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Jun 8, 2016 4:49 PM ET

Archived: H4Y- A Home For Youth – So many are without hope and without a home. We want to start a residential home on 150 acre farm that restores hope and empowers hurting youth.

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 8, 2016

H4Y- A Home For Youth




Is it true?

Suicide is in fact the current number 1 killer of our youth.

In excess of 400,000 kids in the foster care system.

Homeless youth on our streets as young as 9 years.

8 suicides by December alone in just the Peel region.


Together we can change this statistic.


But there’s a solution

For only $200,000 we can start a residential home on 150 acre farm that restores hope and empowers hurting youth.

This Farm is ready to go.

We need your help to raise the first $200,000.


Imagine a local teenager you know who lives with anxiety, depression, domestic violence, hopelessness. Now imagine them with our family team, engaged and excited by one of our hand on programs.

Imagine them starting to learn about themselves, developing self esteem and confidence. Imagine they start to experience success, start to understand their gifts and talents.

And now, using these mentoring hands-on program we equip and empower them to live out their new hope in your community.


Here’s what we’re doing about it

with $200,000 we will;

1) Reach more youth in our community programs, in both locations AND

2) Open up residential placements for the many youth in need that call us each week needing a place to call home.

We are already down in Pinjarra and continuing to run our West Swan Hub. We are networking with local communities, business people and people just like yourself who know they can be part of something special to change a life.

We house them, we walk alongside them, we give them the skills and then we empower them to make a change.


They live in a family style recovery home and use any of the following therapies to see them through from entry into the proram to their transition back into the community;

-Car Restoration

– Equine Therapy

– Arts and Vocals

– Farm Projects

– Dog therapy and so much more


We start with the next generation and turn them from a lost generation to leaders, planners, inventors and entrepreneurs who can go back into their families, their communities, their universities and make a difference.

We only need one young person in each family restored to break the cycle and make a difference to their community.


You can join us

The owners have given us an incredible opportunity to raise an initial $200,000 to start occupying the land for Homestead Residential.


We need your generous donations to help us reach this pioneering milestone.


Do you get the sinking feeling when you hear about a life lost? Well together let’s change this growing statistic and do what we can do to save a life.


And here’s some amazing perks for supporting us that you can’t live without

1. This one is a given! We have DGR status for those who want to donate and receive a tax deductive receipt.

2. Or you can choose to check out these other amazing perks for those who prefer something tangible and aren’t interested in a tax receipt


Too many teenagers are dying by suicide. So many are without hope and without a home. We have a great solution.


Team Members


Carla Fadelli


Natalie Chambers




Contact Information:

Carla Fadelli

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