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Jun 10, 2016 6:22 PM ET

Leagues : Alone Together, It’s been too long, but the silence is coming to an end.

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 10, 2016


Alone Together

It’s been too long, but the silence is coming to an end. You can now pre-order our new album, Alone Together!


Shipping and Handling included in all pricing
‘Alone Together’ will be released September 9, 2016 on Dualtone Records
Dualtone Records is fulfilling all physical packages

Hello Leagues Family! It’s been too long since we’ve seen your faces. Making this record was quite the journey and one we couldn’t have imagined when we first started. We went into the studio not knowing what exactly we were making, hoping that in the mystery something really beautiful would show up and surprise us. Hopefully it will catch you by surprise as well. From the very beginning, Leagues has been an


exploration of creativity and for us. In order to be truly creative we have to do something we don’t know how to do on some level; it exhilarates us and makes us a little nervous all at the same time.

After spending time in the studio working on, and finishing, the follow up to You Belong Here, we realized what we had in our hands was not the best version of what we could do. If we were going to carry on the spirit of Leagues, something needed to change. So we decided to do something that seemed so delusional at the time: We started over. We wrote new songs and re-worked existing ones. We put our hearts and souls into every note and we can now confidently say that these songs and this album truly represent Leagues.

The record, Alone Together, touches on themes that we hold dear. Connection with those around us, both known and unknown, the idea of belonging and being wanted. We want to take those feelings and turn them into beauty. We all know loneliness, but maybe if we all know it together, we can fill the space between and turn it into a party.



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