservice
  • 2017 – establish Rentl as the main provider of rental services between private individuals
  • 2018 – enter one market outside of Sweden
  • 2019 – establish presence on our 3rd, 4th and 5th market 

Previous Financing

Almi has granted us a startup loan of 250.000 SEK.


We have recently agreed with a large nationwide organization about promoting and offering members to use our webservice. This is an important step in order to direct more traffic and users to the platform. Discussions are underway with others as well. 
Leka solutions is our partner when it comes to marketing, especially on social media platforms (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). They have the expertise to reach out to potential users and convert them into users on Rentl. They are also experts on SEO and SEM and will work further with that 


Johan Hedkvist avatar small

Contact Information:

Johan Hedkvist - Founder and CEO

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