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Jun 9, 2016 8:16 AM ET

Archived: Tonix Inc. – we specialize in crafting a craft tonic water syrup that dates back to the 1840’s and is primarily used in crafting cocktails and specialty drinks.

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 9, 2016

Tonix Inc.

Tonix Denver- First Offer

Denver, Co



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Hey Kickfurther Community! We’re Tonix! After launching our product in 2014, we have seen exponential growth in our sales. This increase in sales has been awesome but has brought on some unique growth challenges. Lately we have been unable to keep up with the demand for Tonix through all of our sales channels. With Farmers markets and events in full swing here in Denver, we believe that now is the perfect time to give Kickfurther a try! For our first offer on the Kickfurther platform, we will be doing another production run of our main product, our Original Tonic Syrup Concentrate, which comes in two different sizes. We need your help to get this done! We have worked very hard to bring our cost per unit down and we are going to use the funds through this platform to bring them even lower and offer Tonix to our consumers at an even better value. Funding our production run through this community will allow us to keep a steady inventory and get out there and sell! We apprecitate your interest and help as we continue to grow! Lets grow together!

About Tonix Inc.


Tonix is located in Denver, Co. Founded in 2014, we specialize in crafting a craft tonic water syrup that dates back to the 1840’s and is primarily used in crafting cocktails and specialty drinks. We sell our products through distributers, brick and mortar locations, farmers markets and events to sell our physical product. 

After launching in 2014, we quickly partnered with Bear Creek Distillery a craft spirits company in Denver to bring Tonix to a broader market. Please feel free ro explore our social media accounts as well as Bear Creek Disitillery to see what people are saying about Tonix. 


About the owner


Travis Gilber

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Travis Gilbert, Founder and CEO of Tonix has been in the craft food and beverage industry for over 8 years. Travis Co-Founded a super suceesful coffee roasting company based in Denver, Colorado. Travis has consulted many start-up companies needing advice and help launching new products. Travis has tons of experience in developing operations and taking new products to market.


Devin Chapnick

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Devin Chapnick, Co-Founder and Marketing Director has been involived in the craft beer and specialty food industry for over 8 years. Devin helped start a wildly successful craft brewery in Denver and brings a unique marketing approach to Tonix. Devin believes that everyone has the right to enjoy better drinks and food in life and brings that passion to his marketing strategy and has helped Tonix grow exponentially. 

Contact Information:

Travis Gilber

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