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Jun 9, 2016 8:28 AM ET

Organic City Farms – Kids Club & Mobile Organic Garden : Help build a Kids Club Website and a Mobile Organic Garden to use at schools and events!

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 9, 2016

Organic City Farms – Kids Club & Mobile Organic Garden

by   Jarrod Layton


Organic City Farms

Flexible Funding
Tarneit, Victoria, Australia

Organic City Farms is creating a Mobile Organic Garden & Exclusive Website to educate kids on the benefits of growing Organic Produce at home and at school. 

  • Solar Powered Mobile Garden: Full of Organic Produce with Onboard Fish Tank to Feed & Water Plants
  • Kids Club Website: Exclusively For Kids, full of activities, outdoor projects and lots of gardening tips, in a fun & exciting format kids will love

Teaching Kids Life Skills for a Healthier Future!


The Mobile Gardenimage

The Mobile Garden will have many benefits!  It will:

  • Showcase vegetables and herbs growing.
  • Be powered by solar panels!
  • Give kids a taste of what can be achieved with renewable energy.
  • Feature Aquaponics which is sure to amaze the kids as the plants will be Watered & Fed from the onboard fish tank.
  • Bring the garden to the kids and to locations where no garden exist!

imageAs kids learn best by seeing and doing, this project will be able to teach kids important life skills that they can carry with for the rest oftheir life, and who knows maybe it will inspire some of the kids into a career in renewable energy or enviromental gardening design.


Educational Kids Club Website


The second project is to create an exclusive learning website for kids to access all the gardening information & tips they need to grow organic produce at home and at school. This information will be provided in a fun way with lots of activities and garden projects they can do at home and at school for that matter.

  • Lots of How To Guides set out in a simple & fun way for kids to understand.
  • Froplanting their favourite vegetables to making a fairy garden and lots more.
  • Teach kids Life Skills that they can use for a Healthier Future. 

Eating fresh Organic Produce should not be a choice based on a financial situation. It should be readilly available for everyone, including kids. Learning how to grow it at home is the answer!

imageAbout Organic City Farms

Hi my name is Jarrod Layton and I have spent the last 25 years working as a retail manager in the Hardware industry. I have always had a passion for Organic Gardening and Construction of furniture and other items for inside & outside the home. 3 years ago I was involved in a terrible workplace accident that has changed my life forever as I am unable to work in a field that I have always loved. My disability caused me to look for other avenues to support my family as I am unable to do so many things physically that I used to. The one strength I have always had is my knowledge of Organic Gardening, Constuction & Leadership so I needed to find something where I could useimage my mind instead of my body.

I have 2 girls aged 8 & 11 who are both fit & healthy but when I looked around at school I saw so many kids that were making the wrong decissions on what they ate, causing so many health problems today and in the future. After researching this I found out that the majority of kids are in the same situation and face major health problems as they grow up. I then knew what I was going to do with my life and that was to teach our kids how easy it is to ‘ Grow Your Own ‘ Organic food at home.

I started developing products for home gardening and created a business called Organic City Farms. I have also developed a school incursion program to be able to go into schools and teach kids all about planting and growing organic seedlings. I made the program very affordable starting at only $3 as I wanted to get the message across that it was time for a change. We have started working with schools in Wyndham and are now spreading our program across Melbourne and soon other capital cities as well.imageNow I want to take this program a step further by creating a Mobile Organic Garden that can be taken around to the schools with our program to help inspire kids to start growing organic food at home. 

imageHow to Support our Projects

Grab one of our great rewards! We have a variety of rewards to choose from, at various levels so everyone can get involved! 



From packets of Organic Seeds that suit your local area, Organic Garden Starter Kits, and visits from our Mobile Garden with different programs perfect for kids, you pledges for these rewards will directly back our project!


How Your Pledges Will Help

Your support will go direct to creating the Mobile Garden and Kid’s Club Website.  Our budget for this project is: 

  • Large 10’x6′ Trailer $3000
  • Fitout of trailer $3500
  • Website Design & Content Creation $1500 
  • Costs for Crowdfunding Campaign $1000 


Challenges and Risks

Our major challenge is to raise all of the required funds to complete the project as described, as the design and build of trailer and website has already been researched.

An additional goal is to also provide an ipad app to go with our website if we can raise the additional funds required for this.



imageHow long do you estimate it will take to complete the trailer and website? The Trailer and Website will have a 3 month schedule for completion after funds have been raised.

How do I keep uptodate on progress?Regular updates of progress will be posted here and on our Facebook Page OrganicCityFarms.

How do I book the trailer to visit my school or home? For more Information or to organise a booking for your school to have the Mobile Garden visit, you can contact us here via Facebook or on ourwebsite

When will rewards be sent out? Rewards will be dispatched  30 -120 days after completion of the Crowd Funding Program. Time frame depends on which reward is to be sent out

How do I get involved? If you would like to get involved with our Project or our School Programs, we would love to hear from you. Just send us a message via Facebook or our Website.

Please show your support by grabbing a reward!

Don’t forget to share this page with your friends and family.  Simply click on the share links above the video at the top of the page.image


Contact Information:

Jarrod Layton

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