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Jun 8, 2016 9:35 AM ET

Archived: Meet Aura: the next-generation mobile app dedicated to enhancing the way people experience, remember and share art. Aura is the first location based technology platform designed to combine art, data and social.

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 8, 2016

Aura (mobile SaaS)


Meet Aura: the next-generation mobile app dedicated to enhancing the way people experience, remember and share art. Aura is the first location based technology platform designed to combine art, data and social.

Aura harnesses the latest and greatest innovations from the social-mobile universe such as geolocation, image recognition, big data, and social networking capabilities.  Our platform chronicles your visual art adventures like never before.

Whether you’re exploring a metropolitan art museum or just happen to stumble upon a provocative piece of street art, Aura is the ultimate tool for documenting, sharing and preserving great works of art that you encounter.

Discover how Aura is connecting the excitement and wonder of the real-world art experience, generating stories about art, and putting it in the palm of your hand.


The average person is not an art expert, doesn’t know what art “should” cost, has no confidence in their own taste, and therefore is very uncertain. So if you’re an art lover, traveler, a casual museum goer, a serious collector, or just curious about art, Aura is the app you’ve been waiting for.

Aura makes it easy to capture, categorize, learn and create labels for all of your favorite artwork.

It’s like having a dedicated personal notebook for your art discoveries — except that notebook is connected to the Internet. Here’s how Aura works:

Take pictures of the artwork and any wall labels using your phone’s camera function. Aura has the ability to keep multiple images for a single artwork together.

Aura transcribes label photos into text notes to easily re-read, tag, edit, and search. When it recognizes an artist’s name, Aura links your memory to a page on Aura.com with descriptions of the artist sourced from Wikipedia and links to the article. Aura also knows when and where you took each memory.

Aura makes it easy to share your art memories with friends and followers on private Aura channels or other social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook and directly through email and SMS. We’re creating an outlet for artists, art lovers, experts, and advisors with shared interests to interact with each other.  

Aura also benefits users with a number of useful features.

Aura presents information when you encounter a work it recognizes based on information mined from other users’ shared memories or the deliberate “Aurification” by an exhibit by its curators. Aura may also identify and offer additional detail referenced in the notes about a given work, including:


Although Aura is still in the early stages of development, we’ve already made some great strides in our mission to become the go-to mobile social art network around the globe. Here are just a few of our recent achievements so far:

Development Rollout

We released version 1.2 of Aura for iOS through the App Store for free download under the name ‘Aura Personal Art Notebook’.

The Aura team has re-launched  Aura.com with an updated look and new features! Here are some of the highlights:

Don’t forget to log in to share and learn about all of your mobile art memories. You can search all your art by keyword, edit memories, and make collections to share with others. We also have some sample memories for you to explore at the bottom of this email.

We’ve partnered with our primary investor, Toledo Museum of Art, as our inaugural museum collaborator. Aura enabled them to onboard floor plans into Apple Maps and experience the combination of the two platforms.

Scaling Interest
Aura is actively engaged with sponsored museums that seek to enhance the visitor experience through connecting art with technology. Our ‘sneak peek’ sponsors include TMA and deYoung Museum, giving Aura the opportunity to showcase and demonstrate the benefits of our product first hand. We are currently in active, collaborative discussions with 17 different museums in the US.

Patent Filing
We filed a free association engine patent in 2015 with potential applications to adjacent fields.

What’s Up Next for Aura?
We are seeking immediate additional seed round investment to support ongoing product enhancements and marketing activities focused on initial user adoption. Our goal now is to build on our current momentum and achieve Aura version 2.0 adoption with native mobile apps for both the iOS and Android. We’re also developing an Ambassador Program to ramp up Aura adoption in a number of major cities both nationally and internationally.

Ideal investors for us would understand that Aura is fundamentally a data play but is predicated on community and users to get adoption and data.

Find out more about how you can help Aura achieve these goals by requesting access to the business plan page of our profile.


Imagine you’re visiting the Louvre in Paris, the MoMa in New York, or the Getty in Los Angeles. You’re surrounded by some of the most iconic works of art by some of the world’s most acclaimed artists.

Or maybe you’re walking down a street in Boston when all of a sudden you see an incredible work of street art on the side of a building.

Sure, you can pull out your phone and snap a picture. But more often than not, the experience stops there: the photos end up buried in your photo library, and by the time you get around to looking at them, you’ve completely forgotten what the title of the piece was or who the artist was — unless, of course, you had the foresight to snap a shot of the namecard (in which case, we salute you).

But even then, there’s the challenge of organization —  there’s really no easy way to tie that information into the wider wealth of knowledge that’s out there about that work of art.

The rise of mobile technology has given us the technology we need to capture and preserve our art experiences in real time — but not the right tool.  We have the camera to shoot the art, the software to recognize the art, and the data to set it in context. What we need now is a home for all of that information to live and display it in beautiful, inspirational ways.

