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Jun 8, 2016 4:23 PM ET

Archived: Lebanon: A portion of Modra Group’s $1,500 loan helps a member to pay her children’s school tuition fees.

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 8, 2016

Modra Group



Borrower image



Modra Group’s story

Chenne is the featured borrower of Modra group. She got along with the other group members to acquire a loan from Kiva’s field partner Al Majmoua because they have always been friends since they left their hometown Philippine to come and work in Lebanon with a better income to support their beloved ones back in Philippine.

Chenne is a 26-year-old single mother of two children who is working hard as a housekeeper to cover the expenses and needs of her beloved kids and improve their living conditions. Thus she is acquiring a loan from Kiva’s field partner Al Majmoua to pay her children’s school tuition fees. She believes that education is a priority for it is the only to guarantee her children’s future. Chenne is the first on the right of the photo.

With respect to the other group members, Jocelyn is the lady in the middle, and Dhannama is the first on the left of the photo.

In this group: Dhannama, Chenne, Jocelyn
*not pictured





This loan is special because:

It gives opportunity to marginalized groups to improve their businesses.


Lev Plaves
Kiva staff


More about this loan

This loan is specifically designed for Al Majmoua’s underserved clients, namely non-Lebanese who have come to Lebanon to find work. These communities, often from the Philippines, have been marginalized by Lebanese society and do not enjoy the same opportunities in the work, educational, and health fields. By funding this loan, you are helping these individuals improve their businesses and provide for their families.

About Al Majmoua Lebanese Association for Development:

The Lebanese Association for Development – Al Majmoua is Lebanon’s leading microfinance institution and the oldest Kiva partner in Lebanon. Al Majmoua’s vision is to “be the leader in creating an inclusive financial system where all people in Lebanon have access to affordable services.” Given Lebanon’s diverse population, Al Majmoua lends to all nationalities, provided legal residency. The strong financial position achieved to date has allowed Al Majmoua to steadily lower its pricing over the years.

Based on the belief that non-financial services play a complementary role in improving the quality of life of the most vulnerable entrepreneurs, Al Majmoua has established a solid Business Development Services program for both borrowers and non-borrowers with a focus on women and youth.


A portion of Modra Group’s $1,500 loan helps a member to pay her children’s school tuition fees.



Contact Information:

Modra Group

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