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Jun 9, 2016 8:08 AM ET

Archived: VEDITZ – Online education and tutoring for the Deaf community: We’re educating and empowering the world’s Deaf community via the first mobile, on-demand and live education marketplace.

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 9, 2016




Online education and tutoring for the Deaf community



We’re educating and empowering the world’s Deaf community via the first mobile, on-demand and live education marketplace. We connect the world’s 70 million deaf population to education and tutoring on K-12 and college courses of all subjects. Instructions are delivered in the world’s major sign languages right on a desktop or mobile device, anytime, anywhere.


Tim O’Connor


  • Users in 43 countries signing 23 different sign languages; spent ZERO in paid media to achieve this.
  • 137% growth in users May versus April ’16, with 3 days still left to go in May
  • Top 10 EdTech Innovation in ’15 recognized by EDUCAUSE.
  • Innovative and unique WebRTC mobile, cross-device and on-demand video platform (PC, Mac, Chromebook, iOS and Android); only one of its kind in EdTech.


We won’t stop until every Deaf person in the world has access to quality education in their chosen sign language delivered right to them via a desktop or mobile device. We are committed to making a significant contribution through our services to improving the lives of Deaf people everywhere and increasing education attainment, including High School and College graduation rates and attainment of employable skills, thus leading to reducing under- and unemployment rates for the Deaf.




Exemplars and it’s Veditz offering delivers phenomenal value proposition to every stakeholder, including investors: a rarity in the much hyped, revenue challenged, too seldom cash positive EdTech market.

Vertical focus addressing extraordinary challenges the Deaf confront pursuing education – converts a tragedy faced by so many deaf otherwise highly talented/brilliant/ambitious individuals – into positive transformational success stories.

Advanced and award-winning innovative tech platform that’s hard to match. And savvy/super motivated team bring deep domain experience and expertise. Initial Deaf market can support business value approaching/exceeding $1B. Company is ready to rock ‘n roll!!



Deaf people are Doctors, Lawyers, Teachers, and Scientists. Veditz is connecting, educating and empowering the world’s Deaf population and improving education attainment for all Deaf people by delivering education and tutoring in K-12 to College to Career Skills primarily in the person’s native sign language.


Veditz allows the Deaf community to access tutors on-demand, from any device, anywhere. Just log on, set up what subject you’d like help in, and get help one-on-one from the best teachers.

Learn Anything

We tutor in ASL and other sign languages. Whether you need help with ASL, Math, Science, or other subjects, we’re giving the Deaf access to education of all types.

World’s Top Educators

Veditz has teachers and tutors from top universities such as Gallaudet, Princeton, Penn, and more, plus award winning K-12 teachers available to tutor you.

Any Device, Anywhere

Veditz is the first mobile, on-demand and video chat tutoring for the Deaf and others learning one of the world’s major sign languages wherever they are.


Every K-12 and college in America has a budget for their deaf students, but that budget often goes unused because schools can’t find local support. Veditz gives both the schools and deaf students an effective solution. And the opportunity is worldwide, we’re already in over 30 countries.

Join us. Let’s give the gift of education.

We are humbled about the outpouring of support, sign-ups and usage already for our product Veditz.

The need is real. The market is large. The time is now.

Our mission is clear. To connect, educate and empower the world’s Deaf community and assure all 70 million Deaf people in the world have access to education in their chosen sign language.

It’s a big worthy goal. But it’s attainable. If impact investing and the potential to do well by doing good is of interest to you then we invite you to join us as an investor and help us improve the lives of Deaf people everywhere.


Arlene, Dan and Tim

Contact Information:

Tim O'Connor

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