Other companies have already figured this out for other media: Goodreads makes it easy for book lovers to share the books they’re reading — and discover new ones, and Last.fm does the same for music.  

With Aura, we’re building that same experience, but for art. We’re tapping into the best innovations that social-mobile technology has to offer to provide art enthusiasts everywhere with the ultimate app to celebrate and relive the art discovery experience wherever they go.  


Aura is putting the “art” in smartphone app. We have the technology, we have the product, and we have the customers. And we’re bringing it all together to create the ultimate Aura Art Universe — the first graph of art knowledge born of the era of big data that captures a valuable stream of new data on art-related behaviors and reactions.

We are applying deep data mining techniques to brand new rich datasets enabling a better understanding of visual art and artwork. Here’s how it works:

Cumulating knowledge
Aura builds a dynamic history of art knowledge based on user reactions and connections with a easily searchable database. As users populate the app with works, state-of-the-art data processing techniques allow Aura to evolve into a dynamic, universal art guide.

The collective use of Aura around the world will silently build valuable new knowledge of visual arts that has never before been assembled into a single platform. 

Art everywhere. Aura anywhere.
Aura is the go-to app for all art wherever you find it — not just in certain museums with a few select, preloaded works. It also works outside of traditional art institutions, letting users remember and map everything from wall-side murals to art displayed in a local cafe. Because this kind of art is inherently more ephemeral, Aura gives users the unique ability to preserve these works while they last. What if you could capture a one-of-a-kind Banksy piece on the side of a building before it’s power-washed away? Or document the evolution of great local art showcased on the walls of small businesses? With Aura, now you can.

Centralizing the discovery experience
Users no longer have to rely on separate apps for every museum they visit or limit their art knowledge to a few featured works in a given venue. We’re putting the entire range of experience into a single, user-centric application.

Creating a leisurely viewing experience
Aura lets users spend more time enjoying the art itself than reading labels and record their art experiences as they freely wander through different art venues around the world.  

Instilling user confidence
Aura delivers objective context, reactions, popularity statistics, pricing data, and alternatives. We’re giving users confidence as active art enthusiasts and buyers, promoting discovery and  notifications based on knowledge gathered about individual tastes, preferences and budgets.


Peter brings years of leadership experience to the table. His executive experience includes CEO of Visionbytes, CEO and Founder of Mosh, and CEO and Founder of Viator, which was acquired by TripAdvisor in 2014. Peter created the Better Homes and Gardens television series and served as Executive Producer.

Patrick is a serial entrepreneur and startup guy. His expertise includes Big Data, Mobile, Cloud, Open Source, and all things startup. His experience includes Director of E-Commerce at VA Linux Systems and CEO and Founder of WhereApps, Inc. Prior to Aura, Patrick ran SourceForge for five years, was employee 8 at Splunk, and wrote an iOS app that has generated over a million downloads. Patrick earned his B.S. in Computer Science from the University of San Francisco.

Prior to founding Aura, Christina held the role of VP Product/SVP Solutions at Splunk from stealth through IPO. She has held multiple leadership positions, including CPO at Zuora and VP Product at Sensage. Other roles include founding Artloop and Microsoft Group Manager. Christina earned her BFA and BA from the Dominican University of California.

Karen built and launched an education search engine that was integrated by the Wharton School of Business. Prior to Aura, she created 2 successful book recommendation engines within the publishing industry, one of which is ranked the #1 book recommendation engine at Digital Book World, and was also on the winning MIT Battlecode team in 2009, MIT’s largest programming competition. Karen earned her B.S. in Math with CS from MIT.

Executive Vice President | Richard has been an entertainment, arts and technology entrepreneur for over 20 years. Starting out as Entertainment Lawyer for Barron Entertainment Ltd, one of Australia’s largest Film and TV production companies before moving onto live music touring, venue and outdoor festival management in the late 90’s. Richard Evans Management Pty Ltd, formed in 2000, has been involved in the startup, restructuring and management of a variety of technology, manufacturing and media companies. The most notable being Structural Monitoring Systems, an ASX listed aviation technology company, which has increased its market cap from $5 million to nearly $200 million. Richard served on the board during the restructuring period. Richard is currently the Executive Director of Art Unlimited Advisors and for the past 11 years has worked alongside his wife, Kim Heirston, one of the world’s leading Art Advisors. He has invaluable knowledge of the art market and access to key players in the international art world.

Chief Frontend Architect | 20 year technology veteran. Founded several startups including his current venture dcs-fuerth which is located near Nuremberg/Germany. Peter works with a team of 12 developers to bootstrap solutions for startups and enterprise customers like GfK, SAP and Siemens. He studied at the University of Erlangen/Nuremberg and graduated with the german equivalent of a masters degree in computer science and economics. He’s committed to the startup scene and organize networking events for founders and tech meetups. Expert in application development, data science and machine learning for market research enterprise software including complex web architectures. Passionate about design, any kind of databases, system architecture and his twins. 

Contact Information:

Peter Fox

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