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Archived: From Portugal to the Mongolian Red Cross: Getting MEDICAL DEVICES TO MONGOLIA, a country with shortages of various types: access to health services, health, malnutrition, among many others.

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We will travel soon to Mongolia, by car. We want to promote intercultural Exchange, but we want to give some humanitarian/solidarity dimension. We will donate the vehicle to Red Cross Mongolia, Miguel will do a volunteer period there and we want to raise some funds to buy some medical devices to Red Cross Mongolia.

We are two young men from Ovar, Portugal: Luís Rodrigues car mechanic and chemical operator) and Miguel Jeri (doctor, doing residence in Family Medicine).

We are organizing a trip starting at 17th July from Portugal to Mongolia, using a 4×4 car, during 32 days and through 18 countries.

Our journey has more dimensions than a simple trip. We want to promote cultural exchange not only between the Portuguese people and the Mongolian, but also of the countries that we will cross, and also to promote solidarity initiatives.

Mongolia is a country with shortages of various types: access to health services, health, malnutrition, among many others. Miguel will make a voluntary period with the Mongolian Red Cross and we ultimately will donate the vehicle to the Mongolian Federation of Red Cross so that it may continue its humanitarian mission.

We intend to take advantage of the space we have in the jeep and carry medical supplies that can bring benefit to health care in Mongolia, such as instruments, sphygmomanometer, thermometers, otoscopes, first-aid bags or other material in order to donate it to Mongolian Red cross.

We want to involve community in the crowdfunding, to involve the community in the purchase and transportation of that material, as well as lowering the costs of the trip, promoting solidarity and cultural exchange.

In this campaign cam participate people and also companies willing to help. Donations can also be in objects, as common-use instruments (such as blood pressure devices or thermometers that people may have at home).

In the case of individuals, we will bring a souvenir.

For businesses, what we have to offer are some spaces for the dissemination of its brands:

  • The vehicle decoration that will have areas for sponsors
  • Our facebook page with daily updates
  • Our website

We are promoting this trip among a wide range of contacts / audience using social networks and the web: Facebook page; a website / blog; contacts with the local and regional media (radio, press and web press).

We will have a small staff experienced in the events promotions to make this the most effective possible, in preparations of the trip and in the daily updates during the trip.

The trip already has the support of both Honorary Consul of Mongolia in Portugal, Dr. Manuel Serrão, and the Portugal Mongolia Friendship Association.


Luís Rodrigues, 29 years old

Born at April 29th 1987 in Ovar, Portugal. Professional formation at electronics/telecomunictaions at Escola Profissional de Cortegaça and in mechanics/mechatronics at Centro de Formação Profissional de Eeparação Automóvel de Pedrouços (Maia). Now is working at CUF-QI as a chemical operator. Travelled across Europe and South America, by car in áreas difficult to access. He also travelled in Turkey and Iran. In 2013 successfully completed Portugal – Dakar in a Renault Clio 1991 being his travel notes published on the official website of Renault Portugal and on several pages and blogs devoted to motoring.


Miguel Jeri, 29 years old

Born at November 6th 1986 in Lima, Peru. Living in Portugal since 1989. Graduted in 2012 in Medicine at Instituto de Ciências Biomédicas Abel Salazar of University of Porto. Worked in Vila Real, now is doing his residence program in Family and General Medicina in a health center in Porto. Travelled across Europa and many remote áreas of Brazil, Peru, Chile, Bolivia and Colombia, as well as Argentina, Uruguai, Paraguai and Cuba, and also in Turkey and Iran. Passionate about the different cultures, languages and ways of seeing the world, especially the lesser well-known, such as Central Asia. Amateur Photographer.



The initial goal is 700€ plus 5% commission to PPL (plus 23% VAT) in a total of 746,05€. We intend to achieve this value by 10 July.

 This are minimum values; we would like this project to raise as much as possible, taking into account that even € 700 buy allow a limited amount of such material, which is not cheap.


Contact Information:

Miguel Jeri

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