Designer Briefettes Underwear for Women USA Made - My Boyfriend’s Briefs™ is a new luxurious feeling designer underwear line made just for a woman, to fit the curves of a woman. - iCrowdNewswire

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Jun 10, 2016 4:10 PM ET

Designer Briefettes Underwear for Women USA Made – My Boyfriend’s Briefs™ is a new luxurious feeling designer underwear line made just for a woman, to fit the curves of a woman.

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 10, 2016
Designer Briefettes Underwear for Women USA Made
Ultra soft, tag less, luxurious designer boxer briefs style underwear made for a woman. Made in USA!

My Boyfriend’s Briefs™ is a new luxurious feeling designer underwear line made just for a woman, to fit the curves of a woman. Created by parent company R’Lano Brands, My Boyfriend’s Briefs™ features a newly designed Women’s Briefettes™ (a feminine boxer brief style underwear) made from fabrics that bring you the most comfortable, softest fit ever all cut, sewn and assembled in Austin, Texas; packaged and shipped out of Abilene, Texas.

My Boyfriend’s Briefs™ offers basic everyday solid colors made from the softest Rayon (from Bamboo)/Cotton/Spandex blend. Our fun and sometimes funky Prints are made of Cotton/Spandex blend that gives you the absolute best comfort and fit that keeps you fresh all day long. The best part of our company is that our garments are MADE IN TEXAS!




My inspiration for our Briefettes™ came from wearing my husband’s boxer briefs and loving them (long story there, but needless to say I couldn’t call them My Husband’s Briefs, just doesn’t sound as catchy). I tried some of the boy shorts, full briefs and other boxer styles that are offered for women but could never get the same coverage and comfort. Most women’s boxers availble from big name companies still have the fly or male pocket design, or a front or back seam and tags. So after searching for an answer and not finding anything AMERICAN MADE I decided to start My Boyfriend’s Briefs™ and the rest is history. I hope you enjoy your Briefettes™ as much as I do and Thank You for Supporting My Campaign. #BriefHugs #MyBoyfriendsBriefs 







Our Mission is to give you what you are looking for in choosing underwear – comfort, fit, softness, excellence quality and style; my new line of Briefettes™ offer you all of that and more. Made in the USA – bringing American Made products right to your doorstep. 



Because of our mission, we spent months researching fabrics, manufacturers, methods used and experience in choosing our partners. We searched high and low for the perfect manufacturer and we found them right here in Texas. After numerous emails and phone calls to various factories all across the nation, we found one in the outskirts of Austin. Their Mission Statement is: “We are committed to job creation, education and bringing American Made products to American people.” A match made in Heaven!



Tina, Esther and the team have helped me to perfect the fit of our Briefettes™, and educate me along the way so I can provide you with an utmost premium luxurious quality product. I am absolutely in love with our Briefettes™ and I am confident that you will be too.



Our Briefettes™ are designed by a woman for a woman. After researching and not finding what I envisioned I decided to go to the drawing board and design what I consider to be the perfect underwear – made to fit a woman’s curves.

Our Briefettes™ are the most comfortable fit with a softness that feels so luxurious you will never go back to regular panties. Made so they never ride up or give you wedges, they are seamless in the front and back panels and made with a 4” inch inseam to cover up any cheekiness. Offering two styles – low rise and full briefettes. They also come tag less and all have 100% cotton lining crotch, giving you extra absorbency and no irritation from tags. BONUS!!



Made from fabrics like natural Cotton and Rayon from Bamboo fibers, our Briefettes™ are made for durability, comfort and most of all softness. All contain a small percentage of spandex that gives you the maneuverability and durability you need for every day wear. Going a step further, we designed a crop top and bralette to make it a complete set for you. Support, wireless and no bra closures… what else could a lady ask for! (Not available with all prints.)





When considering fabrics we had 3 goals: comfort, softness and durability. We experimented with cotton, polyester, modal, rayon, lace and other common fabrics and found that rayon from bamboo was one of the softest fabrics with lasting durability. So we decided to make our solid color Briefettes™ of rayon from bamboo/cotton/spandex blend (200 gsm) giving them long lasting durability even after numerous wash and wear. Made from the pulp of bamboo grass, Rayon from Bamboo fabric is light and strong and it does not build up static electricity. Our rayon fabric supplier also holds an OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified in natural and sustainable knitted fabrics.



Our Print Briefettes™ are made from 95% cotton; cotton is perhaps the most popular fiber for fabric in the world. It is soft, comfortable and breathes well. Both fabrics contain a small percentage of Spandex, also known as Elastane, it is durable and resistant to moisture. Did I mention that all of our Briefettes™ come with 100% cotton lining! I buy all my fabrics from USA suppliers. Some fabrics are made in the USA and some are imported.





OUR LOGO WAISTBAND is made of the highest and softest quality woven elastic. I sampled various elastics from all across the nation and found a great partner in California. Albert and Tom have been wonderful to work with. I required elastic that was lightweight, durable for long lasting, but absolutely had to be soft to the touch. Our partner provided what I required and holds up to our high standards of ethics and labor laws. I am really excited to work with them on our designs and love our finished products.





At R’Lano Brands LLC, we believe we can improve people’s lives through national and local community partnerships. We understand the importance for our company to operate responsibly and know that you want to buy from a company that works hard to integrate sustainable and responsible practices into all that we do. That is why giving back is an important part of our daily business and once our website launches you can see the different charitable organizations that we are working with in various social arenas. Every purchase of our Briefettes™ allows us to contribute to someone in need. #BriefHug


Our products are estimated to retail between $32-$36 dollars due to my decision to use Ethical and Local Manufacturing companies in the USA and keep Americans working; also, the fabrics, elastic and other materials are all top quality. I am making every effort to work with manufacturers who produce our raw materials in the United States creating additional work for people here. With your help, we can place a much larger order to bring you our Briefettes™ at the best price. Depending on which reward you choose, a pair can be delivered to you in our custom designed mailer box for an Early Bird contribution of $26 dollars. We will also be able to introduce the Wedding Collection if we reach the necessary goal of $15,500 and our Active Wear if we reach $25,000.





Help us get the word out! Please share this project with your friends, family and social media connections. And to make it easy on you, there’s an easy “Share this Project” button on the project website that lets you share on Facebook, Twitter, E-mail, or a letter in a bottle. So, share away my friends!


TRUE TO SIZE: Our Briefettes™ are designed to fit the curves of a woman. To measure, run a tape measure around your waist and measure hand to hand for a comfortable fit. 




Risks and challenges

Once My Boyfriend’s Briefs™ is successfully funded, I’ll do my best to make sure everything goes according to plan to meet the promised deadline. I have manufacturing, operations, and logistics set up and ready to go. The funding raised on this campaign will be used for production and manufacturing. Although we do not see any direct risks and challenges, there are always indirect or unseen tasks that may present itself during the process of production so we’ll keep everyone posted and make sure we live up to our end of the bargain.

I believe our fans are part of our team, and therefore you will be kept up to date — not only as this campaign, but even after and beyond. Complete transparency is important to us, so you can follow all the behind-the-scenes fun (and sometimes stressful) processes of starting and running a small business.

That being said I am so grateful to you for stepping out in faith with me on this incredible journey. I can’t thank you enough.

Sandra Arellano Minnick, Founder

Contact Information:

Sandra Minnick

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