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Jun 10, 2016 3:54 PM ET

Archived: Circadia – Re-Inventing white tablecloth fine dining for Seattle: Inspired by the glamour and elegance of 1930’s Hollywood, we have created a restaurants that is both impressive and welcoming

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 10, 2016




Re-Inventing white tablecloth fine dining for Seattle.




Circadia is bringing luxurious fine dining back to downtown Seattle.

Meticulously designed from the lobster consommé to the chandeliers inspired by the sun, moon and stars, you won’t find any exposed brick or industrial beams here. Instead, you’ll find a smartly dressed staff dedicated to creating a memorable experience within an ambiance born of Hollywood’s Golden Age and carefully balanced cuisine that tantalizes the senses.

Seattle is one of America’s fastest-growing cities, adding 1000 residents every month, and downtown in particular is thriving, largely thanks to the booming tech sector. And yet downtown Seattle lacks a satisfactory fine dining experience. Circadia will fill the gap, creating an inviting venue to impress clients, wow that special someone or just visit with friends.


Sound enticing? We didn’t think so.

Now, what if there were a place where the stars aligned to shine a soft light on you? Where the smiling staff is attentive to your every need, where the cocktails are fast, the cuisine is sophisticated, tantalizing, and the atmosphere is just the right balance of intimate and inviting?

That place is closer than you think.

Inspired by the glamour and elegance of 1930’s Hollywood, we have created a restaurants that is both impressive and welcoming. Our new interpretations of classic American and international dishes are informed by the world travel of the jet age; our timeless glamour seamlessly married with luxurious comfort.

Circadia is not informed by trends or fads. We won’t focus on braised meats or giant slabs of fatty protein that send our patrons running to the cardiologist. Instead, our cuisine is designed around a balanced plate of seafood, poultry, meat, vegetables and grains: a delectable symmetry that delights the senses. In flavors, ingredients, texture and in presentation, Circadia plates are more than a mere meal: they’re an experience.

What is a sumptuous meal without an equally impressive bar experience? Our focus is simple- fun, elegant cocktails served by bartenders who aren’t too cool to provide swift, friendly service to you.  In addition to great cocktails, the bar will focus on Champagne and sparkling wine by the glass: what is more elegant than tiny bubbles rising toward the heavens?

At Circadia, the ceiling lines are dramatic, the room smartly lit. Everywhere you look, you see balance: the creative tension between light and heavy, bright and dark, flora and fauna—all infused with a dramatic variety of colors, textiles and subtle points of humor, because what is balance without laughter and spontaneity?

Too often, an emphasis on a trendy menu takes focus away from the simple joy ofimpeccable service. Not at Circadia. Here, our staff doesn’t merely serve – they create. Laughter, wonder, surprise and memorable moments are the result of attention to detail that is beyond reproach. Every facet of the Circadia experience is designed to create a relaxed but momentous meal. It’s why we’re here.

Magic doesn’t happen by chance. It’s the result of obsessive focus, and relentless passion. Ask yourself: why is there no fine dining experience left in downtown Seattle?

All too often, the good intentions of a trendy menu remove focus from delivering solid cuisine and solid service, resulting in a poor bottom line. Restaurants often get so focused on the need to stand out, that they lack an understanding of how to harness creativity and effectively translate it to positive bottom line results.

Where there is balance between creativity and profitability, there is sustainability.

A large part of that sustainability means treating and training your staff well, so that they may, in turn, treat patrons well. A lack of employee retention creates inconsistent guest experiences, impacting profitability.

Circadia will create a positive, constructive, rewarding work atmosphere for our staff, resulting in company loyalty, resulting in better guest experiences, thereby resulting in better cash flow.

Circadia is nearly a reality. In September, we completed the first round of investment and signed the lease. In November and December, we completed the second round and submitted hood, health and liquor permits. We are anticipating the first press to drop within the month of February in the Seattle Times. Early in 2016, we’ll break ground, and by August 1st, Circadia’s doors will open.

Check out recent press for the restaurant in Seattle MagazineSeattle Metropolitan MagazineThe Seattle Times and Geekwire.

Intrigued? Click the “business profile” tab at the top of this page to find out how we’re creating Seattle’s preeminent fine dining experience

Jake Kosseff, Founder and CEO
From busboy to wine director, Jake has seen it all in his 31-year restaurant career. He’s spent the last 17 years as a GM, Wine Director, Director of Operations and Consultant for Cascadia, Campagne and Cafe Campagne, Crush, The Herb Farm and the Wild Ginger Group. He is also a partner in the critically acclaimed Miller’s Guild Steakhouse in downtown Seattle. A degree in philosophy, classical languages, history of sciences and philosophy of mathematics & science, and all of his experience, including work as a nationally awarded sommelier has led to the creation of Circadia. Jake’s focus is on setting standard operational procedures that mitigate operational risks and deliver star service from his creative talent pool for his guests, in addition to rolling out additional venue-specific restaurant concepts in the near future.


Jeanie Inglis, Founder and Chief Creative Officer
Jeanie’s expertise lies in business development for luxury brand startups with a focus on wine for nearly 20 years.  She has specialized in creative branding, customer retention programs and public relations for popular labels such as Cayuse Vineyards, Corliss Estates, Alexandria Nicole Cellars, and Waterbrook, among many others. More recently, she has collaborated with The Finerie (fashion & furnishings boutiques), Crimson Estates Wine Room in Pioneer Square, Briotech (smart water biotechnology), and the new & ultra-luxurious King Handbags. Jeanie’s personal background as a classical pianist and artist also lends to ensuring her restaurant concepts deliver a holistic experience for all five senses.


Garrett Melkonian, Executive Chef
Garrett was recently the recipient of a James Beard nomination for his work at Mamnoon as Executive Chef, and instrumental in successfully introducing Lebanese-Syrian cuisine in an upscale setting to mainstream diners. He’s also worked as the Company Pastry Chef for Tom Douglas Restaurants, and for Elizabeth Daniel, Frisson and Campton Place in San Francisco. Garrett’s long experience in fine dining and as a pastry chef lends the precision and superior management skills needed to lead the kitchen and to consistently deliver outstanding artful cuisine.

Sujal Patel
Sujal is a Strategic Director of Madrona Venture Group, a veteran of Real Networks, a co-founder and former CEO of Isilon Systems. Sujal is an active member in the open-source software development community, and holds numerous patents and pending patents in software technology.


R. Evan Inglis
Evan is a Senior Actuary for Nuveen Investments and a member of the Board of Directors for the Society of Actuaries. He’s also the Former Principal and Chief Actuary for Vanguard, and for Watson Wyatt Worldwide. He is a frequent speaker and writer on issues related to investments, risk and pension plans.
Matt McIlwain
A Managing Director for the Madrona Venture Group, Matt is also the Former Vice President of Business Process for Genuine Parts Company and the former Engagement Manager for McKinsey and Company. Matt co-teaches a course on venture capital in the University of Washington computer science and engineering department. He is a board member of the Fred Hutch Cancer Research Center.

Contact Information:

Jake Kosseff

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