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Jun 8, 2016 5:13 PM ET

Archived: Personalized Travel Destination Ideas: Plan your dream trip to realize your passion for history, architecture, art and nature.

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 8, 2016

Personalized Travel Destination Ideas



Plan your dream trip to realize your passion for history, architecture, art and nature



Short Summary

Have you ever dreamed of spending your holidays or shorter journeys away from average budget tourists and their mainstream travel destinations?  Sleeping in castles or palaces, rafting in Grand Canyon, walking on the Great Wall in China without encountering a single person, flying balloon or zeppelin, following traces of the Roman Empire? How about taking panoramic helicopter or airplane tours above cities or breathtaking landscape, touching bones of dinosaurs directly on the ground, being alone in the Vatican’s Sistine Chapel, listening to a local guide about facts that cannot be found in any book? 
Are you simply not happy with your “diluted” travel experience from the past which resulted from your lack of proper preparation for your journeys?
If so, I would be happy to help you realize your dreams with my travel destination recommendation website- www.wkinspirations.travel which I have been getting ready for since 1980. I am a very experienced businessman, ex-Nike Poland GM who decided to quit corporate life after 20 years of successful “service” and to build something important for myself, my family, friends and the travel community.
This project comes from my passion for cultural and heritage traveling combined with nature sightseeing. If you are or want to be an independent traveler who loves history, art, architecture, geography and nature I would like to help you in choosing regions to visit which match your traveler’s profile precisely. For my recommended regions, you will be able to buy list of your preferred attractions,top class guide-books, purchase trip plans fully customized for your needs and receive recommendations of the proven, local tourist service providers.



What We Need & What You Get


With my services you will:
  1. Save a lot of time on trip preparation,
  2. Broaden your travel destination option by finding new, non-mainstream placesto visit that you are unaware of,
  3. Understand the visited and local people better.

My dream is to make www.wkinspirations.travel one of the world’s best websites of its kind. I am starting this campaign under “Small Business” category. Please help me go global with my venture and surprise the “big sharks” of the tourist market!


The Impact

With my recommendations, newsletter and blog, WK Travel Inspirations willinspire and educate you, make your trip preparation easier, faster and moreenjoyable. I focus on recommending regions with the highest concentration of your preferred, best quality attractions, including the UNESCO World Heritage sites in Europe, North America and part of China. I also provide information aboutlogistics, the best beaches, places for watersports and attractions for kids in every region that I recommend.
With your help I want this project to grow globally, to create new jobs starting from June 2016, to build network of content developers, proven service providers in different parts of the world. I will involve my family and friends with this project.
I promise not to waste a cent of your contributions. I am not a rookie in developing new businesses. As a GM of Telepizza Poland, a Spanish pizza delivery chain, I started first professional motorbike pizza delivery in Poland and introduced the first mozzarella production line in Poland. As a GM of Nike Poland, I developed its business from 0 to 150 million USD (wholesale) within 13 years and made Nike strong no. 1 sports brand in Poland. Together with my team, we received over 20 Nike and industrial awards for outstanding performance. For 4 years I ran one person consulting company WK Profit Consulting who has 35 clients and operates in 11 segments. My client base includes such international companies: UBS, G-Star, CAP Gemini, distributors of New Balance, Nike, Adidas, Rbk, Converse, O’Neil, Timberland, Umbro, New Era, Jordan, North Face, etc. I am a mentor in the European Commission projects. I was accepted for the affiliate programs by Amazon and Sport Events 365 (National Geographic is on the way). 
www.wkinspirations.travel is not an idea to develop with uncertain outcome. The project is 95 % completed but requires final tuning and promotion. 
I have spent 35 years visiting recommended places personally, collecting photos, films, guidebooks, information leaflets, checking local services, etc. I have been working on this project for the last 3 years, including 10 hours a day for the last 6 months. My travel database has 30.000 entries. I cover 3 continents, 25 countries, 100 regions and 3000 carefully selected attractions. With your contribution I will be able to:
Short-term needs:
  1. Get the word out outside my home country- Poland
  2. Partly automate Trip Plan algorithm (Region Recommendations and Lists of Your Attractions in Regions are already automated) – 2000 EUR
  3. Optimize the website design and its Polish version – 1100 EUR
  4. Correct errors on the website – 600 EUR
  5. Include your feedback from using the website
  6. Invest in SEO – 2300 EUR
  7. Employ full time social media person – 4000 EUR
  8. Create a network of permanent collaborators (existing and new, friends, family, etc.) and help them combine fun with exciting job – 5000 EUR

