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Jun 9, 2016 11:52 AM ET

Archived: Marvelous Machines: An amazing augmented reality children’s book. Point your phone at the book and the machines come to life!

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 9, 2016

Marvelous Machines: Augmented Reality Children’s Book





An amazing augmented reality children’s book. Point your phone at the book and the machines come to life!




About this project

Marvelous Machines is an amazing augmented reality children’s book.  With the help of our remarkable app the pages come to life.  You’ll love the animations and interactions that accompany the story.  We still can’t decide who loves it more, parents or their kids.  Which makes it the perfect gift to experience together.

We love developing high quality and innovative apps.  We have over 6 million downloads of our apps, and our first book, Goodnight Lad, has a 4.7 star rating!  But our biggest goal is to: Make reading fun!

An Innovative Experience

What makes Marvelous Machines so special?  Well beyond the fact that the book is a great addition to any child’s library, the truly amazing part is the app that goes with it.  Nothing can replace a hands-on experience, but, we will try our best to convey it in the features below.
















Why Kickstarter?

We love Kickstarter!  Last year we launched our first Kickstarter project: Goodnight Lad.  We had a book, animations, and the app, but we still needed the final piece of the puzzle: the book printed.  Because of amazing backers we achieved our goal and our backers loved the final result.

Fast-forward a year and we find ourself in the exact same situation.  The story and illustrations for Marvelous Machines have turned out great.  The animations are fun and exciting.  The app is a blast to play with.  We know the end product is going to be wonderful.  And, once again, we need that extra little push from backers to get this book printed.

The funds will be used to print the books and get them shipped to backers.  We expect to ship the final editions in October (just in time to be a sweet Christmas gift!).  Here are our plans moving forward:



Below are 14 of the 30 pages from the book by our wonderful illustrator Ilya Fortuna.  The book is written in a fun, silly style and has a catchy rhythm and rhyme.  The illustrations capture a fun nature, and the app adds to it in a brilliant combination.

Join our inventor as he shows off different machines that he has created.  From machines that pick out fashionable clothing.

To machines that just keep growing and growing.  Watch as our little inventor gets caught up in his own wily creations.

Each machine does many special, unique, goofy and wild things.  And each misbehaves in one way or another.

Let your imagination go wild with the possible machines that could be invented.  And explore deeper by interacting with machines to find their amazing secrets. 

You’ll get laughs as he learns lessons the hard way.  And won’t giggle at the mistakes that can be made.

With a rich and colorful artistic style and a fun energetic story, you’ll enjoy reading this book with your kids.  And, let’s be honest, even by yourself.

 We hope you enjoy the sweet story!

What is Goodnight Lad?

Last year we launched our first augmented reality children’s book, Goodnight Lad. After a whirlwind of a year we started shipping books on time.  And the response was absolutely phenomenal.  People loved the result!

Our favorite comment was from Russel Holly of Android Central.  “It’s by far the most compelling and enjoyable AR experience I’ve seen in a while, right down to the interactive menu on the first page.”  We also loved hearing the feedback from each one of our backers.  They had such wonderful things to say.  The app currently has a 4.7 star rating, and we couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.

We recommend trying out a demo of Goodnight Lad to really experience the hands on augmented reality experience.  The quickest way to do this is to go towww.goodnightlad.com/demo.  There you can print out sample pages and download the app.  For the full experience you can even consider buying Goodnight Lad from our websitewww.goodnightlad.com

Coloring Book

For just a little extra we’ll throw in a fun coloring book as well.  Have fun coloring the same machines from the book.

This coloring book has 16 pages to color in, and is the perfect addition to an exciting story.

We also know that pages colored quickly by young children. So any backer that backs the 2 book reward level will also receive a PDF copy of the coloring book.

And be on the lookout for one of our stretch goals.  While we aren’t quite ready to announce it yet.

But we’ll give you a hint about one of them.  We think this coloring book will really pop out at you.  So don’t miss this fun addition to the book.


One of our favorite extra rewards is an awesome hat that matches the inventor in the book.  Our kids absolutely love theirs.  It comes in 3 kids sizes:

  • Small:  Fits age 1-3.  Up to 19″ head circumference.
  • Medium:  Fits ages 4-6.  Up to 20″ head circumference.
  • Large:  Fits ages 7-10.  Up to 21″ head circumference.

If you are unsure which hat size is best for your child we recommend you go a size larger.

Of course, we understand that not everyone lives in a place where a beanie makes much sense.  So we’ve got a pretty nifty inventor creator’s pack that includes stickers, a writing pad, and some pencils.  You’ll be able to make your selection after the project has ended.


One important thing to note is that the book shown in the picture is simply a demo copy.  We are working hard to ensure that the book that is printed is absolutely perfect.  A couple things we are working on include:

  • Books to lay flat.  This is super important to us as we recognize that many kids will want to place this on a table to have two hands free to use that app.  We have a style picked that will work, but couldn’t get a working version for a demo copy.
  • The right size.  The book shown in the video is 8.5″ x 11″.  We’re playing with a variety of sizes to make sure that the size doesn’t detract from the fun feel of the book.  We’ve toyed with the idea of a slightly smaller book, but want to run a variety of tests (and get backers feedback) first.

Check out the rest of the specs here.

 Thank you!

Thank you so much for your support.  We’ve been working super hard to bring this book to you, and we are excited to finally share it.  We know that this fun book wouldn’t be possible without amazing backers like you.  Thanks again!

Risks and challenges

The book is fully written and illustrated. The animations for every page will be finished soon. And we know what it takes to get a book printed and shipped to your door. As such the risks are fairly low.

The biggest challenge we run into is making sure that everything is the highest quality possible. That the books are the right size and feel, and that the app is both fun, creative and intuitive. We’ve done a Kickstarter just like this before and are fully confident we are up for the challenge. We’ll do everything possible to make sure our backers are happy with their rewards and that they receive them on time.

Contact Information:

Bradley Grimm

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