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Jun 13, 2016 11:46 AM ET

Archived: BasAcc Viper MFi Lightning Cable – Revolutionary Design and the Strongest Lightning MFi Certified Cable made with Kevlar – Lifetime Warranty!

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 13, 2016

BasAcc Viper MFi Lightning Cable

by BasAcc


Revolutionary Design and the Strongest Lightning MFi Certified Cable made with Kevlar – Lifetime Warranty!

About this project

The “Viper” Series Cable: Most Indestructible & Economical MFi Lightning Cable on this Planet.

How did we come up with this project?  

For those who own an iPhone/iPad/iPod, how many of you have experienced through a frazzled Apple MFi lightning cable after a month or within weeks of purchase due to the repeated stress of plugging and unplugging? Admit it, most likely all of you! The Apple device generally costs an exorbitant price, but comes with a standard charge cable that Apple so generously supplies with it. After a short endurance, one has to go to an Apple store or shop online thinking one has found a great deal without realizing it is not a certified MFi cable. When will this cumbersomeness ever end? Probably never as history keeps repeating itself or just hollers highway robbery! For this simple reason, we present you the BasAcc Viper Series MFi lightning cable.

What is so unique about the Viper Series MFi cable?


  • Most cables can bend between 5,000 to 10,000 times, while the Viper Series MFi cable has a lifespan bend over 18,000 times, allowing it to last multiple times the life of a standard cable. You won’t find another cable close to this unique design. 
  • There is a double injection on the housing with an anti-slip design. It is extra durable and capable of withstanding the wear and tear of daily use.
  • The lightning connector is plated with 24K gold to prevent from corrosion or rust.
  • The cable is Apple MFi certified and manufactured by a licensed manufacturer. It is GUARANTEED to work with all Apple devices and future updates. 
  • This cable is built with a Kevlar fiber which can also be found in applications such as bicycle tires, body armors, to racing sails. Due to its high pliable strength-to-weight ratio; by this measure it is 5 times stronger than steel.
  • A double shielding of aluminum foil was applied to further reduce interference.
  • The outer layer of the cable has a unique waved pattern design, making it:

  a) 4 times more durable than regular cable jacket.                                                                         b) Lighter in weight.                                                                                                                         c) More flexible and tangle resistant.                                                                                               d) More fire retardant.

Meet the Viper Series MFi Cable:

The design of the Viper Series MFi cable (3.3 feet) derived from our daily routine of using our heavy duty home improvement tools such as the power drill. How often do you need to replace a good power drill? If it is well-built, then probably never. We came up with the idea: wouldn’t it be awesome to create an industrial grade MFi cable that can be crushed by a CAT backhoe loader machine and still function like a charm?

We attentively chose 4 colors from our close observation of most industrial grade equipment and natural resources:

We have also included build-in Velcro® strap which keeps the cable organized and easy to carry.


Why do we need your pledge?

First and foremost, we guarantee our cable as lifetime warranty. We need our backers to convey the same notion of why it’s so crucial for all Apple users to possess a Viper Series MFi cable as we standby this indestructible and economical cable that is made for a lifetime. So we consider it our lifework to provide you an ultimate stress free experience when using an Apple device. We understand that it is difficult for you to not be able to live without a fully charged iPhone/iPad/iPod for even one second. Each cable is produced with industrial grade materials and carefully made to enhance the quality for an everlasting experience. Despite of the high cost to produce the Viper Series MFi cable, we still believe that we need to keep it extremely affordable. So being able to pass on the great savings to our users equates to us being successful and reaching our mission.

BasAcc 4.8A 2-Port USB Travel Charger
BasAcc 4.8A 2-Port USB Travel Charger


BasAcc 6.6A 3-Port USB Car Charger
BasAcc 6.6A 3-Port USB Car Charger





Risks and challenges

We have already gone through several prototype tests and have nailed a final design. We have also determined a manufacturing partner and are in prospective to give them consent to begin producing on the day that we hit our funding goal. All of the Kevlar fiber, lightning connectors, PVC and other essential materials have already been sourced. The production process will take approximately 30 days. We plan to air the first batch of shipment via air which will take 3 ~ 5 days. It should be a fast turn-around from the time the product is received and then shipped to you.

Contact Information:


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