Long-term needs:

  1. Add more continents, countries, regions, attractions to cover all geographies with my services
  2. Continuously develop inspiring content
  3. Make my application mobile.

I am not asking you to cover all of my short term financial needs related to this project but just for 15.000 EUR “to make the ball rolling down the hill”. I have already invested my own money and I plan to continue doing so in the future. However, if you, folks exceed required 15.000 EUR contribution, so I can start to work with more people, expand my geographic coverage faster, I will be delighted!!!

Even now, you can explore my website www.wkinspirations.travel, watch films, see photos and my exemplary services.  Because I perform multiple software tests to eliminate potential errors, you cannot register at my website, yet. For some of my services: free searching for your regions, free ‘region recommendation’, paid ‘list of your attractions in region’, you do not have to wait for 2 months to get or buy them.The registration will be made available to you by June 15th, 2016 and you will get the above mentioned services  automatically from my software once you submit your traveler’s profile. I will send you a separate email with all necessary instructions. However, with Indiegogo and your early bird contribution, you can buy your perks 20% cheaper than with my regular pricelist, NOW. I also understand that this summer holidays are coming quickly and you may need urgent help.

Even for perks related to Trip Plan preparation, I will do my best to prepare them much faster than within 2 months, starting from June on “the first come, first served” basis.

Please note that whatever perk you will choose, you do not have to use it immediately or during the 2016 summer season. The attractions that I recommend will not go away and you can benefit from my recommendations, lists and trip plans for the coming years. It may be also a perfect gift to your relatives or friends.

All contributors who will buy my perks and folks who will sign up to my newsletter will receive 30 newsletters with inspiring stories during the next 2 months.  You can read one example of blog post about Herculaneum in Italy on the website. 


Risks & challenges

I am 52 years old but my mind is much younger. I have put all my general management, consulting and mentoring experience in this project. I am still willing to learn new things and listen to smarter than me. When you work for so many years for companies like Nike and are surrounded by inspiring people, you tend to see more opportunities than risks and challenges.

This project will not fail! It can grow slower than I expect but it is fine with me. I will be patient and focus on delivering new and exciting content to you. At this point, I can name the following risks:

  1. I am “hit by a symbolic bus” but it applies to any project and its creators.
  2. Due to the lower than expected number of clients in the customer base, the project will take-off slowly and will remain another local, niche travel website.
  3. Some of potential clients will not be willing to fill out my detailed questionnaire to set up their traveler’s profile.
  4. After logging in, my application is not mobile for Iphones or Android systems. However, my main page, its submenus and blog are mobile.

To overcome the above obstacles, I will:

  1. Drive carefully, when crossing the streets: look left, right, left (except the UK, Irelend, Malta  where I will start from looking right first),
  2. Focus on delivering top class content, building high quality client database through social media, SEO, newsletter, blog and personal contacts, etc.,
  3. Take every step necessary to keep your personal data secret: online customer security (SSL) from GeoTrust, PayPal for payments, build alternative way to express clients’ needs, convince my clients that my website is like “slow food” or looking for a life partner (you cannot do everything in few clicks).
  4. Make a mobile version of my website

Other Ways You Can Help

If, for any reason you cannot contribute financially to my project now, please:

  1. Visit www.wkinspirations.travel and sign up to my newsletter for free – let me inspire you and give you more reasons to join my client base!
  2. Get the word out to people who are interested in independent traveling, history, art, geography architecture and nature (at least 1-2 of the these interests)
  3. You can also support me by following WK Travel Inspirations on different social media channels and sharing the links with your friends and family:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wkinspirations/


Contact Information:

Witold Kowalski

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